Top lewd memes 2022.

KYM Review: Top 10 Lewd Memes Of 2022 (That Will Get You Bonked)

As the year comes to a close, the ordinary meme enthusiast may ask what meme made them laugh the hardest. The sophisticated meme gentleman, however, has a different question at the forefront of their mind — "What meme got me the horniest?"

Whatever you're into, 2022 probably had a viral lewd meme for you to love, propelling everything from clown girls and Chainsaw Man waifus to viral status. In no particular order, here are our top lewd memes of the year.


NSFW Bowling Animations

A series of NSFW animations parodying bowling lane strike animations, including one specific animation where a bowling ball blows a pin away with its impressive … "power."

  • Month: April
  • How It Started: In November 2021, an animator shared a video on Twitter inspired by a series of viral bowling alley strike screen parodies in which a bowling ball rolls up to the pins and absolutely obliterates one with its fluids. The animator posted the video again five months later and it really took off, gaining over 63,000 likes and starting a massive trend.
  • How It Unraveled: The video received tons of reposts across the web and inspired memes and fan art referencing it. It awoke something strange in many, who suddenly found themselves revved up for bowling pins and balls. In a matter of weeks, Twitter was filled with fan art depicting the pin and ball.


A series of videos of the male adult star Dreamybull flamboyantly yelling that he's "about to cum," which phonetically sounds a lot like "ambatukam!"

  • Month: February
  • How It Started: In February, Indonesian TikTokers took a specific interest in the funny way that Dreamybull says "ambatukam" in his videos and started sharing mostly SFW versions and edits of the videos on the platform. The videos soon spread to the West as viewers became obsessed with figuring out who this man is and turning his clips into memes.
  • How It Unraveled: Ambatukam videos continued to grow in popularity for months. The audio clips were remixed with songs, including the $uicideBoy$ song, "And To Those I Love" and compilations of the videos started going viral on YouTube. It even spread to 4chan, gaining surprising viral spread beyond TikTok.

Kobeni's Contract With The Sloppy Blowjob Devil

Memes and fan art imagining a world where Kobeni from Chainsaw Man made a contract with the "sloppy blowjob devil" that lets her give the sloppiest toppy imaginable.
with mématic WHAT IF Kobeni's devil contract just lets her give the sloppiest head in existence haha i think that should be canon

  • Month: October
  • How It Started: The first meme imagining Kobeni signing a contract to let her give the sloppiest toppy imaginable was posted to iFunny in April 2021 and inspired a couple of memes over the following months. In September, one of the memes was posted to Twitter, where it then gained thousands of likes and marked the start of a trend.
  • How It Unraveled: The meme hit its peak around October as people started posting increasingly horny memes referring to Kobeni's sloppy blowjob contract, propelling it into mainstream memedom.

The Belly Press Thing and The Knee Thing

  • Month: July, September
  • How It Started: In July, TikTokers started sharing purposefully context-free videos about "the knee thing," captioning the videos with things like, "When she knows the knee thing 😩." The knee thing is a sexual technique mostly used by lesbians where you press your knee down on a woman's inner thigh or groin while making out. The knee thing saw a huge surge in search interest as TikTokers kept sharing videos alluding to it.
  • How It Unraveled: The knee thing helped pave the way for further TikTok "thing" videos, most notably "the belly press thing," another sexual technique that involves pushing on the lower belly to stimulate a female partner. The vagueness of the videos coupled with a sexual angle often made for viral videos on TikTok and helped educate millions on sex techniques they never knew they needed.

One Piece Cock Edits

Photoshops of One Piece characters with magnum dongs.

  • Month: August
  • How It Started: The earliest One Piece cock edits date back to 2020, but the meme didn't see significant virality until around August this year when they helped spawn The One Piece Is Real format. The memes were largely popularized by the /r/CockPiece subreddit, a forum dedicated to such images.
  • How It Unraveled: The memes became the centerpiece of the "One Piece is real" meme, which hinges on videos that cut between specific One Piece images that have had viral cock edits made of them. Some of the memes use these edits, carefully cropping them to hide the "piece" just before it's revealed.
Mom found the one piece cock edits

Horny Satsuki

A viral Kill la Kill animation where Satsuki admits that she's horny and needs someone to take care of it for her that became an exploitable format in which Satsuki asks all the wrong people to fulfill her request.
  • Month: October
  • How It Started: In June, animator @suoiresnu posted an original, NSFW Kill la KIll animation to Twitter where Satsuki asks Gamagori to help her solve her horniness, resulting in a very steamy scene between the two. In October, YouTuber Ethan's Cartoons posted a SFW edit replacing Gamagori with Squidward, gaining over 77,000 views and a repost on Twitter that gained over 40,000 likes in two months.
  • How It Unraveled: The Squidward edit sparked a domino effect as editors on Twitter, YouTube and other social media made new edits replacing Gamagori with the most absurd, arguably unappealing characters possible.


A character from the Cyberpunk Edgerunners anime that gained massive virality in fan art and memes.
  • Month: September
  • How It Started: Cybernetic character Rebecca was introduced in episode three of Edgerunners_, the anime series based on the "_Cyberpunk 2077": video game. Many viewers instantly fell in love with the character and started giving her the fan art treatment online, resulting in lots of SFW (and NSFW) artwork depicting her, as well as references in memes.
  • How It Unraveled: The character sparked a little controversy and some arguments as some people thought she was drawn like a loli, but those accusations were largely drowned out by the sheer buckets full of fan art that the internet created about her in September and the months following, solidifying her as one of the most popular waifus of 2022.
David.....why are you here.... CALL P 무 20 GYER WEYAN KAYUR ㅁ 세계

Minecraft Jenny Mod

A mod for Minecraft that adds a character named Jenny who you can give items in exchange for a very specific type of "service."

  • Month: July
  • How It Started: While Minecraft Jenny was first designed by artist SlipperyT in 2019, inspiring the mod (released in late 2020) it wasn't until this year when searches for the mod and character really took off as TikTokers shared videos of it, cutting away before any of the NSFW stuff. It also got a big boost when iShowSpeed got banned from YouTube for playing the mod during a stream.
  • How It Unraveled: Minecraft Jenny inspired a lot of fan art, animations and videos in which users play around with the mod. Some people do the obvious with her, while others take her on adventures that usually end in her demise. Jenny was so popular this year, in fact, that she was the number two most searched video game character on PornHub in 2022. What a world.

Geiru Toneido / Ace Attorney Clown Girl

Fan art and memes about a clown girl with balloon boobies that appears in the Ace Attorney series, awakening a love of clussy in far too many.
  • Month: June
  • How It Started: In June, animator Speedoru posted a fan Ace Attorney animation featuring Geiru Toneido, a clown character who appears in the series. In the animation, she adjusts her suspenders and Miles Edgeworth gets very horny for her.
  • How It Unraveled: The video (and screenshots from it) gained viral spread that month, inspiring a surge of fan art and memes about the oddly enticing clown girl.

He / She Wants to Order

A redraw format that combines two of the most beloved things on the internet — big butts and fast food.
She wants to order. @baxmax11

  • Month: July / August
  • How It Started: In July, now-deleted Twitter user @yochtclub posted a photo in which another user, @dantesancerre, is leaning over him from the passenger side of a car to order fast food, a caption across the image reading, "he wants to order." The image was then reposted across social media.
  • How It Unraveled: Over the following weeks, the "he wants to order" meme became one of the most popular redraw formats of the year. Artists from all corners of the web came together to draw their favorite characters and OC characters bending over to order, giving everyone a perfect excuse to draw their faves' butts.
Mis l $4.20 She wants to order. 10

Honorable Mentions

Tommy Lee's Dick Pic

In August, the internet was given a massive shock when Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee posted a full frontal dick pic on all his social media accounts. It's nothing the average Crüe fan hasn't seen before, but the sudden, unabashed sharing of the pic got big reactions from the internet and inspired more than a few memes celebrating the event.

GELES VAMA I survived the Tommy Lee dong post of 2022 34143

Gandalf Big Naturals

This past April, an Instagram user shared a photoshop of Gandalf from Lord of the Rings with big naturals. Naturally, the image got really big on Tumblr in November and inspired a lot more photoshops of the great wizard with large mommy milkers. If you've never thirsted over Gandalf before, here's your chance.

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