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"Shitlord" is a pejorative often used on the Internet against those who are perceived as racist, sexist, homophobic, fat shaming or otherwise prejudicial. The term is often employed by those involved in the online social justice movement to call out bigoted shitposting.


The earliest known use of the term "shitlord" in the context of perceived bigotry was posted in the Something Awful Forums[6] by member MaggotMaster in response to being called "FaggotMaster" on February 18th, 2009 (shown below).

MaggotMaster Nov 25, 2006 FaggotMaster?? nice homophobia there. shitlord. be glad I'm making your piece of trash of a thread better. INFECTED FORUES CANCER # T ?) Feb 18, 2009 00:33 Profile Past History Rap Sheet ッQUOTE


On October 21st, 2011, Failheap Challenge Forums[3] member Aurora148 submitted a thread titled "Anthology of Gender Normative Image Oppression NSFW | CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE, SHITLORD," which received over 1000 pages worth of replies in the next three years. On February 21st, 2012, Redditor thelittleking replied to a /r/SRSDiscussion[5] post requesting examples of non-bigoted pejoratives with a list of insults starting with the word “shitlord.” On August 12th, Redditor brucemo posted a comment in the /r/TheoryOfReddit[4] subreddit claiming that members of /r/shitredditsays use the term “shitlord” for “a white man who blunders through Reddit making racist and sexist comments.” On November 24th, Urban Dictionary[2] user haiyyu submitted an entry for the term “shitlord,” defining it as a insult used by feminists against those who disagree with their beliefs. On March 26th, 2014, the Shitlord Milk Tumblr[8] blog was launched, which highlights photographs of milk containers with bigoted statements written on the side (shown below).

allowed 4ow Woimen 2 5 8 where s mon

On May 30th, the Tumblr[9] "Just Shitlord Things" was created, featuring Just Little Things-style image macros mocking social justice blogging.

using One Se ustshitlordt Having fun flirting with a quy without automaticallu Suspecting him of being a rap ustshitlordthings


On the /r/TumblrInAction[7] subreddit, "shitlord" is often used to mock the tone of aggressive, overzealous and easily offended social justice warriors. As of June 2014, over 690 posts referencing the term have been submitted to the subreddit.

Notable Examples

WHAT Beautiful DAY/ HANKS CLOVER think youke bear thki tool SuPER RAD ont You cking catcall ℃ at meyou PPressive mass TLORD you should have the same opinion as me because it's 2014 and the current year is enough reasor to have my opinion SHITLORD
Stopoppasing me, Dad, thought only women wore makeup SPLC SHITLORD

See Ya Later, Shitlords!

On August 9th, 2011, the Yogscast YouTube channel uploaded a Minecraft gameplay video in which the cohost Simon passes cohost Lewis on a boat and yells "See you later, shitlord!" (shown below). The phrase subsequently became one of Simon's catchphrases on the show.

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