Rowlet's Roundness

Rowlet's Roundness

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Rowlet is a Grass-Flying type Pokémon character that will be featured as one of the three starters in Nintendo's upcoming pair of the video games Pokémon Sun and Moon. Shortly after its unveiling on May 10th, 2016, the character quickly gained a fan following due to its cute, perfectly round-shaped appearance.


On May 10th, 2016, Nintendo released a reveal trailer introducing three new Pokémon, Rowlet, Litten and Popplio, as the starters for its upcoming pair of Generation VII video games, Pokémon Sun and Moon (shown below). Along with the trailer, Nintendo also confirmed the scheduled release date of the titles as November 18th, 2016.


Within hours of Nintendo's release of the official reveal trailer, virtually all major video game news outlets reported on the unveiling of the Generation VII starters, including Kotaku[12], Polygon[15], The Verge[11], Wired[13], The Mary Sue[14] and IGN[25], among many others.

Rowlet FLYING Rowlet TEGORY Grass Quill Pokémon HEIGHT 1'00 WEIGHT 3.3 lbs. TYPE Grass/Flying ABILITY Overgrow

Meanwhile on Tumblr, Twitter and other social media platforms, Pokémon fans quickly began sharing their initial impressions of the three starters, including Tumblr user Klinklang[8] who started an impromptu survey by sharing the images of Rowlet, Litten and Popplio with the prompt for each post reading "Reblog if you’re choosing…" and Canada's official Twitter account[17] asking its followers "which Pokemon do you think is the most Canadian?" Later that same day, The Verge[18] and Kotaku[16] highlighted the Internet's reaction to the announcement of the new starters.

Canada Canadä Canada @Pokemon has been around in Canada since 1998! Which Pokemon do you think is the most Canadian? #PokemonSunMoon

On May 11th, the official Pokemon Twitter account[4] launched a poll asking which of the three starters "has the most potential."

Pokémon Φ @Pokemon Now that you've met Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio, which do you think has the most potential? #PokemonSunMoon 41% Rowlet 38% Litten 21% Popplio 52,630 votes Final results

In the following days, hundreds of fan art illustrations were uploaded to various image-sharing sites, notably on DeviantART[22], Tumblr[24], Twitter[23] and Imgur.[21] On May 15th, the final results of the poll revealed Rowlet as the most-liked character out of the three starters for Pokémon Sun and Moon, with 41% of 52,630 total votes that were casted.

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Wait… its own entry..? That might be a little exaggerated, no..? I mean look at the poll: 41% VS 38%. It is not that big of a difference. And I bet that, if you add the search interest for the other 2 starters, their graph lines will be quite similar too.

Besides, say what you will, but it is not Rowlet the one to have gotten a life-sized plush made first:

And… well, Litten was the first one to get softcore porn made out of. I guess that begets a mention, too.

So, sure, I do believe Rowlet is, indeed, the current favourite… but not by such a long shot that an entire entry dedicated to it should be made, if you ask me. The other 2 will quickly catch up, I can already tell. So, might as well make the entry talk about all 3: Rowlet's burst popularity, Litten's special "cute and edgy" charm and Popplio's soon-to-happen comeback (known as "Popplio's Defense Squad" around Pokemon fans).


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