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TwoKinds[1] (also spelled as 2kinds) is a furry webcomic, described by the author as a "fantasy manga", written and illustrated by Tom Fischbach, brother of popular Let's Player, Markiplier. The story focuses on the different species of anthropomorphic animals, known as Keidran, and their relations to humans. Many have speculated on the story's use of race as an allegory for real world race relations.


TwoKinds published it's first page on October 22, 2003[2] on the webcomic site Comic Genesis (then known as Keenspace). After some time Fischbach moved to an independent site until 2011 when he moved over to Keenspot[3][23]. In mention to his inspiration for the comic Tom Fischbach said:

I was inspired to write Twokinds after having experienced a lot of racial discrimination from kids at my school, who were predominently white. My writing skills at the time were not very good, but I still felt like I was doing something good by trying to create a good message through my writing. After struggling to create a book for a year, I decided making a comic might be a better option. After working at my art for several more years, I finally came out with Twokinds on October 22nd, 2003.

Online Relevance

TwoKinds has a significant following on sites such as Tumblr where there are various posts tagged under both "Twokinds" and "Two Kinds".[4][5] There is also a fan-blog dedicated to the comic.[6] On Reddit there is a subreddit dedicated to the comic which has 821 readers.[7] The comic also has a TV Tropes page dedicated to it.[8] The official Twitter account has over 11,000 followers.[9] The comic has a page dedicated to it on the furry fandom wiki, as well as a seperate wiki dedicated solely to TwoKinds.[10][11] There are also various works of fanfiction on sites such as and SoFurry.[12][13] Tom also appeared on his brother's YouTube channel on several videos, as well on at least one livestream (shown below).

On YouTube there are various videos dedicated to TwoKinds.[15] There are also channels whom attempt to take the comic and adapt it into their own format via introducing elements such as voice overs or adding a "motion comic" aspect. Tow of the most popular are shown below, by YouTubers Twokinds Dub, and Twokinds: The Motion Comic respectively. Neither channel have any affiliation with the actual TwoKinds comic or Tom Fischbach.


There are various reviews of TwoKinds, both positive and negative, scattered across various websites such as The Webcomic Police,[16] The Bad Webcomics Wiki,[17] Read my Complaints,[18] and LoopyLines.[19] There are also several reviews for TwoKinds on YouTube.[20]


On May 9, 2012 Tom Fischbach began a Kickstarter to fund his first book collection of TwoKinds. The initial goal of $25,000 was intended to be reached in 30 days, however, this goal was reached within 12 hours. In response to this, the goal was moved up to $100,000. The final amount raised was $197,513 at the end of the 30 day mark on June 9, 2012. [14]


There are also various pieces of fanart dedicated to TwoKinds on sites such as SoFurry, DeviantArt and on the fanart section of the main TwoKinds website.[13][21][22]

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