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Total Drama is a Canadian animated television series produced by Fresh TV, which also makes the related and similar shows 6Teen and Stoked, which airs on Teletoon in Canada and on Cartoon Network in the United States. There are currently four seasons of the show: Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, Total Drama All-Stars, Totals Drama Pahkitew Island, Total Drama Presents the Ridonculous Race and it's upcoming series Total DramaRama. The Total Drama series is supposedly intended for tween audiences, but contains some highly questionable content for such young audiences and is very popular with older teenagers and adults. The show is known for its highly prominent online fanbase, which is characterized primarily by character worship and shipping, and has produced innumerable pieces of fan art and fan fiction.


The show was initially conceived under the original title of "Camp TV".
To date, the series consists of seasons Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, Total Drama All-Stars, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race, and a upcoming season called Total DramaRama.


The series revolves survival programs by recounting the misadventures at Camp Wawanakwa, an island retreat where 22 teens compete in extreme challenges while vying for the $100,000 grand prize. Every three days, at a campfire ceremony, the host passes out marshmallows to players who are safe. The sad camper who doesn't get a marshmallow must walk down the Dock of Shame to the Boat of Losers, which will bear him back to his mundane life.


As of 2011, the first season has been shown in over 188 countries while the entire franchise has been seen in at least 100. The series has received incredible ratings, ranking #1 for the under-14 age group base throughout the series airing period on Cartoon Network. The series also has very involved fans who keep talking about the series throughout various online communities, while also inspiring them to create their own fanart and fanfictions. Cake Entertainment, the main distributor of the series, calls the show "phenomenally popular", while the creator of the series said that "For tweens around the world, Total Drama is more than just a parody of a reality show. It's THEIR reality show".

The Dock of Shame

The Dock of Shame refers to a series of memes based on a memorable scene from the 2007 animated reality show series Total Drama in which characters get eliminated and sent to the "dock of shame" from which they depart from the show. Starting in June 2020, the fictional location saw frequent use in memes, mainly through the efforts of an eponymous gimmick Twitter account.

Dock Of Shame 000 @FavDockOfShame Sans has been eliminated and sent to the Dock of Shame! 1:06 PM · Jun 4, 2020 · Twitter Web App Dock Of Shame 000 @FavDockOfShame You have been eliminated and sent to the Dock of Shame! 12:34 PM · Jun 4, 2020 · Twitter Web App Dock Of Shame @FavDockOfShame Maps has been eliminated and sent to the Dock of Shame! 3:10 PM · Jun 20, 2020 · Twitter for Android

Character Promo Parodies

"Characters Promo Parodies" are popular videos that edited some of the campers that have edited to other TV and movie characters and became popular on YouTube.

Elimination Order

Elimination is the process in the Total Drama series where a contestant is removed from the competition, often occurring after they are voted for by the other members of their team or merged contestants. Eliminations usually occur during a Campfire, Awards, or Barf Bag Ceremony. Chris will hand out a marshmallow, Gilded Chris Award, or barf bag to the contestants who are safe, and whoever doesn't receive one is eliminated. Sometimes, no awards are handed out to anyone at all. Generally, elimination ceremonies happen after nightfall.

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Crimson Locks
Crimson Locks

Hmmm, this is the first I've heard of this show and it's popularity on the internet. Before now, the only time I've seen anything about this was when I saw commercials on Cartoon Network. Personally, I thought the show looked terrible and seemed like a bad attempt to market a cartoon geared towards preteens/teens. Even the animation just looks like Danny Phantom gone terribly wrong. But, seeing as this show does apparently have an internet following I guess I'll give this show the benefit of the doubt and give it a go sometime.


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