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Why Mafia Isn't an Aesthetic / I Cooka Da Pizza

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I Cooka Da Pizza is a catchphrase used to ridicule Italian accent, culture and Italians in general. The catchphrase was popularized by a reply to a 2021 Twitter thread arguing Why Mafia Isn't a Fucking Aesthetic, with screenshots of the exchange going viral and inspiring memes in the following years.


Prior to its popularization in 2021, the phrase "I cooka da pizza" has occasionally been used to mock Italians and Italian accents. For example, on September 14th, 2020, Twitter[1] user @track11sea posted a Trans People: I'm Trans meme using the phrase that gained over 1,200 retweets and 7,900 likes in two years (shown below).

hobi (said lovingly) @track11sea bts: we are gay society: ok jungkook: i cooka da pizza 인절미기 @sebyul Sep 14, 2020 200914 Music Camp Jungkook said that he tries a lot of different things at once (as opposed directing all his attention into one thing). He said that at one point, he was very into making pizza and ended up eating pizza for whole month. Show this thread 6:53 AM . Sep 14, 2020 ...

On April 11th, 2021, Twitter user @occultkyoong tweeted, "why mafia isn't a fucking aesthetic: a thread," to which Twitter user @seigfridge replied, "i cooka da pizza," undermining the message, with @occultkyoong swearing at them in response (shown below).

16:21 ◄ Bumble Tweet 55 han E-408 @occultkyoong 1d why mafia isn't a f------ aesthetic: a thread 2,730 3,185 moeeze @seigfridge 21h i cooka da pizza 13 1726 112 LTE ←] ... han E-408 @occultkyoong 21h go f--- yourself, for real. i cant with these people anymore. i hate you all from the bottom of my heart. ignorant pieces of s--- 272 2 257 16:22 ◄ Bumble moeeze @seigfridge Tweet Replying to @occultkyoong i cooka da meatball aye pass the linguini its a me a mario 19:26 4/11/21 Twitter for iPhone 3 Retweets 3 Quote Tweets 70 Likes 소고 han E-408 @occultkyoong 20h Replying to @seigfridge 13 Tweet your reply Giancarlo Siani, 26 anni, assassinato ieri sera sotto casa in Piazza Leonardo da due killer che hanno agito a viso scoperto. Numerosi testimoni. Aveva appena lasciato la redazione. Gli inquirenti: un omicidio di stampo camorristico moeeze @seigfridge 20h mamma mia Cronista del <<<Mattino>>> ucciso in un agguato 68 LTE 62 AURICE ←]

On April 12th, 2021, Twitter[2] user @girlfrog tweeted screenshots of the thread, with the post gaining over 46,300 retweets and 415,900 likes in two years. On April 13th, Redditor tongue_depression posted the screenshot in the /r/196[3] subreddit, where it gained over 16,400 upvotes in two years.


The viral spread of the screenshots helped popularize the phrase on social media. For example, on June 21st, 2021, Twitter[4] user @JUNIPER posted a tweet that gained over 290 retweets and 6,600 likes in two years (shown below, left). On June 28th, 2022, Twitter[5] user @_kiroranke posted a Yakuza version of the meme which accumulated over 800 retweets and 3,600 likes in eight months (shown below, right).

Prise pudding person @JUNIPER i cooka da pizza @LucasOfSunshine Seriously though, I know Italian jokes are funny, but at some point it becomes serious racism Don't harass Italian people with stupid jokes forever please 8:47 PM 6/20/21 Twitter for iPhone . 23 Retweets 209 Quote Tweets 343 Likes 1:17 PM Jun 21, 2021 . :

The parody exchange format peaked in popularity on Twitter in January 2023, when threads parodying the exchange by adopting it to various fandoms gained interest as a subformat of the Tweet Like X Were Real trend. On January 4th, 2023, Twitter[6] user @Treblebaps tweeted, "Why team rocket isn't a fucking aesthetic: a thread," gaining over 7,100 retweets and 80,900 likes in one month. On January 4th, Twitter[7] user @Madam_Riddles replied, "I steala da Pokémon," with the reply gaining over 800 retweets and 24,100 likes in the same period (exchange shown below).

Trouble @Treblebaps - Jan 4 why team rocket isn't a f------ aesthetic: a thread el tiburón @nellychillin Nov 27, 2021 Tweet like Pokémon were real Show this thread 254 R Riddles t 7,351 @Madam_Riddles Replying to @Treblebaps i steala da Pokémon 9:54 PM Jan 4, 2023 169.9K Views 80.9K 3.5M ←] :

Various Examples

@TheWayfayer. Jan 9 Why the Payday Gang isn't a f------ aesthetic, a Duke @Payday Duke. Jan 8 Tweet like Payday is real 52 Duke @Payday Duke 148 Replying to @TheWayfayer i robb-a the bank 10:56 AM Jan 9, 2023 4,091 Views 1,542 51K ↑ chalk / calx Ⓒ @itschalkk Jan 5 tweet like genshin impact is real 764 nana: @nana_ikiru 16,579 . 6:34 PM Jan 5, 2023 89.6K Views . Replying to @itschalkk why fatui isn't a f------ aesthetic: a thread 11.9K ₁19.6M ... ↑ : retrowen | father of hammond @retro_wen why talon isn't a f------ aesthetic: a thread ZINOTSUNE || saving for C6 Albedo @Zinotsune · Jan 6 tweet like if overwatch was real 3:28 AM Jan 6, 2023 165.2K Views
Quantavius Gooch @slippyblu I cooka da pizza 4:10 PM May 12, 2021 : caesar a. @c_a_zeppeli -21h why mafia isn't a f------ aesthetic: a thread 55 2,730 3,185 j★seph @tequilaaa 21h i cooka da pizza 13 26 112 caesar a. @c_a_zeppeli -21h go f--- yourself, for real. i cant with these people anymore. i hate you all from the bottom of my heart. ignorant pieces of s--- 92 222 257 ... If the mafia isn't an aesthetic then why do they look so f------ cool?

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