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Pokemon According to My Dad

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Pokemon According to My Dad is a series of visual charts designed to survey an outsider's understanding of the Pokemon universe, especially from the perspective of a parent or family member who is largely unfamiliar with, though not completely unaware of, the popular video game and animation franchise. The concept has been since incorporated into fandoms of other media franchises in popular culture, in a similar manner to the What I Know About… series on Tumblr.


One of the earliest examples of the meme was submitted to FunnyJunk[1] in a post titled "Pokemon According to My Mom" on June 18th, 2011. The chart shows a variety of Pokemon all labeled Pikachu with the only exception of the actual Pikachu who is described as "that one yellow mouse thing."

Pokemon according to my Mom: Pikachu Pikachu PikachuPikachuikachu Pikadhu That one Pikachu yellow mouse thing Pikachu Pikachu

The same day, a post titled “Pokemon According to my Dad” was posted to a Tumblr user's since deleted blog. The post gained over 25,000 notes before it was deleted.


On December 23, 2011, Tumblr user peatea64[3] posted an image post titled “Megaman Characters According to My Dad.” As of May 2014, the image has gained over 100 notes. On April 7th, 2012, Tumblr user le-petit-roux[6] posted an image titled “Hetalia According to My Five-Year-Old Brother.” As of May 2014, the post has gained over 1,000 notes (shown below).

HETALIA According to my five year old brother. He has to take He has to nooD He ives upS a shauer. She has to cook. She's in awar. Hesa She's prethy. because he's beacuse of the ealing an apple. uhite flas! model. He looks THATS disapointed. AHERICA! HERO Is he a ninia?aves back-HES SCARY. Her hair is cute. ITS FRANCE Why does he look like Santa? THONAS THE TRAIN! HE HAS A PANDA Is he a ir Helooks ITS FRANNCEE! sassy.

In 2013, at least four derivative images that were posted on garnered over 100 notes, including i-am-the-sassysquatch’s[4] post on Ace Attorney, gaythalia’s[5] post on Tumblr-popular celebrities and therationaldove’s[7] post on Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Notable Examples

wrestler sad pissed off tepig fiery wrestler dude otter otter chinese master where's my stick? don't have your stick puppy schnauzer fat schnauzer mutant prety kittywants a hand-out . thumbs up turd on head mutant pig i dunno i just pooped fabulous fart little pigeon cocky pigeon pheasant reverse zebra fancy zebra fuzzy bat eyeballspiky rock va rock oes you with legs claw on ass cheerleader wearing a costume pretty piggy stick bigger stick sad clown cross-eyedsnarky toad kung-fu lava man two sticks chuppy pickle face petri turd L gater charmander Spike chearpy-chi a poink mamby squirtle toadadile stich blue bleh pamby Flametail and Jigglypuf: Pokemon According to My Mom Pokemon According to Mary Bulbasaur The bigger one. Mommy Charmander Charizard Uhh Charizard Bulbasaur Caterpillar sad Butterfree Horny ry Bumm SQUIRTLE Squirtle caterpillar w/ wings Blastoise caterpillar Pinecone EYEBROW tatatata shake Arbok PIKACHU Ugly the 'heck THEHECK" at WHAT BIRD Pikachu Wiggly puff Wiggly ngry REALLY Radish Drooly Shroom Abomination Jiggly angry bat His Meo Me Tadpole Frog Angry Frog childrern Slowpoke Jellyfish Acooltent OT Hor Horse doesn't that Aww plant Woah Plant SH Painfulpoke BE THERE hurt Henry Living Pokeball Mana ball ROCK SNAKE Metal balls MUD Pu Horsie STAR STAR X2 Mime Taurus BLÄRRGH S WATER HORSE s Scitters Mew Mew ell vee LOOKI CAN DANCE LOOKING Two urple squirrel Purple Purple Dragon Curlypuf Lizard Uamp Sprout Sleepbulb King Flowe


i will be black, like my heart he is orange because idek fall out boy according to my brother by tumblr user street-walking cheetah look at hat boy he's like woah Patrick Stump that's hat boy o-kay.. oh fancy glassesi haven't seen those before omfg he has nice hair but why does everyone these days have a thumb out of their pockets when taking photos uhm i don't know which falling boy this is oh god Puella Magi Madoka Maqica Accordina to My Sister By tumblr user therationaldove Answers provided by tumbir user -okcookies Madoka Kaname Akemi Homura She's not the smartest person ever Very innocent Why is she wearing a princess dress? I feel like she's not a main character, but she's not a minor one either. · . You can't make her laugh. She thinks highly of herself. Always judging everyone Someone needs to get her to smile at some point. Sayaka Miki Mami Tomoe . Really nice. . Just nice and sweet. Is she like a school girl/superhero person? .Idon't know. Doesn't care about much. Not very important to the plot. Looks pretty normal/average. She seems like the most sane out of all of them. Probably a main character. The Men of Tumblr According to my Brother By: Kelsey O'Brien Jensen Ackles He's sexy Reminds me of me Plethora of freckles On Supernatural The show with all the gay guys He's one of the gay guys He plays Dean He makes you cry The Ladies and Lads of Tumblr According to my Father. With commentary by Me. I don't know Dude in a boat. Chick off of the super heroes. Kung Fu Lady Spock Fan

What I Know About

What I Know About X are intentionally low quality slideshow presentations which give bad explanations of what is supposedly the author's knowledge about the specific topic they only had a vague resource to rely on, created to look like Microsoft PowerPoint[1] presentation. Popular on Tumblr, these presentations are often used to explain popular fandoms and TV shows from the perspective of an outsider whose only knowledge of them comes from Tumblr. When seen on Tumblr, they are often titled "What I know about x from my dash," referring to their Tumblr dashboards. Hallmarks of the meme include low quality copy and pasting, randomly placed narration and a comic sans font.

ready-set-rosemary 97 2012-11-08 17:4 what i kno about TEEN OdF from what i've seen on my dash by: someone who has never seen the show b4 'm not putting my nome on here but don't even think about stealing my shit kthu dis is stiles dis is derek hes olways pissed off i'm 98.7% sure that he's gay eart bro he loves stiles 5ever the show is about thm being in lo ulyke teas ur in luck - this show they ere the enly if u lyke wolves o THERE R NO WOLVES IN TEAN WOLF tean wolf is such a misleading name ould just ean be the end wolves on What i know about tean wolf, by me, who has never seen the show #teen wolf #stiles #derek #sterek #omg i'm so ridiculous #for megan thesquirtleshavethephonebox 2012-11-02 00:18 28 what i know about "what i know about from my dash" from my dash i have to put my tumblr name here in grey so u DO NOT STEAL thesquirtleshavethephonebox f iuse comic sans butts t hove one or something i am funny ethey r nice using bullet points idk?????? u will laugh picture of a kitten this is rly oute 3:3 can have notes now venever seen ok "en before ”dk plz this is from the google look ot its tongve FUCKING ADORARE #from my dash #idk #1 should sleep or something the-skytell-over-great-brittana 2012-11-09 18:03 What i know about one direction from my dash By tumblr user the-skyfell-over-great-brittana i dunno if this has been done yet. #one direction #1D #1d #what i know about one direction from my dash #just kidding

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