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Spamton G. Spamton

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The following entry contains major spoilers for Deltarune: Chapter 2
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Spamton G. Spamton, usually shortened to just Spamton, is a mysterious character found in Deltarune: Chapter 2. His role in the game changes drastically depending on the player's actions during the game, making Spamton into a mini-boss and merchant up to possibly the main antagonist.[1]


Within the game, Spamton is first met in the Trash Zone, inside Cyber City. He comes up to the character and shows that he knows more than the casual NPC, for he asks to see the players [Heart Shaped Object]. After the fight, he becomes a vendor for the area, selling several items for the currency Kromer. When speaking to the character, he uses CAPS LOCK and often has the word he wants to use censored through a [blocked hyperlink] or similar phrase. His character consistently mentions [BIG SHOT] and wanting to be a big shot, having the player character become a big shot, and the overall theme is attaining freedom. This is best evident in his theme, which was uploaded to YouTube[2] by the channel Palpe on September 17th, 2021, and has over 335k views in 12 days (shown below).

Main Route

In the main route, Spamton does not do anything special until the end of the chapter. While still a vendor, he tells the player that he wishes for more, and that there is a discarded robot under the Queen's mansion that has a disk in it. After the player brings the disk back to him, he downloads himself to the disk, closing the shop forever, and proceeds to go with the player. Once the player returns to the robot, Spamton is uploaded to it and becomes Spamton Neo, attacking the player as a secret boss in a similar vein to Jevil. The player then has to decide between defeating him through combat or actions, and will receive a different end-battle reward based on which way of dealing with him is chosen. On September 22nd, 2021, a Fanart design of the Spamton NEO bossfight was uploaded to KYM by the creator Blueroseplayer[3], who depicted one of Spamton's iconic lines that is said during the fight.


Snowgrave / Weird Route

During the Snowgrave / Weird Route Spamton takes a much more impactful role in the story. While Kris is trying to power up Noelle, Spamton is the one who sells the ring of thorns that is necessary for the completion of the route, and after the route is locked in, Spamton takes control of the Queen's mansion. This sees him effectively turning into the Spamton NEO secret boss fight, but as the final boss of the chapter.


Big Shot

Spamton is known for repeating and being obsessed with the phrase Big Shot, as he used to be one and wants Kris and his group to become Big Shots. His use of Big Shot turned the phrase itself into a referential meme, and screenshots of Spamton have become memes on their own thanks to this phrase, as seen in the meme posted by KnowYourMeme[4] user Autumn Able on September 29th, 2021 (shown below).


Fan Art

There has been an abundance of Spamton fan art made that represents him in various other styles and memes. On September 27th, Twitter[5] user @patientno7 posted a fan art meme of Spamton doing the Cringe Ass Nae Nae Baby pose, earning 25,000 likes in two days (shown below).

Palicnt Not

Spamton Sweepstakes

On September 18th, 2022, creator collective Radio TV Solutions held a 35-minute live broadcast[6] of "Spamton Sweepstakes," a finale for an official Deltarune charity event.[7] In the broadcast, YouTuber wayneradiotv portrayed Spamton A. Spamton, Spamton G, Spamton's identity thief hosting an infomercial broadcast. The broadcast received over 280,000 views in one day (shown below).

In the day following the broadcast, in became a viral subject within the Deltarune fanbase on social media as users discussed it and shared memes (shown below, left and right).

Alex @FIOweyTheFlower THAT'S IT? THAT WAS THE SPAMTON'S SWEEPSTAKES FINALE? THAT WAS JUST AN ANALOG HORROR ABOUT A MAN GETTING KILLED OFF * 9:43 PM. Sep 18, 2022 Twitter for Android cappuccino @TheCappuccino04 can confidently say spamton sweepstakes was simultaneously one of the greatest and also worst things I have ever experienced in my entire life 9:58 PM. Sep 18, 2022. Twitter Web App

Various Examples

yeah kid trust he, trust he Fo i con get unlinited Pobux if i click this link? * It Feels like * WANTS TO SELL ME Someone [[SOMETHING]] e GAY_CARS * [[$#1&]]

Search Interest

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