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What I Know About X are intentionally low quality slideshow presentations which give bad explanations of what is supposedly the author's knowledge about the specific topic they only had a vague resource to rely on, created to look like Microsoft PowerPoint[1] presentation. Popular on Tumblr, these presentations are often used to explain popular fandoms and TV shows from the perspective of an outsider whose only knowledge of them comes from Tumblr. When seen on Tumblr, they are often titled "What I know about x from my dash," referring to their Tumblr dashboards. Hallmarks of the meme include low quality copy and pasting, randomly placed narration and a comic sans font.


One of the earliest slideshows using this approach was posted to Tumblr on October 28th, 2012, by jacknoir-sexual[9], who used the format to explain the webcomic Homestuck from the perspective of his sister, who had never read it.

Homestuck according to my sister who has never read it Rb jacknoir-sexual.tumblr.com The comic itself It makes no fucking sense what is going on CAL help im so confused what


Parody PowerPoint Presentations

Outside of Tumblr, there have been many parodies of stereotypical slideshow presentations. In 2000, the current Director of Research at Google Peter Norvig created a slideshow for the Gettysburg Address.[12] On YTMND[10], there are nearly 30 PowerPoint style pages. The most viewed site[11], which was created in 2006, depicts Obi-Wan Kenobi (a character from the Star Wars series) giving a presentation about what would happen if the Death Star was attacked. On January 23rd, 2012, the non-profit Growing Leaders[14] uploaded a video to their YouTube channel (shown below) on how to not give a PowerPoint presentation, parodying stereotypical over-the-top slideshows. As of March 2014, the video has over 270,000 views.


On November 2nd, 2013, Tumblr user thesquirtleshavethephonebox[15] created a post titled "What I Know About 'What I Know About My Dash" From My Dash" using the format to comment on the format. On November 11th, 2012, Tumblr user JinnyMoose[5] created a similarly meta post titled "What I Know About Tumblr" (shown below), containing a slideshow giving an explanation about Tumblr itself as well as popular topics on the site. In just over a week the post gained more than 35,000 notes, leading JinnyMoose creating a second part on November 15th.[6] Popular Tumblr tags for the slide shows include What I Know[3] and What I Know About.[4]

if u takl lik dis wow ur a co ol pers on!!! first weeks of tumblr: + Upload photo Hello Tumblr! Today was a really good day! The sun was out and birds were chirping. It made me really happy. the n it allf alls apART!!1! Post + Upload photo hopy ShIT wow the SUN FINalaly came out toaday and fuckIN PIRDS MAN the brids were chiprin and wowi crai for like 30 mins bout fuickin birds lol waTS HAPPENing?????????? sahsdkjahaijskhdkasd you'll get a lot of followers if you talk like that i still don't know how. HOMESTUCK yeah it gets its own page too SBUR CURRENTLYOVER7000 PAGES NOONEUNDERSTANDSANYTHING 1THEY TELLYOUTHEY UNDERSTAND THEYARELYING

Notable Examples

ready-set-rosemary 97 2012-11-08 17:4 what i kno about TEEN OdF from what i've seen on my dash by: someone who has never seen the show b4 'm not putting my nome on here but don't even think about stealing my shit kthu dis is stiles dis is derek hes olways pissed off i'm 98.7% sure that he's gay eart bro he loves stiles 5ever the show is about thm being in lo ulyke teas ur in luck - this show they ere the enly if u lyke wolves o THERE R NO WOLVES IN TEAN WOLF tean wolf is such a misleading name ould just ean be the end wolves on What i know about tean wolf, by me, who has never seen the show #teen wolf #stiles #derek #sterek #omg i'm so ridiculous #for megan thesquirtleshavethephonebox 2012-11-02 00:18 28 what i know about "what i know about from my dash" from my dash i have to put my tumblr name here in grey so u DO NOT STEAL thesquirtleshavethephonebox f iuse comic sans butts t hove one or something i am funny ethey r nice using bullet points idk?????? u will laugh picture of a kitten this is rly oute 3:3 can have notes now venever seen ok "en before ”dk plz this is from the google look ot its tongve FUCKING ADORARE #from my dash #idk #1 should sleep or something the-skytell-over-great-brittana 2012-11-09 18:03 What i know about one direction from my dash By tumblr user the-skyfell-over-great-brittana i dunno if this has been done yet. #one direction #1D #1d #what i know about one direction from my dash #just kidding
xxhimrxX+ 2012-11-04 16:40 69 What I know about DUBSTEP WARNING DUE STEP By xxhimrxx It's a music genre Its made with computer-> People don't like basses tho They drop em all the time . There are basses there? I think it's a sport now? This is Skrillex He's the dubstep wub wub ngtherfuckers Dubstep has今lyrics So yech He has a boyfriend? Thar's That is bod dubstep tho It needs to be Oh and if you love dubstep u should jus say u love sknillex everyone will #dubstep #skrillex #what i know about dubstep #presentation #idk man aroseln misery。 2012-11-01 17:42 105 what i know about sherloclk from what i've seen on my dash a presentation by tumblr user aroseinmisery this show is basically sherlock holmes except it's in like modern-day england or whatever this is watson buring teachar girifeiends and HE I DON TEVEN THIS FUCKER WHATEVER LEAPS OFF A MOTHERFUCKING BUILDINS ut then NO WAIT ACTUALLY HE'S ALIVE And everyone IS EVEN MORE CONFUSED and watson's like BITCH HOow you DO DAT e moriarty 'sa bod dude with a severe cate ef the ·ond me fonden is STILL e and no ene hed explaned AFTER BECOMING A FUCKING PANCAK I'm hung over as fuck so I apologize for the absurd nature of this goddamn post #sherlock #bbc sherlock約enedict cumberbatch #time lord #what fucking ever hutcherchristmas 35 2012-11-05 11:3 What I know about Vampire Diaries awesome pic quality g awesome pic based on what I see on my dash there are vampires that's sure wtf Im even doin Idk shit about this I guess from tumblr user katnisfer VAMPIR DIARIES po this is it This is Nine Dovreb It's a series and its a mik f Ghost Whisperer and Twilight I think idek and she is bipolar This is not toe femous but thit şirl is on every fucking place I mean sometimes she's Elena Gilbert and sometines she's Ketherine Pieree The only thing clear here is A VAMPIRE COCKBLOO And the conclussion is . There ore o let of atpt and everyl ships every! it's so mod ong it's like fucking kpop 2 So mony vonpires A VAMPIRE ceal 4. SO MUCH DRAMA Thy want Ama bock bosicolly ell I n end tumbir leves vanpire daries oh and btw everything is ian somesomething and nothing hurts #0ON'T THROW ROCKS AT ME #Vampire Diaries #katnisfer #what I know #katnisferexpli

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