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Press A To Pound

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"Press A To Pound" is a cut version of the dialogue, "Press A to pound the ingredients," from Pokemon Sun and Moon. The dialogue is usually accompanied with images of the character Mallow or lewd dialogue from the game.


On November 18th, 2016, Nintendo released Pokemon Sun and Moon for the Nintendo 3DS. In the game, you have to pass the character Mallow's trial.[1] To pass it, Mallow asks of you to pound ingredients you collected to summon a Totem Pokémon. The game then instructs you how to do so using the dialogue, "Press A to pound the ingredients."

Press to pound the ingredients

Shortly after the game's release, the instructions were edited by an unknown source to say, "Press A to Pound" instead of "Press A to Pound the ingredients".


The image was first posted to 4chan by an anonymous user[2] on a /vp/ Pokemon forum on November 22nd, 2016. There, the phrase inspired several variations[3][4][5] of the original image using other examples of lewd dialogue within the game. One example of these variations includes an image posted by another anonymous user[5] on /vp/ on December 6, 2016 that shows Lusamine stating she is already over forty over the edited dialogue.

Lusamine I'm already over 40! Press to pound Image Search 469 jpg, 59KiB, 540x471 Report Anonymous Tue 06 Dec 2016 09:11:36 No.30560544 Quoted By>30560568 Im loving this Press to pound

The Daily Dot

On Jan 6, 2017, a news-oriented website known as The Daily Dot released an article[6] discussing the subject, and taking images from this entry without permission. Calling the pokemon fans depraved and dirty-minded, the author asked the question, "When did Pokémon get so horny?!"

The Daily Dot Depraved Pokémon fans are 'pressing A to pound' female characters When did Pokémon get so horny?! Press to pound the ingredients.

Various Examples

Lillie My skirt got a bit we... Press to pound Lana The flavor from the Rare Bone seems to fill my whole mouth... Press to pound OK, my girl? Not too tuckered out? Don't give up yet! We can do thizzzl You Press D to pound Press to pound the ingredients. allenged by Preschooler Mia! Press Oh...ohno... pokemon sunandmoon killme meme notokay notokavatall Press to pound

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