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Low Tier God (LTG), also known as Dale Wilson, or Dalauan Sparrow, is a gamer, streamer, and online personality whose presence is notorious in the Fighting Game Community (FGC). He is well known for his gameplay in Street Fighter and other games, especially fighting games. He is also known for his online rage-quits, roasts and his trademark "intro pose" (pictured above).


Low Tier God joined YouTube on January 20th, 2006. In his YouTube career, he has amassed over 60,000 subscribers and 8 million views on his channel.[12] His live streams and videos primarily cover his online play in fighting games, reaction videos, and personal thoughts on certain topics. A TV Tropes page was devoted to LTG.[1] On April 12th, 2018, LTG was featured on ELEAGUE's reality TV show The Challenger, competing with other competitive Street Fighter players such as RobTV and Gllty. [2]

The Momokun Roast

A unique trait of LTG is his tendency to roast individuals in videos. He has released videos of him roasting various people, including so-called "clout chasers" or frauds.[16] These videos are often extremely humorous and very characteristic of LTG.[17] Possibly the most popular video LTG ever produced is the Momokun roast. An outspoken advocate against female cosplayers who only rely on promiscuous photos,[18] LTG warns men to not get lured into sending them money and attention.[19]

In October 2017, LTG roasted cosplayer Momokun at the request of the gaming community. He delivered a 20-minute-long roast of Momokun. In the video, LTG tried to demonstrate how Momokun used faked pictures to bait "thirsty" men into giving her donations and likes. He went into a detailed analysis of her photos, pointing out that she has an obese body, veins and cellulite, and that her pictures were photoshopped to look sexy.

The video went viral and received widespread attention. Since it contained remarks like "This is a basic walmart dmv face" and "Here we see she kind of resembles Tomba", complaints were made to YouTube regarding bullying. The video was taken down and a brief war of words on Twitter ensued. LTG has since uploaded a censored short version of the video (shown above) to YouTube.


Low Tier God is notorious in the FGC. On YouTube, there is a vast amount of compilation videos profiling his violent rage quits and salty moments (examples shown below).[7][8][9][10] Not only is Low Tier God known for his upfront "no sugar coating" mantra, but also for his toxicity. He has made ableist and trans-phobic remarks against his online opponents, leading to his social media accounts getting suspended. This has led to him being cited as an example of negativity in the FGC community.[13]

Dedicated Trolls

Low Tier God has faced a dedicated trolling effort from detractors. Discord channels have been made to harass him.[14] This includes recording his stream clips, uploading "compilation" videos to ridicule him, getting his Twitch account suspended, researching his address, collecting his personal information and photos, and regularly attacking his internet with DDOS attacks. There are hundreds of "compilation" videos uploaded regularly by these trolls on YouTube. LTG is aware of such videos, to the point of DMCA reporting his detractors for using his stream clips.


Low Tier God has been involved in numerous feuds with members of the fighting game community, including FGC competitors, commentators[20], and less well-known gamers. Some of these feuds have escalated to real-life meet-ups and grudge matches.


LTG is known for his grudge match with Jay 'Viscant' Snyder, an FGC competitor who won EVO 2011 in Marvel vs Capcom 3. Both players faced each other online and often traded insults on Twitter. On October 22nd, 2014, LTG and Viscant met at Super Arcade's Wednesday Night Fight for a "First-to-10" grudge match in Ultra Street Fighter IV. Viscant would beat Low Tier God by 10-6.[4][5][6]

In 2018, Low Tier God revealed that he had been approached by Comedy Central asking for him and Viscant to appear on the television series Tosh.0 to reenact the money match. He said he was angry at Viscant for turning down the approach by Comedy Central even though they tried to make it happen twice. Low Tier God was upset that Viscant denied him the opportunity to again appear on television and gain exposure for himself.[28] Years later, in a revisit of the grudge match, Low Tier God claimed he was smart and was only behaving like that back then because he was trying to "mastermind" a way to get fame and attention. He claimed that it was only him using his IQ to gain "free clout" and even receive donations.[29]


After fighting with Viscant, LTG had an online feud over Ultra Street Fighter IV with FGC competitor Mike 'BrolyLegs' Begum. BrolyLegs is known to compete at high levels by maneuvering his controller with his face and mouth due to physical and medical conditions such as arthrogryposis and scoliosis.[3] LTG insulted BrolyLegs post-match, ridiculing BrolyLeg's disabilities.[11]



On April 14th, 2020, Low Tier God went on a rant after losing in Street Fighter V online, making transphobic remarks about his opponent (CeroBlast) in his live stream. This stream clip would be posted on Twitter the next day by CeroBlast (shown below). On April 18th, 2020, LTG was banned from all EVO events. He complained to the EVO runner on Twitter that CeroBlast had also made racist remarks, but was blocked by the EVO runner. CeroBlast was subsequently also banned by EVO for racism. This became the precursor to other members of the FGC getting banned in the following months, including even the EVO runner himself (albeit for unrelated incidents).[21]

Terminated By YouTube

LTG was banned on Twitch again in 2022 for in his own words, "a freak accident", so he went back to doing live streams full-time on his YouTube (which had never been banned before). But on December 21st, 2022, Low Tier God's YouTube account was officially terminated.

During his streams, LTG would often browse videos from WorldStarHipHop, Instagram and other websites to play them on the screen and talk about them to his chat members. He received a strike from YouTube for allegedly displaying strong violence or nudity during one of these moments. YouTube temporarily suspended him with a "strike", and he was unable to upload new videos or do live streaming for 7 days. It is unclear whether YouTube acted on Low Tier God's infringement due to reports by his dedicated trolls or whether it was detected automatically by the system.

This happened shortly before the Street Fighter 6 closed beta test 2. Low Tier God tried to circumvent this by doing live streams on his subsidiary channel as well as uploading new videos there. He claimed he was only trying to promote traffic to the subsidiary channel (Low Tier God Clips).[22] During the live streams there, trolls pointed out to him that he was evading the YouTube suspension, but LTG brushed aside those comments.[23] Days later, YouTube officially terminated his account for evading the suspension. Both his subsidiary channel and his main YouTube channel (with over 165000 subscribers at the time) were terminated and Low Tier God was in effect banned by YouTube.

Low Tier God had previously mentioned on live stream how he gets a "sinking in the stomach" feeling of dread every time he sees a ban from a platform. Upon this YouTube termination, LTG tried to look for ways to get his account back. He even wrote to YouTube via their Twitter account,[24] asking them to "please forgive him" and allow him another chance.[25] His supporters also joined in to ask YouTube to restore his account, while his dedicated trolls replied in the tweets to make sure YouTube keeps his account banned.[26][27] Realistically, YouTube has a long practice of never rescinding this kind of termination. It is now unclear if Low Tier God will look for alternative platforms in the long run or if he will simply return to regular jobs for income.


Attempts To Keep Streaming

About one week after LTG was banned by YouTube, he started live streaming on Trovo (a platform similar to Twitch owned by a Chinese company). He complained about how bad YouTube is, downplaying the value and worth of using YouTube, while also claiming Twitch is better and insisted he would soon be unbanned by Twitch.[31] He revealed that he considered using other alternate platforms such as Rumble and Odysee. LowTierGod also tried Facebook Gaming but gave up on it almost immediately.[32] In the Trovo live streams, the audience count was greatly reduced and the interaction was limited. LTG also continued to be followed by his dedicated trolls there. Almost another week later, LowTierGod deleted his tweet to YouTube regarding his account termination,[24] and began live streaming again on YouTube using a different channel there in an attempt to ban evade.

Fans Abandoning LTG

After Low Tier God was banned by YouTube, some of his supporters left him, went missing or even publicly denounced him. An "open letter" to LowTierGod was written by a fan publicly revealing his final Twitter message to LTG,[30] expressing his reasons for leaving LTG. It revealed some previously unknown insights such as how LowTierGod spent "a lot of money" for fake paid articles about himself on bootleg "news websites" in order to get blue check verified on Instagram. It also revealed that LTG's supporters always knew he was born around the year 1984 as claimed by his trolls and always denied by LTG.

Twitter message sent to Low Tier God on 12/21/2022 from a loyal fan now abandoning him (open letter) Yeah so I just saw your channels terminated. I'm jumping off this ship because you are 100% done now. It's clear to me now you will never get anywhere both as a streamer and as an actor. You will always stay like this. And as an actor you will never even get started. Actually I think I gave you two or three ways to jumpstart your acting career, but you were always "too lazy" to do them. I should have known by then you would never get anywhere. As for Youtube, you failed to capitalize on multiple chances to catapult yourself, and instead your went for the lazy reaction videos restricted to one genre of content. Big fail. I think you are the only one stupid enough to not see that the thumbnails of your Youtube page all look the same, uninteresting, and so obviously just pumping out videos to just get 15K views revenue. Even if you ever get your channel back, I'm sure you will forever stay like this, because you are just that dumb, and lazy and whatever it is. Dumb is for certain, like I heard you leaked your own s--- again recently for the millionth time? Heard you showed your desktop and reddit account on stream? Another one of the many "accidents" you've done. I am 100% sure it won't be the last time. I am sure your Twitters will get banned sooner or later too - all from your own doing - as per usual. Lazy is for certain too, I mean you could have done stuff like the 100K special video you said you would which would have gone mad viral, but instead you went for the easy route to make the type of videos I just mentioned for revenue. No wonder why your channel numbers are stale. I am sure you will tell yourself some excuses for this, which brings me back to the point that you will never get anywhere. Therefore I'm jumping off this ship because it's not worth my attention. You're on your own now. I always found it strange how you based your insults on how people are "broke" and how you make big $$$ off Youtube... considering how very fragile your Youtube always is. And now that you lost it you look like a total idiot. Just as my parting words of kindness, I always knew that your real age was around born in the mid 80s. I just didn't say it or deny it. You constantly talk to the stream like you are talking to a best friend IRL or something, sharing things about your past and watching nostagia videos. Like who is stupid enough to hear all that and not realize you were born in the mid 80s? I am sure every regular viewer knows it. You should seriously see some counselling or therapy man. I am pretty sure your issues I outlined above are somewhat related to your deep down s---. And stop talking to stream chat like you don't have someone to talk to in real life. They are literally just letters on a computer screen over the internet, whether it's trolls or supporters. And you're getting all mad over it and randomly talking to them like you have nobody else to share feelings with IRL. If you really don't, the age old advice is that at least you have family and parents if they're still alive. With that said, you are on your own now. Not going to check back on your Twitter or Youtube again. Blocked. (The text below was written on 1/5/2023) I only decided to publish this open letter in this way when someone went through much trouble to show me the following Twitter reply. Dude this is crazy knowing how you admitted to me you paid all that money for the bogus articles in order have your Instagram account verified. So you know full well you paid a lot of money for the this? i blue check, and then you go ahead and say 2 Carl Beijer @Carl Beijer. 7h Buying a blue check is such a blatant symptom of depression it might as well be in the DSM LowTierGod @LowTilerGod. Jan 2 I don't believe in depression, because it solves nothing 17.8K Get some help. 5 Revolver Ocelot @REVOLVO OCELOT 2 4 4 ♡ 127 LowTierGod @LowTiierGod. 5h Replying to @Carl Beijer But having one on ig cancels out your worthless claim. Blocked 6,144 27 2 ♡ 177 Replying to @LowTiierGod and @Carl Beijer Does this guy blocks anyone, when he's losing argument. ↑ ↑ As I said, please go see some professional counselling or therapy. You keep trying to convince yourself that you are not hurt af and dumb af. All this talk about how you'll become "rich and famous" in the future and how you do not have emotions because you're an "extraterrestrial". Dude, everyone can see that you are hurt af. Everyone sees you are choosing to front so hard instead of just facing your issues. It's in plain sight. You are the only one dumb enough to think you are even fooling people. That's why I blocked you after I sent you the DM. Because I knew instead of taking the advice you would just get so angry and try to insult me. Well you couldn't, so you just blocked me angrily instead. Remember: I am just a former supporter that no longer follows you. I did not become a troll... so this isn't about insulting you. I am just telling you the truth. Here's one tiny example. You know how you make spelling mistakes and typos all the time everywhere else? Instead of dealing with your poor spelling and carelessness, you just close up and start fronting so hard. You would get angry and make some BS excuse like "oh I spell wrong on purpose to catch people to block". You are dumb enough to think people really believe that. It looks to me like this is how you've been dealing with EVERYTHING in life. And then you keep repeating to yourself how one day you will get very rich and more "arrogant" and then nobody will be able to say things to you. Just to prove my point, remember I told you in the Twitter DM how you always talk to your stream chat like you have nobody to share your feelings with in real life? Well, I heard you jumped straight back into streaming on Trovo after YouTube banned you, complaining about how doing YouTube is like working as a slave for a company after all. But eventually when there wasn't much activity in the Trovo chat talking to you, you tried desperately to stream again on YouTube by ban evading? That proves what I said. You don't got nobody to speak with in real life and you can't help going on stream to talk to the people as though you are lonely. I recently saw a video of you from like 2017 where you were day-dreaming about becoming a rich like Leonardo DiCaprio. You were saying how there's no way you would still be streaming after two years since you would become an actor by then. It's been 5 years. And look at you. You are pathetic man... let me reiterate: the only way you are getting out of this is to stop lying to yourself and get some help.

LTG Photo Edits

On April 26, 2020, LTG responded to a Twitter user criticizing him by posting a picture of himself, writing, "Google me more and drool. Dalauan Sparrow, LTG, LOW TIER GOD. Sexiest black man on the planet and waaay to much BBC for your frames."[15] The image led to multiple exploitable parodies as well as the rise of fictional LTG artworks.

D.Sparrow @SparrowsAlive 000 Replying to @lisaleaveygent @ADAMFILMS and @TMZ Google me more and drool. Dalauan Sparrow, LTG, LOW TIER GOD. Sexiest black man on the planet and waaay to much BBC for your frames.

You Should Kill Yourself… Now! / Low Tier God Copypasta

You Should Kill Yourself… Now! refers to a viral photoshop of YouTuber and Street Fighter player Low Tier God channeling lightning paired with his quote which was directed at a purported stream sniper. The image macro gained viral popularity as a reaction and source material for memes and redraws on Twitter and iFunny in September 2021. In the following years, it also saw use as a copypasta known as the Low Tier God Copypasta.

YOU SHOULD KILL YOURSELF NOW! YOU SHOULD LOVE YOURSELF. NOW! YOU SHOULD NOT KILL YOURSELF.. NOW! Suicide hotline numbers United kingdom 116 123 United states E 1-800-273-8255 Canada E 1800 456 4566 Ireland O 116 123 Philippines Australia * 131 114 2919 Someone dies from suicide every 40 seconds. Will you take 1 second to retweet and maybe save a life?

Various Examples

THE LOWTIERGOD STAT CHART Charisma 10/10 Confidence 10/10 Mental Strength 10/10 Captivating Personality 10/10 Physique 10/10 Skin Complexion 10/10 Physical Strength 9/10 Style & Taste 10/10 IQ Level 148 Vocabulary 10/10 Creativity 10/10 Empathy 1/10 |COVENANT COURT | GTAB YIKA DE 6,6 @Mospheratu 70000 00000 D00000 EXODIA THE FORBIDDEN ONE ) LEFT ARM OF THE FORBIDDEN ONE RIGHT ARM OF THE FORBIDDEN ONE ASTER/EFFEC] C the foten Or Amf the Fore p ppe [SPELLC ISPELLC RIGHT LEG OF THE FORBIDDEN ONE LEFT LEG OF THE FORBIDDEN ONE this l will F/100 TRAN (SPELLCASTER A fortidden Hght les alet by magie. Whoswever hieaks this l will iw infinite powr (SPELLCASTER) Aarbidden left le seuled by magic. Whoorver bmaks this seal will knw infinite per. ATK/ 200 DEF/ 300 ATK/ 200 DEF/ 300 No iiut fo suck d--- choice


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