My Body Is Ready

My Body Is Ready

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My body is ready


"My Body is Ready" is a catchphrase mainly associated with image macros wherein the subject is posing in a seductive manner or smiling creepily, similar to the usage of "Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls." In discussion forums, the phrase is often used to humorously convey one's excitement or anticipation towards the impending arrival of a desirable object or an event. The expression may be also used in counter-response to other Internet colloquialisms like Prepare Your Anus.


The phrase was originally uttered by Nintendo executive Reggie Fils-Aime[1] during the company's demonstration of Wii Fit at the E3 press conference held on July 11th, 2007. As Japanese game designer Shigeru Miyamoto and translator Bill Trinen unveiled the Wii Balance Board, Fils-Aime walked up onto the stage and stated "My body…My body is ready" before stepping onto the accessory to start the demonstration.

Bill Trinen: Let's do what we call a body check on somebody and today, we're gonna do it with Reggie.
Reggie Fils-Aime: My body, my body is ready.

Fils-Aime's awkward phrasing was met by a mild and somewhat uneasy laughter from the audiences and the quote went largely unnoticed in the gaming communities for years until mid-June 2010.


Although the quote dates back to July 2007, Fils-Aime's soundbite videos from the E3 conference began surfacing on YouTube with the tag "my body is ready" in June 2010. The upsurge on YouTube may have been sparked by a Heroes of Newerth forum[2] thread about Nintendo's June 15th E3 announcement, in which many users expressed their anticipation for the event by stating "my body is ready."

On June 18th, 2011, the Facebook fan page[7] for "My body is ready" was launched and has since gained more than 2,600 likes, as of May 2012. In July 2011, the first Urban Dictionary[9] entry about the phrase was submitted by user Wasabimoto, who defined it as:

A phrase a virgin says when they're ready to knock boots.
Alternatively, a phrase someone says when they really like something and they want it NOW.

In video game-related forums, the phrase has been used to express excitement and anticipation for a game as shown in this Ebaumsworld forums thread.[6] More captioned and animated GIF variations of the series can be found on Memegenerator[3], FunnyJunk[4] as well as on Tumblr.[5]

Reggie's Self-Referencing in E3 2012

At E3 2012, 5 years after the original phrase came, Reggie Fils-Aime acknowledged the phrase once more when announcing Wii Fit for Wii U.

Notable Examples


Search Interest

Search queries for "my body is ready" had their first spike in June 2010, around the same time that videos began being uploaded to YouTube. As of June 2011, it appears to still be on the rise for its largest spike.

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