No McDonald's For Your Baby Mamma's Other Three Kids tiktok trend depicting examples.

No McDonald's For Your Baby Mama's Other Three Kids

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No McDonald's For Your Baby Mama's Other Three Kids, also known as He Bought Food For His Child And Not Her Other Kids, is a viral video, axiom and viral debate that was inspired by a TikTok and Facebook video where a father only brought a McDonald's lunch for his own son and not the other three children of his baby mama (BM). The woman named Eliz McGlaston (@elizmcglaston) posted the video in mid-2022 but soon deleted it due to the backlash. Many creators posted skits about the situation, either taking the side of the father or the mother. Many creators also speculated that it was staged.


In late June 2022, content creator Eliz McGlaston posted a video across multiple social media platforms including TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube that documented the father and baby daddy of one of her children arriving with only one meal from McDonald's. The meal was for his child and he didn't bring any food for her three other children. The original videos across all platforms have since been deleted by McGlaston.

On June 27th, 2022, the TikTok account officialbeeztoofunny reposted all four parts of McGlaston's video, with the "Part 1" video[1] earning roughly 7.7 million plays and 618,200 likes in four days (shown below, left). The "Part 2" video[2] received roughly 21.7 million plays and 2.8 million likes (shown below, center). The "Part 3" video received roughly 3 million plays and 247,700 likes in the same amount of time (shown below, right).

Reactions and Memes

Also on June 27th, 2022, officialbeeztoofunny "Part 2" video[2] was reposted to Twitter[3] by the account FightHubb, where it received roughly 898,500 views and 13,600 likes in four days. Therefore, most of the reactions were concentrated on Twitter and TikTok as well as Facebook due to the virality of McGlaston's original video on the platform (since deleted).

Memes were created from the argument like one posted on June 28th, 2022, by Twitter[4] user dagurlJT. It showed a father holding a laptop while three other kids are on laptops with the caption, "distracting my BM other kids while my son eats his McDonald's." Over the course of three days, the tweet received roughly 145,300 likes (shown below).

Me distracting my BM other kids while my son eats his McDonald's POLO RAL DO SOMETHING

Skit videos were posted on TikTok that either used the audio or imagined the scenario from multiple comedic angles. For instance, on June 30th, 2022, TikToker[5] cantmakethisup1 posted a "POV: your his son" video that earned roughly 110,800 plays and 25,200 likes in one day (shown below, left). On June 30th, 2022, TikToker[6] asscarlaris23 posted a video, wherein, he's pretending to give his son "a whole Apple ecosystem" in front of his BM's other kids. In one day, the video received roughly 7.7 million plays and 1.6 million likes (shown below, right).


Eliz McGlaston Response Video

On June 30th, 2022, Eliz McGlaston posted a response video that addressed the backlash and discussion. When uploaded to TikTok,[7] it received roughly 2 million plays and 124,500 likes in one day (shown below, left). Within it, she gave her defense. Her main point was that the baby daddy used to date her when she had all four kids and would buy food for them all then. After the breakup, he was coming to bring food only to his child as a way to spite her. Additionally, McGlaston posted the video to Facebook[8] on June 30th where it earned roughly 135,000 views in one day.

After she posted the video, TikTokers started to use screen-recordings and screenshots of it in their skits going forward. For instance, on June 30th, 2022, TikToker[9] thanoz5.0 posted a long-form skit, wherein, he used a screenshot from McGlaston's response video. The TikTok received roughly 191,300 plays and 24,000 likes in one day (shown below, right).

Hoax, Skit and Publicity Stunt Accusations

Many Facebook[11][12] users started to speculate that the video was likely staged due to McGlaston's history and mass following as a content creator across platforms. For instance, as of July 2022, she has over 195,000 followers on TikTok.[10]

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