Sonic Dreams Collection

Sonic Dreams Collection

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Sonic Dreams Collection is an unlicensed collection of Sonic The Hedgehog mini games developed by the indie game studio Arcane Kids. Upon its online release in August 2015, the games quickly gained notoriety and an online following for their gratuitous inclusion of sexually explicit themes and various references to internet paraphilia.


On August 10th, 2015, Sonic Dreams Collection was released as a free download by the indie game development studio Arcane Kids on the Tumblr blog "Hedgehod Exposed",[1] claiming that the games had been leaked by a hacker group who discovered the files inside a Sega Dreamcast developer kit.

SEGA SALE! HACKERS LEAK LOST SONIC GAMES WE WERE SHOCKED BY WHAT SEGA'S BEEN HIDING" IN 2013 hacker supergroup Arcane Kids" acquired a SEGA DREAMCAST developer kit from Deep in the filescape they unearthed a note from the director of MJSTUDIO, a"message in a bottle" detailing the work of SEGA's top secret studio which was re-invisioning the future of video gaming. The Arcane Kid$ salvaged FOUR playable prototypes, eし /// Release my Sonic sme and countless top-seeret SEGA files The Hedgehog SEGA squandered MJSTUDIO's gift to the world... and dissed Sonic fans globally... by burying these games Arcane Kids spokesperson Jo says ,, prototypest!! It's time to set them free."Arcane Kids has granted HEDGEHOG EXPOSED exclusive rights to what they call the "Sonic Dreams Collection ONIC ON Sonic OLLECTION ORIGIN EXT PLAY


The collection comes with four playable game modes to play. In the "Make My Sonic" mode, players can customize a 3D Sonic model to be saved for play on other game modes (shown below, left). In the "Eggman Origin" mode, players load a customized Sonic model with long legs and no arms who feeds worms to a limbless eggman while walking around a white, empty environment (shown below, right). The game ends after Eggman becomes large enough to devour the player.

In "Sonic Movie Maker," players can interact with objects in a 3D environment to create a six-second video. Later levels in the game feature adult-themed scenarios, including fetishes like vore, birthing, body inflation and male pregnancy (shown below, left). In "My Roommate Sonic" mode, the player takes cues from Eggman via text message to express a romantic interest in Sonic while seated on a couch watching television (shown below, right).


In the coming days, several news sites published articles about the collection, including Kotaku,[2] PC Gamer,[3]Polygon,[4] and Metro.[5] Additionally, the game has been a subject of discussion on a number of community sites, including 4chan,[6][10] Reddit,[7] Neogaf[8] and Tumblr.[9] On August 11th, the Game Grumps YouTube channel uploaded a “Steam Train” episode featuring the Sonic Dreams Collection (shown below). In two days, the video gathered over 538.000 views.

On the following day, YouTuber Markiplier uploaded a Sonic Dreams Collection gameplay video, which garnered more than 585,000 views in the first 24 hours (shown below, left). That same day, Vinny of Vinesauce posted another gameplay video (shown below, right).

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