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Soggy Cat

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Soggy Cat is the nickname given to a cat named Shark that went viral around 2021 after their owner posted the photo to X (Twittter) of the cat wet and sitting in a bathtub. The photo was posted some time in 2021 and deleted when the user, @sillyfuny, deleted their account. The image gained viral spread over the following years as an exploitable reaction image.


On an unknown date in 2021, now-deleted X[1] user @sillyfuny, aka Biscuit, posted a photo of their cat Shark wet and in the bathtub (shown below). The current X account @sillyfuny is run by someone who is not associated with Shark. The cat's owner also used to run the X[2][3] account @bonsquer, which shared several photos of Shark in 2021, including a photo and video of Shark in the bath on June 28th and 29th, 2021.

In 2021, X[4] user @cvsilly shared two Discord screenshots offering further evidence supporting the claim that @sillyfuny aka Biscuit or Bonsquer owned the cat, also explaining that they allegedly deleted their account for making false accusation against people, although this is unconfirmed (shown below).

@Fakezii hey guys, i don't wanna be annoying and this is probably asked a ton but can someone give me the basic run down of what happened with the owner of the cat and where all the pics come from and stuff CV Today at 4:02 PM yeah, it has been asked a ton, and i honestly can't blame. there are occasionally spikes of new soggy cat fans and it's often that they want a full lore on this. the first thing i did myself is research on soggy cat's owner and other stuff soggy cat is named shark and he is owned by biscuit. biscuit often posted shark pictures on his main twitter account, which was @sillyfuny. it had gay furry art and heavy roblox stanning, lol. he has an old account which has young pictures of shark. not much, kinda wholesome tho. @bonsquer he also had an account made specifically for shark pictures only, but i genuinely don't even know what was it. i heard one mention of it months ago and that's all. i don't even know the @. he has a tiktok account, which is @sillyfuny3 (i think?) and it had some tag changes. i have no idea if he had multiple accounts or not, but i know that he owned @sillyfuny and @bonsquer in older videos (SHOUTS TO ANNOYING TIKTOK WATERMARK ON ALMOST ALL OF HIS REMAINING COPIES OF VIDEOS) i highlighted has and had for all of the accounts because of that drama thing. it was basically that there was a cult of artists who would mock others on discord. biscuit was one of the very active members. yeah. that's literally all. after the exponer or however you would like to call it biscuit called himself miserable on twit and disabled two of his twitter accounts. not sure about his discord. OH! also, almost forgot. he had three servers, two of which got deleted shortly for idk what reason and one private which i don't know any info about. i know that the second server had soggy cat pictures as rewards and there were also private pics for boosters. i have no idea if they were ever distributed to outer world, if not then rip. i'm convinced that biscuit is no longer contactable, which is sad. we can still hope that he will come back later. meanwhile, you can see an awesome soggy cat account - @Weedlord_boner (if you don't know about it yet) (edited) rSogger 12/27/2022 4:55 PM so basically sillyfuny and some of his friends like targetted random people and accused them of random s--- they didn't do just for s---- and giggles and he got exposed for it then he deleted twitter cuz he couldn't handle getting exposed of dumb stuff like that


The image of soggy cat, along with other images of Shark, gained viral spread throughout the 2020s, seeing use as an exploitable image and inspiring several gimmick accounts dedicated to it. For example, on March 22nd, 2022, X[5] user @shadow06hunter posted a meme where Shark gets caught drawing a penis on an iPad, garnering over 23,000 likes in a year (shown below, left).

On October 25th, Tumblr[6] user theedorksinlove posted a compilation of wet cat images including Shark, garnering over 18,000 notes in a year. On January 2nd, 2023, Instagram[7] user surreal.cats posted an edit of the soggy cat image that gained over 75,000 likes in 10 months (shown below, right).

Soggy Cat enjoyer @Weedlord_Boner caught 12:25 PM - Mar 22, 2023-400.6K Views de Recad 1 ***

On May 4th, X[8] user @Weedlord_Boner posted a thread consisting of numerous Shark photos, writing, "Soggy Cat’s alpha male rules for success 🧵," garnering over 1,000 likes in six months (portions shown below). The thread was reposted as images to /r/196[9] on May 5th, garnering over 2,000 upvotes in the same span of time.

Soggy Cat enjoyer @Weedlord_Boner - May 4 Soggy Cat's alpha male rules for success 16 1 299 1K Soggy Cat enjoyer @Weedlord_Boner Rule #1: always sog up 9:50 PM - May 4, 2023 - 5,473 Views 29K ... 0 Soggy Cat enjoyer @Weedlord_Boner - May 4 Rule #2: sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite 142 COUTURE 642 6.1K Soggy Cat enjoyer @Weedlord_Boner Rule #3: take time for yourself 9:50 PM - May 4, 2023-3,511 Views *** Soggy Cat enjoyer @Weedlord_Boner Rule #4: study their patterns 9:50 PM - May 4, 2023 3,271 Views BET

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sally (open for commissions) @SallyDoesThings sopping wet cat fluffy dry cat 9:27 PM Dec 23, 2021 . ... AUTOON Hey can you show me that soggy cat picture picture Splendid.

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