This Is So Sad

This Is So Sad

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This Is So Sad refers to posts made in parody of posts like 5ever in which a scene of dialogue dramatically results in a character committing suicide before the other character can finish their sentence, and the bottom containing a caption with "This is so sad!" and positing some variation of "can we hit 50 likes?" and the character Sarcastic Bro on the far right corner. These posts began spreading on Reddit in early 2018. At the end of the posts, a line of text would read "This is so sad! Can we reach (X) likes?" The format was picked up in many Deep Fried Memes and shitposts.


On February 8th, a similar post to the 5ever post copypasta appeared on /r/ComedyHomicide,[1] gaining over 650 points (shown below).

Girl: "how much do u love me? Boy:"... Girl:"omg ur so mean I hate u!" girls commits suicide* boy visits girls grave* Boy: "..million" LIKE IF YOU CRIED This is so sad Can we hit 50 likes


5ever (sometimes spelled 5eva or 5evur) is a slang term meaning “more than forever" and the superlative form of its SMS shorthand "4ever." Believed to have originated from a copypasta story that began circulating in early 2011, the term is used ironically to mimic the non-standard grammar or syntax often found in online conversations. Its earliest known use as the superlative of "4ever" was introduced in a copypasta image resembling a handwritten note posted by Tumblr user Deathray-Deathray on March 10th, 2011. The image contained a short teenage romance story written in Comic Sans with a side note encouraging readers to reblog or like if they “crey.”

A gurl was walkin2 skewl wit her bf n they were crossin da rode she sed "bbz wil u luv me 4evr" he said "NO.."" da gurl cryed N ran across da rode b4 da qreen man came on the sine. boy was cryin and went to pic up her body she was ded he whsipered 2 her corpse "I ment 2 sey I will luv u FIVE- ever" (dat mean he luv her moar dan REGLAOGB IF U CREY ALWAZ..XXX


In the following months, jokes using similar setups began appearing on /r/DeepFriedMemes, where they were displayed with heavy distortion and unrelated images on the text. For example, a post by RoFro_ from March 15th gained over 2,900 points (shown below, left). Another post by BVB_301 from March 25th gained over 1,500 points (shown below, right).

customer: i'd like I Baker: sure read. customer: 'eats aker: Instead of yeast usedyeets customer: dies this is so sad can we hit69 likes e hit that mf like B utton 60 0o Girl: "What do you wanna eat? Girl:"omg ur so weird I hate u! girs commts suicide boy visits girls grave Boy: ..Bread" IKE IF YOU CRIED This is so sad

After spreading on /r/DeepFriedMemes, the format was picked up by /r/dankmemes, where users created variations changing the word "likes" to other things one can "hit." For example, an April 14th, 2018 post changing "likes" to "faculty and staff" gained over 6,300 points (shown below, left). Another post that referenced the Younglings from the Star Wars films gained over 2,000 points (shown below, right).

Teacher: "no pens on tests" Student "can i borrow a pen-" teacher commits suicide* "student visits grave* student: "...cil and a piece of paper" LIKE IF YOU CRIED BLORDWTF This is so sad Can we hit FACULTY AND STAFF Anakin: "I became a Sith Lord..." Padme: "omg I hate you!" *Padme dies of sadness* Anakin: " save you from dying" LIKE IF YOU CRIED This is so sad Can wekl inl

Various Examples

SYRIAN REFUGEES TO THE U.S. 2016 15,479 2017 3,024 2018 U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT This is so sad Can we hit 0 refugees 1角 hey USA you wanna join world war 2 or what nah fam im good too bad, here's pearl harbor anyway This is so sad can we hit HIROSHIMA pewds: "how long is this video?" brad: "9 pewds omg ur so mean I have no more memes to review *pewds commits suicide* brad visits pewds grave* brad "...seconds past 10 minutes" Boy: "How many prizes can lget with my tickets? Chuck E. Cheese: Two..." Boy: "Omg Kills himself Chuck E. Cheese visits grave Chuck E Cheese: hundred LIKE IF YOu CRIED FS Ts Sa SE This is so sad Can we hit 50 likes Deveryone Several people are typing Several people are typing. This is so sad Can we hit 5000,ooo likes

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