Yungoos Trump

Yungoos Trump

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Yuungoos is a normal-type Pokémon included in Nintendo's role-playing video game Pokémon Sun and Moon. Following its unveiling at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in mid-June 2016, many Pokemon fans mocked the mongoose-like character's perceived resemblance to the 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.


During Nintendo's Treehouse livestream held at E3 on June 14th, 2016, the company unveiled several new monsters for the upcoming game Pokémon Sun and Moon, which included the new normal-type Pokémon Yungoos (shown below).

The creature is officially listed as a normal-type "Loitering Pokemon" that starts with the abilities "Stakeout" and "Strong Jaw" (shown below).[7]


Immediately after Yungoos was revealed, Twitter users began noting that the tuft of fur on the monster's head held a striking resemblance to Donald Trump's iconic hairstyle (shown below).

Top Tweet Rachel Fox @RachyFox 21m New pokemon Yungoos looks like Donald Trump LE Top Tweet Trusty Typhlosion @Haylztoner 30m Does anyone else think Yungoos looks like Donald Trump. It's the hair XD Top Tweet Daniel7900 @DanielGreenScep 32m Also, @BlackStorm20x yungoos looks like donald trump Imao, stop with that profile pic Liked 1 time Naomi4Life @Tomoyolife 32m @Pokemon Yungoos looks like the new Pokemon trump View conversation Liked 1 time fig disease @s10wbuns 43m yungoos having trump hair makes me hate it even more Top Tweet Pixel Hoppers @PixelHoppers 44m Pikipek is the cutest birb. Yungoos looks like he yanked off Trump's combover to make his own toupee. #E3 #Pokemon

Meanwhile, various artists began posting illustrations of the creature dressed as Trump or posing with the presumptive Republican presidential nominee on Tumblr, including toilet--princess[1] (shown below, left), arkeis[2] (shown below, middle) and tawnaduncan[3] (shown below, right).

we need +o make Alola grcat ARKEIS TUMBLR.COM 2016

In the coming days, several news sites published articles about the Donald Trump comparisons, including Kotaku,[4] PC Mag[5] and The Independent.[6]


On August 1st, 2016, The Official Pokémon Channel on YouTube released a five-minute trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon featuring an evolved form of Yungoos named Gumshoos, a portmanteau of the words "gumshoe" and "mongoose" (shown below).

The character is listed as a normal-type "Stakeout Pokémon" on the Pokemon-Sunmoon database,[15] with the abilities "Stakeout" and "Strong Jaw" (shown below).

Gumshoo CATEGORY Stakeout Pokémon TYPE Normal HEIGHT 204 WEIGHT 31.3 lbs. ABILITYStakeout/Strong Jaw Gumshoos's method of targeting prey is the exact opposite of Yungoos's strategy. While Yungoos prowls around, Gumshoos stakes out its prey's usual routes and waits patiently for it to come by. Gumshoos has a tenacious personality, which is why it targets one prey for so long without wavering. But when the sun goes down, it runs low on stamina, falling asleep right on the spot. Gumshoos can withstand a great deal of hunger. It's able to stay perfectly still while waiting for its prey, keeping watch without eating a thing

That day, the video reached the front page of /r/Games,[8] where Redditor psued0nym commented "So is Gumshoos a Donald Trump based Pokemon?" Meanwhile, many Twitter users posted tweets comparing Gumshoos to Trump (shown below).[12][13][14] In the coming days, several news sites published articles about the online reaction to the Gumshoos character, including Mashable,[9] Heavy[10] and Buzzworthy.[11]

TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! DuckHunter44 @DuckHuntGamer Follow "Gumshoos for President 2016" "Make Pokemon Great Again"#PokemonSunMoon #Pokemon @PokeTrends 2:59 PM 1 Aug 2016 13雙20 Queen Kirby Pupupu Follow NintendoTweet Is it me or does Gumshoos looks somewhat like Donald Trump? I think it's the hair 9:25 AM-1 Aug 2016 わ 250 196 Zachary Ryan @ZachariusD Follow hmm, there's something very familiar about gumshoos. 11:37 AM 1 Aug 2016 30 63

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