The Girl Reading This

The Girl Reading This

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She's Beautiful. Who Is? The Girl Reading This is a phrase featured in image macros intended to surprise a girl seeing the image by breaking the fourth wall and calling her beautiful. It became the subject of ironic iterations in the mid-2010s due to its cringeworthy nature.


The phrase has appeared in various iterations for several years. For example, an image employing the concept was tweeted on June 5th, 2012 by @RileyRainbow01[1] (shown below).

OU MAD BRO S(hes) Br(ok)en Rileyrainbow101 Follow Hey.So There's this girl shes beautiful Sweet Funny Amazing Unique And She's Reading this right now:) HEY, SO THERES THIS GIRL. SHES BEAUITFUL, SWEET, FUNNY AMAZING, UNIQUE, AND SHES READING THIS RIGHT NOW. HpLyrikz Tumblr

Ironic iterations began being posted a few years later. On September 19th, 2015, Weird Facebook page Unexpected Memes posted a version where the phrase was posted with a picture of John Cena, gaining about 1,300 likes and reactions (shown below).

So, There's This Girl She's Beautiful CeNationWorld And She's Reading This Right No


Increasingly ironic versions of the image macro began appearing more frequently over the following years. On June 5th, 2017, Facebook page Infinite Doggo Memes[2] published a version which featured a white dog saying the phrase (shown below, left). Another version which featured various famous Let's Players circulated around various cringe-related subreddits at the beginning of 2017 and was compiled by Mututally.[3]

o, there's this gir he's beautiful nd she's reading t hi Right now God Mark she is I knowright! She's gorgeous beautiful! PrettieSt thingolVe ever seen! Damn she's hot Guys, gues dong ight now She's reading this

The meme also some variations where the compliment was changed to an insult. On May 12th, 2017, Instagram account sofishticated_ uploaded an edit of the John Cena version which flipped the message, gaining over 980 likes (shown below, left). Another version posted by Instagram user 35k._ changed the punchline to Smash The Like gained 68 likes (shown below, right).

There's this girl She's ugly ast eCeNationWorld nd she's reading this right now So there's this gir She's beautiful And she SMASHING THAT M LIKE BUTTON R

Various Examples

SHE'S BEAUTIFUL WHO? THEGIRL READING THIS She's beautiful The oirl readina this shes beautiful lhe gifl reading this There's a pretty gir She's reading it shes beautiful MVOL who the girl who's reading this SO THERE'S THIS GIRL THIS BEAUTIFUL GIRL AND SHE'S READING THIS RIGHT NOW

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External References

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