Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract

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Vanilla Extract is a joke expression that began growing popular on Tumblr in February of 2023. Its inception followed the introduction of Tumblr's poll feature the previous month. The joke, with occasional variations, involves creating a poll in which "vanilla extract" is included as an option, regardless of its relevance to the question the poll seeks to address.


Beginning January 19th, 2023, Tumblr[1] users gained access to the website's new poll feature. As of February 7th, 2023 the feature is not available to all users. Some users began creating polls that, rather than simply surveying the opinions of the website's userbase, prompted them to perform as if they were executing real-world tasks.

On February 3rd, Tumblr user Relientk[2] posted a poll that asked users to "bake a cake." Users could select from a list of common ingredients found in vanilla cake, presumably meant to "add" them in percentages roughly equivalent to their amounts in a cake batter. Soon after the poll opened, users noted that the distribution of selections was radically different from the actual proportions of cake batter ingredients. As of February 7th, "vanilla extract" accounts for 44% of the vote, despite most real cake recipes calling for less than a tablespoon of the ingredient (shown below). The post gained over 200,000 notes in four days and over 364,000 votes.

relientk Follow okay let's bake a cake butter sugar eggs flour milk baking powder vanilla extract 364,187 votes • Poll ends in 1 day 22 hours NOA ... 9% 8% 9% 17% 7% 6% 44%


As the original poll continued to spread throughout Tumblr, other users began creating polls featuring "vanilla extract" as an option, even (or perhaps particularly) if it appears completely irrelevant to the initial prompt. Tumblr users, familiar with the origins of the joke, would generally vote for "vanilla extract" in statistically significant numbers. As such, the "joke" of Vanilla Extract can be said to be two-fold: 1. The inclusion of "vanilla extract" in polls where it would otherwise be an inappropriate or nonsensical response, and 2. The tendency for "vanilla extract" to win said polls.

Popular examples include a February 4th poll posted by user im-a-goat-in-disguise[5] that gained over 31,000 notes and 112,000 votes in four days (shown below, left). User straightmansummer[6] posted an example that gained over 6,100 notes in three days (shown below, right).

im-a-goat-in-disguise Follow Let's create a planet Rock Liquid Water Atmosphere Gravity Life Vanilla Extract 112,120 votes • Poll ends in 2 days 24 hours ●●● 000000 straightmansummer Follow take what you need courage strength wisdom love vanilla extract 23,269 votes Poll ends in 3 days 2 hours #polls #vanilla extract #paige.txt : ... 00000

On February 6th, recognizing the meme's popularity, Tumblr's staff introduced a "vanilla extract" water bottle to the website's shop[3], selling for $28 USD.

As noted by Tumblr user Sreegs[4], a former Tumblr employee whose blog remains a popular presence on the site, the "Vanilla Extract" meme is essentially a new incarnation of the "comedy option" joke once common on Something Awful.

Various Examples

fluffy-turtle Follow What clothes are you buying? I can't find them I can't find them, there's only soup It means there's only soup Fine, you don't have to shout at me!!! There's more soup There's just more soup THERES STILL SOUP IM AT SOUP IM AT THE SOUP STORE vanilla extract im-a-goat-in-disguise Follow You lot will just reblog anything huh too right boss reblog a post? over my dead body! there must be vanilla extract 25,970 votes Poll ends in 3 days 23 hours #poll #polls #tumblr polls #tumblr #vanilla extract : alister-flammel Follow Baking cakes sure is fun! Help me choose the ingredients vanilla extract vanilla extract vanilla extract vanilla extract vanilla extract vanilla extract vanilla extract salt 42,431 votes • Poll ends in 3 days 1 hour figgyblossom Follow how do u pronounce Spiders Georg?? George (Like "of the Jungle") Gorge (like a narrow valley) I don't pronounce it, I just read it and hear nothing in my head Other (tell me in the tags!) Vanilla extract (beating this ever further into the ground) 84,605 votes Poll ends in 5 days 17 hours wordfather Follow choose a weapon sword belonging to an ancient hero battle axe tinted with the blood of thousands a simple dagger hidden somewhere only you can find a bow with 3 arrows, each arrow has mysterious abilities irresistable charm. your enemies will fall in love with you nothing. you stand there pathetically. the enemies feel bad and adopt you a shield with a heart on it <3 you refuse to fight. peace om planet eart <3 vanilla extract : polls tumblr users 6-90 vanilla extract

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