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Meru the Succubus

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Meru the Succubus
Category: Subculture Status: Confirmed Year: 2020 Origin: YouTube Region: United States
Type: Web Series,
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Meru the Succubus
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Meru the Succubus is an adult original video animation (OVA) hentai web series by artists SkuddButt and Meru_Nyaa about a succubus girl named Meru who has her powers taken away by a priest and inhabits the body of a Canadian schoolgirl in order to sleep with virgin boys, regain her powers back and find the priest to get her revenge. The first part of the series was posted online in August 2020 and was followed by four other parts, culminating in a 40-minute-long episode and inspiring fan art, content and memes about Meru. In October 2022, SkuddButt shared that they were having trouble selling Meru as a series.


Meru the Succubus is an original character by artist @meru_nyaa on Twitter,[1] who has posted artwork of Meru as early as September 19th, 2017. Originally, she was named Meruccubus. On November 18th, 2019, Twitter[2] user and artist @skuddbutt posted renderings of a character named Meru the Succubus, writing, "Meru the Succubus is done!! She'll be the main character of my next project," garnering over 10,000 likes in four years (shown below, left). On November 26th, they retweeted[3] the post, announcing that they and @meru_nyaa started production on an original hentai pilot, Meru the Succubus. Skuddbutt shared numerous updates about the animation over the following months, including clips from the series and artwork of Meru (example shown below, right).

Skudd!! @skuddbutt Meru the Succubus is done!! She'll be the main character of my next project! N 8:44 PM - Nov 18, 2019 A--- ... Skudd!! @skuddbutt Meru does the meme MY POWER 3:32 AM Feb 29, 2020 INDE POW ...

On August 7th, 2020, @skuddbutt posted a link on Twitter[4] to a SFW version of the first part of Meru the Succubus. The video has since been deleted. The full, 20-minute long SFW version of the animation was uploaded to the Skudd! YouTube[5] channel on October 28th, 2021, garnering over 3.7 million views in two years (shown below). The full NSFW version, which is around 40 minutes long, was posted to Xvideos and several other adult websites around the same time, gaining over 15 million views.

October 2022 Pilot Statement

On October 7th, 2022, Twitter[6] user @skuddbutt posted a statement about the future of Meru the Succubus, sharing that she's had trouble selling the idea as a series, estimating it would be a $2-4-million project. Skuddbutt writes that they are looking for a solution. The post gained over 14,000 likes in five months (shown below).

Hey, everyone it's Skudd! and at the time of me writing this, it is October which means it has been almost a year since the Meru the Succubus OVA has released!! I first want to start off by saying that the support I have gotten from the OVA has been amazing especially in a time when I was really going through a lot. I want to give everyone an update about the status of Meru the Succubus! The purpose of the Meru the Succubus OVA or “Original Video Animation” was to serve as the pilot episode for the story of Meru! The plan after its release was to pitch this OVA to investors who would be willing to fund the project so that it could at the very least, receive a full season or about 10 episodes of content. So far I've had little luck. Whether the issues lie in the fact that the concept was not creative enough, that it was of course, obviously a hentai project, or the fact that I was a lone individual and not representing a company, I'm not sure. Simply put, I don't have the funds for a season of Meru! It's not as if I'm lacking a story, a script, a team of people willing to help, or millions of viewers who would be excited to watch more, I'm simply lacking the money to pay all these people a living wage! And so the project fell into a hiatus.. I have been trying to come in contact with anyone who would be interested in funding what I estimate to be a 2-4 million dollar project, but as you can imagine, it's really not so easy. Especially when I'm not too thrilled by the idea of any producer sticking their hands in the creative process! I've moved on for the most part.. I went back to my roots, creating models of some of my favorite characters and animating them in new and creative ways! But the lingering thought of knowing that none of this content is actually MINE never fades. I don't want this to sound like some cry for help, but I've really got no idea what to do here! I wouldn't want Meru the Succubus to die simply because I couldn't find the right people to help me. If anyone ever thinks of a solution, I'd really love to hear it! You can message me any time. And of course, if it never works out, it's okay! I still have many other stories to tell :) 10 DOORO www Guo -SKUDD!

Plot Summary

Meru the Succubus is about a succubus who has her powers separated from her by a priest. At the start of the pilot episode, Meru wakes up in the body of a Canadian virgin schoolgirl who she has possessed. Her plan is to find virgin boys to have sex with in order to maintain her host body, regain her powers and find the priest to enact her revenge.

She starts by following a boy home, waking him up and having sex with him, telling him it's a wet dream. His semen gives her some of her powers back, but not all of them. She decides to attend his school the next day to find more virgin boys. She spots a boy named Tyler in a class taught by Mr. Bunn that she targets, although a girl named Erica, who has a crush on Tyler, doesn't want that to happen and tries to keep her from Tyler.

Next, Meru has sex with a group of chess club students. That night, Erica tries to figure out what Meru is, suspecting she's not human because of her red skin. Erica has a sexual fantasy about Tyler. The next day, Meru leaves class, saying she needs to go to the bathroom, then wanders into the boys' locker room. Her pheromones attract the boys, who all have sex with her, allowing her to achieve full power.

Erica walks with Tyler and flirts with him on the football field. Meru, at full power, flies above them and makes a light on the football field. She then levitates Tyler up to her and tells Erica she's "too late" to steal him from her. The teacher, Mr. Bunn, comes out onto the field with a cross and reveals himself to be of "priestblood," telling Erica Meru is a succubus. Erica also learns she has priest blood in her, since she can see Meru as a succubus. Mr. Bunn ends up driving Meru from her host body, a girl named Diana.

Later, Erica explains Meru to Tyler as they sit in a tree. Tyler thanks her for saving him. The animation ends with Meru, now appearing as a sort of fairy, talking with other succubus' in the same form, her "master" scolding her for failing.

Online Presence

Since it was announced, Meru the Succubus has inspired fan art, memes and content on sites including Twitter, DeviantArt[7][8] and Newgrounds[9] (examples shown below).


On August 1st, 2021, YouTuber[10] aspanger posted a bait-and-switch meme using the animation, garnering over 905,000 views in two years (shown below).

On January 25th, 2023, TikToker[11] @itsjp69 posted a video where he watches the animation until he gets "bricked up," claiming he passed without getting bricked up, garnering over 167,000 views in two months (shown below).

@itsjp69 Replying to @bigburlyballs2004 watching meru the succubus until I get bricked up #fyp #xyz #comedy #viral #meruthesuccubus ♬ Kyomi's Lullaby – REPULSIVE

Search Interest

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