Thumbs up emoji meme depicting a yellow smiley face with sunglasses giving thumbs up.

Picardía / Thumbs Up Emoji Man

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Picardía, also known as Strawman Ball, Memeball or Thumbs Up Emoji Man, is a series of image macros featuring a 3D illustration of a smiley face making a thumbs-up gesture. While initially popularized on the Argentinian website Taringa, customized versions of the character mocking a variety of political ideologies began circulating on 4chan in August 2016.


Picardía was originally taken from EmotiGuy,[1] an app for designing Emojis. In 2014, Picardía began circulating on Taringa, where it was open captioned various Spanish language in-jokes (shown below).[2] The character was subsequently nicknamed Picardía ("mischievous" in Spanish) on the internet humor site.[3]



On December 8th, 2015, an English language version of the image macro was posted in a thread on 4chan's /int/ (international) board (shown below).[4]

This post is the most beautiful thing lve ever seen in my life And I'm without points, what a slyness

In August 2016, variations of the image using the yellow and black colors from the Swedish AnarkoKapitalistisk Front flag began circulating on Reddit[5] and 4chan,[6] featuring captions mocking anarcho-capitalism (shown below).

When all the land is owned and the only way to get kicked off someone's property is to get thrown in the ocean When you shoot your neighbor's escaped child sex slaves for starving on your lawn When you are all out of ammo so you buy your neighbor's and then kill him and take your money back.

Shortly after, additional variations of the smiley face began appearing on 4chan, with each customized to mock stereotypes associated with other political ideologies (shown below). [7]

Agorism Anarcho-Capitalism Anarcho-Primitivism Anarcho-Transhumanism Anarcho-Communism Mutualism Anarcho-Egoism Anarcho-Individualism Anarcho-Feminism Queer Anarchism Anarcho-Pacifism United States Democratic Party

On November 20th, a thread referring to the images as "Strawman Ball" was posted on 4chan's /pol/ board,[8] where many users replied with variations of the image macro (shown below). The name is based off the straw man informal fallacy, in which a misrepresented version of an argument is refuted in a debate. The following day, a similar thread was posted on /pol/.[7]

File: 1479573766687 png (363 KB, 1167x770) 1 | Strawman ball thread: Democrat edition. Anonymous (ID: qdEcee20 ) 99426584 99429101 99429173 >99429349 99429692 WHEN YOU SUPPORT KILLING UNBORN BABS AND OPEN I need to build up my collection. >> Anonymous (ID: OPx9h740)雪11/20/16(Sun)14:45:12 No.99426255 File: 1479548694921 png (180 KB, 378x365) your wang s retic Anonymous (ID DESPUO) 11/20/16(Sun)14:47:28 No.99426449 bump >> D Anonymous (ID: ASHED) 11/20/16(Sun)14:48:20 No.99426528 AkStlbB File: jew smiley 01ipg (68 KB, 600x392) YOURSELF A Anonymous (ID: GbBwpWBB ) | 11/20/16(Sun)14:49:00 No. 99426584、>-99429244 299426156 (OP) >Strawman ball It's called Picardia

Notable Examples

the US election by leaking Democratic Party rigging the US election When you're so scared of how violent Trump supports are that you go out and beat the s--- out of them. NOT MY PRESIDENT SO YOU TRY AGAIN B SO YOU SO YOU SO YOU T SO YOU TRY A SO YOU TRY AGAIN B SO YOU TRY AGAIN BUT YOUR RETARDED SYSTEM COLLAPSES SYSTEM COLLAPSES EM COLLAPSES M COLLAPSES M CO APSES ES RDED SYSTEM COSES SO YOU TRY AGAIN BUT YOUR RETARDED SYSTEM COLLAPSES BUT IT'S OKAY BECAUSE IT WASN'T REAL SOCIALISM BUT IT'S OKAY BECAUSE IT WASN'T REAL SOCIALISM BUT IT'S OK BUT BUi BUT IT'S BUT ITS OK BUT IT'S OKAY BECAUSE IT WASN'T REAL SOCIALISM L SOCIALISM CIALISM CIALISM OCIA M TEM C AL SOCI When winning the Cold War was so much fun, you want to start another one, even if you're the bad guy this time 1. When the sewer rat you're rationing for dinner takes a s---, and you realise you now have dessert as well When you deny the Holocaust but think it should have happen. CALLY

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You 4chan people keep strawmanning the hell out of each other about politics until the end of times as usual, for all we care. As for us, we already have our favorite Picardia of choice:

And that is all that matters.


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