TikTok Rizz Party Carnival Boys meme from TikTok.

TikTok Rizz Party "Carnival" Boys

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The TikTok Rizz Party "Carnival" Boys refers to a group of teenage boys at a Sweet 16 party singing and dancing to the song "Carnival" by Kanye West, featuring Rich the Kid and Playboi Carti, with one boy wearing a blue tie leading the group. The viral video spread on TikTok in early 2024 as many people likened it to the TikTok Rizz Party meme, essentially labeling the boys as cringe. Others called it the "Fortnite Rizz Party." As the meme spread, the so-called Blue Tie Kid was later revealed to be 16-year-old Sebastian Sarmiento whose TikTok account was @seby_261. Another kid nicknamed Turkish Quandale Dingle also gained his own memes.


On March 10th, 2024, TikToker[1] @islandentertainment posted a video of a group of boys at "Jillian’s sweet 16" dancing and singing to the song "Carnival" by Kanye West, featuring Rich the Kid and Playboi Carti. Over three weeks, the video received roughly 46.3 million plays and 6.5 million likes (shown below).

In the days that followed, @islandentertainment posted more TikToks[2] from "Jillian’s sweet 16" with the same group of boys, gaining viral attention as well.

@islandentertainment The boys showing how its done at Jillian’s sweet 16. #carnival #playboycarti #kayne #sweet16 #nycdj #statenisland #mitzvah #wedding #foryou #newjersey #nj #njdj #brooklyn #queens #longisland ♬ CARNIVAL (feat. Rich The Kid, Playboi Carti) – ¥$ & Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign & Rich The Kid & Playboi Carti


Going into March 2024, creators started to use the video by adding captions to it and reediting it. An early, viral example was posted by TikToker[3] @spazzgonwildd on March 14th, 2024, who used the quote "last night was a movie bro," gaining over 826,800 plays and 58,500 likes in 18 days (shown below, left).

On March 25th, TikToker[4] @nyaitsinisannyaarigato0 highlighted a boy on the video's left side who was seemingly "trying to fit in," receiving over 3 million plays and 362,600 likes in a week (shown below, right).

@spazzgonwildd 😂 #fyp #fypシ #fypシ゚viral #blowup ♬ original sound – the rula

@nyaitsinisannyaarigato0 HELP #fyp #promboy #carnival #sweet16 #carnivalsong #funny #fy #foryou #viral #viralvideo #blowup #dontflop #dontletthisflop ♬ STOP DROWNING PLUSHIES – Time to drink water

On March 27th, 2024, TikToker[5] @nerdyfemcel posted a video that likened the boys to the "TikTok Rizz Party" meme, gaining over 1.5 million plays and 160,800 likes in five days (shown below, left).

On March 28th, TikToker[6] @churrquavion posted a similar video that used a Red Circle to highlight the TikTok Rizz Party poster, gaining over 8.4 million plays and 905,000 likes in four days (shown below, right).

@nerdyfemcel "last night was so lit dude!!!" ahh party #carnival #meme #funny #notforyou ♬ original sound – 🦴 ari

@churrquavion wtf is this #real #foryou #fypシ #fyp ♬ Tiktok Rizz Party – Churr🥏

Fancam edits of the boys surfaced en masse going into April 2024, like one posted by TikToker[7] @jjitcrazy on April 1st, 2024, that centered on a different boy from the party, gaining over 150,200 plays and 20,800 likes in less than a day (shown below).

@jjitcrazy #tiktokrizzparty #edit ♬ original sound – jjitcrazy

Blue Tie Kid / Sebastian Sarmiento

On March 22nd, 2024, TikToker[8] @seby_sarms posted a photo slideshow in which he revealed himself as the Blue Tie Kid in the viral video, receiving over 2.6 million plays and 137,500 likes in 10 days (since deleted). He posted m--ore viral TikToks[9] on the topic but his account was later banned, likely due to mass reporting from trolls and spammers.

On April 4th, 2024, he started posting to a new account, @seby_261, earning over 2.1 million plays in one day for his first TikTok[10] on the account (shown below).

@seby_261 #duet with @Teacher White #teacher #carnival#tiktokrizzparty ♬ original sound – Teacher White

Turkish Quandale Dingle

Another kid a part of the friend group was nicknamed Turkish Quandale Dingle, a reference to the meme character Quandale Dingle concerning he shape of the boy's nose. The most viral videos of Turkish Quandale were uploaded to TikTok in mid-March 2024 and were popularized in early April through video edits and memes expanding on the fictional lore of Turkish Quandale Dingle.

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