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Lancer is a character from the indie video game Deltarune created by Toby Fox. He is originally the game's primary antagonist before joining the player's team.


Lancer appears in Deltarune, released October 31st, 2018, as the game's primary antagonist and looks to impede the player's progress to the Dark Fountain in Card Castle.[1] Initially he appears in silhouette before revealing his face. He appears hostile to the player but over the course of the narrative warms up to the player and their party while looking for genuine friendship (gameplay shown below).


The character quickly became popular with fans, inspiring fan art and parodies, particularly of the character's face after joining the player's team near the end of the game. One particularly notable strand of parody compares Lancer's face to that of Handsome Squidward. For example, Tumblr user sirartwork drew the character as Handsome Squidward, gaining over 2,800 notes (shown below, left). Twitter user @alltria posted a GIF of Lancer being hit by a door and turning handsome, much in the same way Handsome Squidward became handsome in Spongebob Squarepants (shown below, right).

Delatrune Lancer drawn as handsome Squidward from Spongebob with a square jaw and high cheekbones gif of Lancer from Deltarune getting hit in the face by a door and turning handsome the same way Squidward turned handsome in Spongebob Squarepants

Fans also parodied Lancer by pairing it with Voldo's stride which some people also call it the "Chad Stride" from SoulCalibur turning Lancer into Chad Lancer. For example, Tumblr user Slan-gyker posted a GIF of several Lancer models walking with the animation (shown below, left). User radicalapollo made a SoulCalibur VI Custom Character parody of Lancer's stride, gaining over 3,500 notes (shown below, right).

Theme Remixes

Lancer's music also grew popular among fans of the game. An extended version of the character's theme was posted to YouTube the day the game was released by user Funny Fox, gaining over 220,000 views (shown below).

Popular remixes of the theme include an edit by Nick Nitro that gained over 147,000 views (shown below, left) and a remix by Noteblock that gained over 60,000 views (shown below, right).

Various Examples

* I' ve only had Lancer for a day and a half. * But if anything happened to him, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself. 午 书

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[1] Deltarune Wiki – Lancer

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A few things of note here:

1. Not every Undertale/Deltarune character needs its own entry. That's making a large and unnecessary amount of child entries for things that are easily generalized under Deltarune.

2. The parody of Lancer's "extravagant walk animation" is unfortunately false. It's a parody of the unusual walk animation of Voldo from Soul Calibur, an already unusual character, which has since been deemed the walk of the "Chad Stride" in animated form in many senses. This goes in line with--

3. The face in and of itself is not a parody. It is a genuine sprite within the game that only shows up ONCE, and that being when Lancer is "invited" into your party at the game's climax. Many liken it to a "Chad Lancer" thus giving him the Voldo animation's "Chad Stride".

On top of being rather incomplete and inaccurate, it's also highly unnecessary and could easily just be a subsection of the main Deltarune entry, along with the other three main characters of Susie, Kris, and Not-Asriel.

Some Buddy
Some Buddy Moderator

Is it safe to say that Lancer is the "Papyrus" of Deltarune?

He's silly, initially against you but later befriends you, has some sort of connection to the royalty (but they're both pretty bad about it), wishes to defeat the protagonist but can't because of his feelings, and he's a fan favorite.

Seems to me like it.


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