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Mating Press

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Mating Press (Japanese: 種付けプレス, Tanetsuke Puresu) is slang for a sexual intercourse position that is similar to the missionary position, except with the male taking on a more aggressive and upright role. The act and references to it became popularized in hentai and Rule 34 communities throughout the 2010s, becoming more well-known in the early 2020s as the term spread online and was referenced in memes.


According to Pixiv Encyclopedia[1], Japanese hentai artist Keita Takatsu (高津ケイタ) coined this word in his Pixiv[2] and Twitter[3] posts on November 4th, 2013. He said in those now-defunct posts, "I call this Tanetsuke Puresu, personally." and "It is a provisional title for my favorite composition or situation because I don't know its proper name. What should we call this?". The artist also explained several essential points of the composition in his illustration (shown below). His posts quickly got shared among otakus on the social networking service due to the quite catchy naming, and the word he coinage has become a de-fact proper name for this composition in hentai subcultures.

種付けプレス と俺は呼んでいる 基本は女の子よりもデカいオッサンにされる ・女の子の身体がオッサンの身体でほぼ見えない かろうじて出た足先がピーンと伸びて痙攣してる ・女の子がオッサンを手で押し退けようとするが 無駄な抵抗である ・オッサンは不潔感溢れてる方が高得点 ・でもマッチョ系にされる事もある 基本的に画面がオッサンで埋まって見苦しい
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A girl gets done this by a bigger old man, basically.
The man's body almost covers the girl's body.
The girl's outstretched toes are getting spastic.
The girl tries to push the man away with her hands, but it's futile resistance.
The more filthy the man is, the higher score he gets.
But sometimes a macho does it.
The screen is basically unsightly as it's filled with the old man.

Meanwhile, on the English internet, an informal definition didn't appear online until 2018 when it was added to Urban Dictionary[4] by user El Fuckface on October 2nd, 2018 (shown below).

y f mating press A sex position commonly seen in hentai and Rule 34 and sometimes p---. It is normally just the Missionary position (albeit exaggerated) from the view of the couple's rear, with the added touch of the penetrator's legs more up on the receiver's legs for "deeper" penetration. It looks as though the penetrator is squating while in the position. This position is commonly seen in breeding/impregnation kinks, with the receiver being skeptical of being pleased/f----- or just being cocky or superior, followed by a female egg being fertilized seconds within seconds of the penetrator c------ despite in reality taking several days or weeks of the woman to actually become fertilized. The receiver is usually crying out in pleasure as a result. A similar position is the Pile Driver. "Man, that view of the mating press really turned me on!" "I did a mating press with my wife and she got pregnant the next day!" by El F------- October 2, 2018


After being used within hentai and Rule 34 communities during the 2010s, the term "mating press" spread to other communities as it became more well-known during the early 2020s. For example, on January 17th, 2020, Twitter user @tripleafrog[5] uploaded a Murray's You're Laughing meme complaining about their ancestors being drawn getting mating pressed, which received 3,000 likes in two years (shown below).

Triple A Frog (Commissions Open) @tripleafrog You're laughing, my ancestors were just drawn getting mating pressed and you're laughing. 5:24 AM · Jan 17, 2020 · Twitter for Android

On August 17th, 2021, Twitter user[6] @TinaFate1 uploaded a meme using the Jack-O Crouch inquiring about what a "mating press" means, earning 2,700 likes in one year (shown below).


Various Examples

mating press MATING PRESS YOU SAY? SOUNDS INTERESTING... TELL ME MORE ABOUT IT SUMMONER. NHKG Omigod omigod omigod Eren just said he cares about me! :D NHKG Man I can't wait to get off work so I can mating press Historia again. MAKE ME A MOTHER I have no joke this time. She's just getting mating pressed. Can uhh someone draw her getting Mating p- pressed?

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