Twas I Who Fucked the Dragon meme format depicting an image from the song "Kickapoo" in the Tenacious D movie.

Twas I Who Fucked the Dragon

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Twas I Who Fucked the Dragon is an exploitable image macro featuring a memorable quote from the song "Kickapoo" by Jack Black and Kyle Glass in their rock duo Tenacious D. A screenshot of the music video from the Tenacious D movie paired with the quote is frequently used in memes, especially those involving fantasy games or film and television series where a dragon is involved.


In the music video for "Kickapoo," uploaded to YouTube on November 30th, 2006 (originally appearing in the Tenacious D movie) a young version of Jack Black (referred to as J.B.) disappoints his family by interrupting their prayer at the dinner table by performing raunchy rock music he’d written (seen below). As of June 2021, "Kickapoo" has over 63 million views on YouTube[1] and is the second-most-viewed music video out of all releases by Tenacious D.

The most notable verse is frequently quoted online, sometimes as a standalone catchphrase. Here, the frequent usage of "fuck" is directed as a threat towards J.B.’s parents and family and is not intended in a sexual manner, but it is frequently used as such when quoted alone or in memes.

Oh, the dragon's balls were blazin' as I stepped into his cave
Then I sliced his fuckin' cockles with a long and shiny blade
'Twas I who fucked the dragon, fuckalizing fuckaloo
And if you try to fuck with me, then I shall fuck you too

The first recorded use of the scene as a meme was in an image uploaded by user UltimateCringeVine_2016 to iFunny on October 17th, 2015 (seen below, click to expand).[2] It received 469 likes and 54 comments in roughly six years.

OffensiveAndMore 8h ago Long ass f------ time ago in a town called kickapoo.. TheDirtyBurgerr 4h ago It was stupid to begin with Fullmetal_Ed 6h ago There lived a humble family, religious through and through CrazyFucboiLicker 6h ago But yay there was a black sheep and he knew what just to do OffensiveAndMore 6h ago His name was young J.B and he refused to step in line CrazyFucboiLicker 6h ago A vision he did see eth, f----- rockin all the time OffensiveAndMore 6h ago He wrote a tasty jam and all the planets did align CrazyFucboiLicker 5h ago The dragons balls were blazin as I stepped into his cave OffensiveAndMore .... . 5h ago Then I sliced it's f------ cockles, with a long and shiny blade CrazyFucboiLicker 5h ago 'Twas I who f----- the dragon, fuckalie sing fuckaloo NOW KIS! Stitch It! ETLRRETURNDEVIANTART.COM Stitch It!


In the following years, screenshots of the music video were used in a handful of other memes relating to the quote. For example, on June 11th, 2021, Redditor u/boogersaremyfriend posted this meme entitled "The Morals of Shrek" to /r/memes, reviving interest in the format for a larger wave of Twas I Who Fucked the Dragon memes in June 2021 (seen below).[3] It was one of the top-awarded posts on the subreddit that month and received over 114,000 upvotes and 529 comments in four days.

Shrek: I learned the value of friendship. Fiona:I learned importance of self-worth. Donkey: TWAS I WHO F D THE DRAGON

On June 14th, this meme by u/spokwalker, captioned with a following line from Kickapoo, became popular on the subreddit /r/dndmemes, with over 1.3k upvotes and 11 comments in two days (seen below).[4] The Dungeons and Dragons community began to use the meme format often, particularly in reference to the bard roles and stereotypes observed frequently in the game.

Backstories be like paladin:Ibroughtharmony to a troubled kingdom Monk:Istudied for years under old masters Bard TWAS I WHO F----- THE DRAGON INCVN

Donkey from Shrek

"Twas I Who Fucked the Dragon" is very often associated with the character Donkey from the 2001 animated film Shrek. In the movie, Donkey marries a dragon and has half-donkey, half-dragon offspring, a common reference in these memes.

Various Examples

*Donkey showing Shrek his kids* Shrek: How in the f... Donkey: Devin Slim-Chad Jesus Jr (Useless sadboi) TWAS I WHO F----- THE DRAGON made with mematic *Installs NSFW mods in Skyrim VR* TWAS I WHO F----- THỂ DRAGON Bards in game: helpful spells, high charisma for good support and smooth talking Bards in memes: Twas I who f----- the dragon! made with mematic I TRAINED THE DRAGON. I RAISED THE DRAGON. "Twas I who f----- the dragon, fuckalizing fuckaloo And if you try to fuckwith me, then I shall f--- vou too F------ DRAGONS! MISTOR POSTING



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>Sees a Tenacious D meme
>A meme based off my favorite Tenacious D song.
>It's not a TikTok meme.

I was worried for a second everyone. It'll probably end up as a TikTok meme eventually, but right now, it's still pure. It's still pure.


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