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The Idol of Eirræbœ

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The Idol of Eirræbœ, sometimes written Eirraeboe and also known as The Arrival of Eirræbœ, refers to a schizo meme that centers on a creepypasta-like, paranormal story about an upside-down, green pyramid that descends from the sky. The lore was started by a creepy SpongeBob video originally posted to iFunny in early 2023, highlighting Patrick's face disappearing and likening it to the impending arrival of Eirræbœ when three senses will be stripped by those affected. Memes and video content about Eirræbœ spread across social media in 2023, surfacing on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter / X.


On March 14th, 2023, iFunnier[1] @ItsYaBoiSneaks posted a video that started the Eirræbœ meme, showing a scene from SpongeBob SquarePants in which there was an animation glitch that resulted in Patrick's face disappearing. The video creator used the glitch as evidence of the impending arrival of Eirræbœ which would cause "The user being completely stripped from 3 of their senses after the event of arrival." Also, "The green object engraved with Anglo-Saxon glyphs" was likened to "The idol of Eirræbœ." Over eight months, the video received roughly 1,400 smiles (shown below).

The idol of Eirræbœ…
The user being completely stripped from 3 of their senses after the event of arrival
The green object engraved with Anglo-Saxon glyphs may be a possible depiction of..
The idol of Eirræbœ…
This is a early warning SIGN of its soon arrival
Victims appear to be targeted in large crowds of people
Humanity must accept its oncoming fate, for the event of arrival is nearing..


On March 27th, 2023, the video was reposted by TikToker[2] @dvttez who replaced the sound, gaining roughly 224,100 plays and 33,600 likes in eight months (shown below).

@dvttez Wake up and smell the corpses #core #schizo #SpongeBob #horror #davidbyrne #scary ♬ Horses – David Byrne

On April 15th, 2023, YouTuber[3] aftonny posted a video called "THE SUPREME CULT OF EIRRÆBŒ" that expanded the lore, linking Eirræbœ to Illuminati imagery. Over seven months, the video received roughly 2,400 views (shown below).

Semi-viral posts on iFunny[4][5][6] continued to reference Eirræbœ going into 2023. For instance, on June 19th, 2023, iFunnier[6] @TheEirraeboeWitness posted a video that added to the lore, namedropping new figures named Ythorn and the Sólarenglar. The video gained 241 smiles in five months (shown below).

Ythorn's Beacon concealing the Idol of Eirræbe signals the coming of Sólarenglar
And so, Ythorn commanded the Sólarenglar to blind the eyes of the youth, preventing Eirræbe from ever reaching their minds.

Later in 2023, memes in which people's faces were scrubbed, similar to Slender Man, were posted to Twitter / X seemingly about Eirræbœ. For instance, on November 9th, 2023, X[7] user @Thafnine posted the Built By Gamers Podcast guys with no faces, gaining roughly 29,000 likes in three weeks (shown below).

T9 @Thafnine "mmMmmMmmMmmmmMMM" "mmmMmmMfffMMMMMMM" 5:42 PM Nov 9, 2023 473.4K Views MER

In the replies of the aforementioned tweet, X[8] user @afftonny replied, "The idol of Eirræbœ got to them," attaching an Eirræbœ video featuring clips of Jerma, gaining roughly 6,200 views and 128 likes in three weeks (shown below).

Various Examples

"my whole life is ahead of me" No you don't, the Idol of Eirræbo is arriving r/AnarchyChess Posted by u/SMcG22 7 months ago Playing against Eirræbo, any good openings? ÆỐP 6 5 4 3 ERL ÖÅCE HHJÆÖ E 2 2 1 2 1 2 1 லிடிக்கு ஸ் 2 & !! !! Jayeazywhat @jayeazywhut !! 7:51 PM . Nov 21, 2023 407.2K Views :

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