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Chuck Grassley is a Republican United States Senator who has represented Iowa for over forty years. His presence on Twitter, and habit of tweeting with spelling errors about frequently unexpected topics, has attracted much attention. Born in 1933, he is the second-oldest member of the United States Senate as of 2023. As Senate pro tempore, Grassley is (as of June 2023) third in the line of presidential succession.

Chuck Grassley @ChuckGrassley I now hv an iphone 12:32 AM Feb 14, 2012 2,711 Retweets 258 Quotes 4,837 Likes 74 Bookmarks :


Chuck Grassley began his career as a farmer and factory worker. He was elected to the Iowa House of Representatives in 1959, and served in that body until he was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1975. In 1981, Grassley was elected to the United States Senate, where he has served eight terms and is the longest-serving Republican in Senate history.[2]

Online History

Grassley started his Twitter account in November of 2007, joining the platform very early on in its existence.[3] He also maintains a Facebook account and other social media channels, but his Twitter has brought the most attention and inspired the most discussion.

In 2017, Yahoo! News interviewed Grassley about his Twitter habit, and recorded the Senator's comments on the platform:[7]

What really irritates me about people that have negative comments about mine, they say something like, ‘Why don’t you go to college and learn how to spell?’ or, “Why don’t you use punctuation?’” an impassioned Grassley said. “Well, I can’t believe that anybody who’s on Twitter isn’t smart enough to know that you got to use shorthand, or you can’t get it in 140 characters and I just think that those people are ignorant tweet users -- Twitter users.”

Grassley's Twitter presence has led many other publications to also write articles about his social media use.[4] His Twitter account revolves around recurring themes both personal and political. The Senator appears to use the platform as a kind of journal.

"Assume Deer Dead"

On October 26th, 2023, Grassley reported to his followers that he and his friend Fred had struck a deer while driving at night and the Senator chose to "assume deer dead." This incident continued to figure prominently in Grassley's online presence, as he continued to reference it up until 2022, using the deer story as a metaphor for his views about President Biden's policies.[4][5]

Chuck Grassley @ChuckGrassley · Oct 26, 2012 Fred and I hit a deer on hiway 136 south of Dyersville. After I pulled fender rubbing on tire we continued to farm. Assume deer dead 3,477 ₁ 417 Chuck Grassley @ChuckGrassley 3,415 ↑ @ChuckGrassley Followers legitimately asked about condition of dear that attacked our Prius I didn't hv a flashlight to check on critter 8:50 PM Oct 27, 2012 394 Retweets 47 Quotes 439 Likes 14 Bookmarks Chuck Grassley @ChuckGrassley Assumed Build Back Broke dead but unlike the deer Fred& I hit it's rearing its head again Dems want to inject another half trillion or more into economy w inflation at 40-yr high &raise taxes on ALL Americans We're in a recession but if Dems pass this bill the worst is yet 2 come 11:55 PM. Aug 1, 2022 248 Retweets 55 Quotes 912 Likes 6 Bookmarks ...

History Channel Beef

For years, Senator Grassley has taken to Twitter to complain about the History Channel's lack of historical-themed programming. When he sees something he likes on the History Channel, he alerts his followers, like in the January 11th, 2021 tweet seen below left. He also uses his platform to criticize the History Channel, like in the September 18th, 2021 tweet seen below right.[8][9]

Chuck Grassley @ChuckGrassley Hurry. There is history on History Channel Ottoman Empire/REALLY 1:06 AM Jan 11, 2021 1,294 Retweets 1,380 Quotes 12.7K Likes 159 Bookmarks ... Chuck Grassley @ChuckGrassley Surprise surprise no history on history channel 2day is birthday of constitution so why doesn't channel hv it on 2nite?? if u need ideas for programming let me kno 1. Constitution 2. lowa history 3. US history 4. real history etc etc etc 3:06 AM - Sep 18, 2021 . 516 Retweets 214 Quotes 3,107 Likes 20 Bookmarks ...


For several years, Grassley has used Twitter to share news and updates about the progression of the corn season on his farm in Iowa. In 2021 (seen below left) and 2022 (seen below right) #cornwatch mostly involved Grassley sharing facts about corn and his own personal experiences as a corn farmer.

Chuck Grassley @ChuckGrassley · Oct 18, 2021 Combined corn this wk #cornwatch 0:07 427 1993 6,769 la ↑ Chuck Grassley @ChuckGrassley · Jul 5, 2022 When dad died and I took over farm for mother in 1960 we hoped corn wld be "knee high by Fourth of July" Now w improved genetics it's shoulder high by July 4 #cornwatch 340 1 347 3,038 3 امار ↑

In 2023, however, #cornwatch documented an ongoing drought in the state of Iowa. Grassley, who has expressed doubt the existence of climate change[10], has refused to address the likely connection between droughts and global warming in his #cornwatch content despite several users in his replies pointing out the possibility.[6]

Chuck Grassley @ChuckGrassley · Jun 20 Corn stalk as of now Need more rain #cornwatch 97 110 496 ılı 67.4K :

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