Statue Profile Pictures

Statue Profile Pictures

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Statue Profile Pictures or Statue PFPs refer to Twitter accounts that use photographs of Greek and Roman statues as their profile pictures. As the practice is popular with accounts that post about Western traditionalism and are critical of modern society, jokes and memes about "statue PFPs" and "statue avis" have become popularized online, not unlike memes about anime profile pictures.


On Twitter, so-called "statue PFPs" or "statue avis" refer to social media accounts that use photographs of classical statues as their profile pictures. The accounts often post about traditionalism and are critical of modern society, juxtaposing values of traditional societies against those of today. Some of the most-subscribed "statue PFP" accounts are @culturaltutor[1] (1.1 million followers, created n May 2022), @Culture_Crit[2] (254,700 followers, created in May 2020) and @AlpacaAurelius[3] (265,900 followers, created in November 2018) (profile headers shown below).

The Cultural Tutor @culturaltutor A beautiful education. Ⓒ7 short lessons every Friday: Joined May 2022 89 Following 1.1M Followers Culture Critic @Culture Crit LUJE ARI : Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire. Education Ⓡ Florence, Italy Joined May 2020 1,291 Following 254.7K Followers Carnivore Aurelius © @AlpacaAurelius Health & vitality. Steak. Organs. Fruit. Insta: carnivoreaurelius I create beef liver crisps so good that even a vegan would love it. Not medical advice. Buy beef liver Joined November 2018

Jokes about "statue PFPs" have been posted on Twitter at least since March 2018. On March 28th, 2018, Twitter[4] user @KrangTNelson posted the earliest found notable joke about the account which gained over 80 retweets and 1,000 likes in five years (shown below).

america's lounge singer @KrangTNelson oh you assume I'm a "huge weirdo" simply because I have a Roman statue as an avi? well I think these preeminent philosophers and thinkers would disagree with you *posts links to DaLogicGamer69 and FathersRightsCenturion youtube videos* 3:55 PM Mar 28, 2018


The trend of ridiculing "statue PFPs" achieved higher prominence in 2020, when several tweets gaining traction. For example, on August 21st, 2020, Twitter[5] user @Chinchillazllla posted a joke that gained over 910 likes in two years (shown below, left). On September 14th, 2020, Twitter[6] user @bad_takes made a tweet that garnered over 440 likes in the same period (shown below, right).

i bless the rains down in castame... @Chinchillazll... · Aug 21, 2020 What happened 8:56 AM 20 Aug 20 - Twitter for iPhone 3,294 Retweets and comments 10.7K Likes 56 148 L Rando = @rando2804 Ondernemer. Beheer @PolitiekDirect. Translate bio i bless the rains down in castamere @Chinchillazllla Wassenaar Joined December 2017 314 Following 3,330 Followers 3,110 Follow This account's Tweets are protected. Only confirmed followers have access to Rando Tweets and complete profile. Tap the Follow button to cand a follow raquant l he posted so badly he instantly transformed into a Greek statue avi 7:48 PM. Aug 21, 2020 Brendan Karet @bad_takes the ultimate marble statue avi take Michael Tracey @mtracey Finally looked up "WAP" and now all I can think about is imperial decline 11:46 PM - 9/14/20 - Twitter Web App 33 Retweets and comments 128 Likes 11:50 PM . Sep 14, 2020 27 ←]

The trend achieved further popularity in late 2022 and early 2023 as several "statue PFPs" accounts amassed significant following in Twitter. For example, on October 17th, 2022, Twitter[7] user @laserboat999 posted a meme that gained 250 retweets and over 3,600 likes in four months (shown below, left). On January 17th, 2023, artist @Witts_Art tweeted[8] a Silence, Brand reaction image targeting "statue PFPs" that gained over 2,000 retweets and 14,500 likes in one month and has since been used as a reaction on Twitter (shown below, right).

donald boat @laserboat999 Right wing trad roman statue guy but he's really into family guy and has this avi Ev OG GUG G 9:30 PM - Oct 17, 2022 8. SILENCE STATUE PFP E @witts_art

Various Examples

the Do NOT ask weird dude with the roman FOR THEIR OPINION ON THE statue profile picture CURRENT STATE OF SOCIETY They'll just start TELLING U ABOUT DEGENRATION, CULTURAL MARXISM, THE DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION AND SUM REALLY RACIST SHIT Former Redditor @ @FormerRedditor (No bitches arc) Tradition is not the preservation of fire but the worship of ashes. Greek/roman statue pfp = opinion discarded 7:30 AM Jan 31, 2023 903 Views : B Dudes Posting Their W's MaxwellVador • 18h I'm trying to fuck a girl that works at a bakery so I told her I liked baking and tried to make my own sourdough and now I have a new hobby and don't really feel like seeing her later today 476 PDark @Perennial Dark @DudespostingWs Aug 12, 2022 11.7K 247K 3 Replying to @DudespostingWs >Is horny >Channels his horny into productive activity >Stops being horny I can't believe the Roman statue pfp accounts were right. 9:29 AM Aug 12, 2022
Edgar Allan Bitch (Saf) - Divine Marshmallow @edgar_a_bitch Please can yous stop putting statue pfp “art and culture” accounts on my TL THANK YOU TFW 1:03 AM Academia Aesthetics @AcademiaAesthe1 Q | Joined November 2020 O Following 459.2K Followers 96% Follow Art & Aesthetics Art Gallery Join Our Fine Art Newsletter 1:05 AM Jan 8, 2023 14K Views Have cars ruined cities? The Cultural Tutor @cu... 6/18/22 The Danger of Minimalist Design (& the death of detail) A short thread... Garbage Ape @GarbageApe god this is such a funny tweet to make with a stone statue as your avi The Cultural Tutor @culturaltutor Jul 26, 2022 Even McDonald's is less vibrant than it used to be! Show this thread McDonald 3:37 PM Jul 27, 2022 m Welcome Merrick @punishedmother Trying to explain to a Greek statue avi how the rest of society has known everything they're tweeting is incorrect for 1000s of years: 5:19 PM - Apr 12, 2022

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