Wuss Poppin Jimbo

Wuss Poppin Jimbo

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Wuss Poppin Jimbo refers to deep fried photoshops of the character Hugh Neutron from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius captioned with an AAVE variation on his catchphrase from the show, "What's up, Jimbo?" The images generally feature signature Black Twitter memes such as the B Button Emoji and Timbs. Other variations have appeared with different Nickelodeon characters.


Prior the first "Wuss Poppin Jimbo" edit, several deep fried memes using Nickelodeon characters saying "wuss poppin b" or some variant thereof had surfaced on iFunny, Weird Facebook and Instagram.

Wuss poppin 柛空 spoonsrating ifunny.ce Wuss poppin b funny. uss poppin B


In September of 2016, the first image macro to include Hugh Neutron captioned "Wuss Poppin Jimbo" began to appear on iFunny. On September 18th, 2016, iFunny user @OKendrickLlamaO[1] published the earliest known post of the picture to the site (shown below). However, because iFunny dates comments but not posts, it is possible the image was posted earlier.

Wuss poppi JImbo funny.ce


In November, a variation with the phrase in which Hugh Neutron has his arms spread out grew popular. On November 16th, Twitter user @billratchet[2] posted the image with the caption "i am fucking dead who gave you niggas photoshop," gaining over 14,000 retweets and 29,000 likes (shown below). This is the earliest known post of the image, though the caption implies it had been posted somewhere else before.

i am fucking dead who gave you niggas photoshop

In the coming months, the image would gain significant spread on various platforms. On December 8th, Instagram account papafranku[3] posted it and gained over 40,000 likes. It has also been included in various shitpost jokes on Twitter.

Cowbelly Stream

On April 29th, YouTube user CowbellyTV uploaded a video titled "for every like on this video i'll say wuss poppin jimbo in a livestream" (shown below, left). The same day, he began streaming himself saying "Wuss Poppin Jimbo," saying it 27,046 times in 10 hours (shown below, right).

Various Examples

WUSS POPPIN JIMBO?????? POPPINSIMBO B B BIN IM BO フェラチオ POPPIN ME Trevor Briggs me greeting customers normally vs 10 mins before closing USS POPPIN JIM B

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