And Then The Whole Bus Clapped

And Then The Whole Bus Clapped

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"And then the whole bus clapped" ("the entire train applauded", "everyone stood up and cheered", etc.) is a phrase associated with stories posted online, typically on Tumblr or Facebook, in which the teller or another person allegedly gains admiration of the surrounding public, usually after defending someone from social injustice. The line is often considered a giveaway sign of a fabricated story, or used sarcastically to express doubt or disbelief, similarly to and often together with "X's name? Albert Einstein!"


Exact origins of this phrase are unclear. According to Urban Dictionary, a similar phrase, "and the bus driver stood up and started clapping", originated from Poland.[1] The earliest known example of a story featuring applauding bus passengers was posted on July 28th, 2012 by reddit user Robert_Hoduin[2] The post, entitled "The Bus Knight", gained over 21,306 points (97% upvoted) and 1439 comments. In the comments it was claimed to have been posted the day before on Facebook.[9]

35 subscribers OH MY GOD. IJUST WITNESSED THE SINGLE GREATEST MOMENT IN HUMAN HISTORY On a bus, heading home from the city I am greeted by an incredibly nice Russian-sounding bus driver with a smile on his face. About 4 stops later (in the valley, of course) a bogan hops on with his skanky (I assume) girifriend. (May have been sister. May have been both.) Naturally, he does not have the money for a bus, so of course The Bogan (Henceforth referred to as S----Skull) blames the bus driver Using all manner of racial slurs, loud profanities and general offensive douchbagery, S----Skull proceeds to be a a------ and make the entire bus shuffle uncomfortably in their seats. All except one man. Ah, this man. I wish I could BE this man, this average looking hero that stepped up to defend the poor bus driver Look mate, he's just doing his job. How's about you calm down and leave the driver alone. It's no t his fault you can't pay." The logic of the situation made a slight whistling noise as it passed over S---- Skull's head. We could see the Tonka Truck gears dunk and grind in this mans underdeveloped cranium. Calm...down? It must be a challenge! "Are you try'na start met You wanna go me you kingYo nna fing go me?" Ah truly the words of a poet. But not even Oscar Wilde himself could have predict the Batman-esque reaction of: Yeah, actually. Let's do this. Off the bus." You could hear a penny drop as the 256mb brain inside S----Skull's s----- little skull ticked over. Finally the judging eyes of the bus coupled with the high-pitched, slurring voice of his sister-daughter telling him to "take him and (quoting directly) "don't take none that s--- babe" convince them both to step off the bus ready to fight. Calmer than a monk on morphine, our hero turns to the bus driver, simply says "shut the door mate", AND WALKS BACK TO HIS M------------ SEAT. The bus driver shut the door, drove away, and the entire bus ERUPTED. We were dlapping, we were cheering, I gave S----Skull the finger out the window and Im pretty sure people hugged. T:dr: Thank you stranger, for making humans okay in my book Unlike Comment Share You lke this.


On May 18th, 2013, Facebook user Ricky Ghansah posted a story of his alleged encounter with a racist on a bus in Helsinki, in which he claimed to have received a round of applause after making the racist appologise aloud.[4] This was later reported in several Finnish publications, such as the pro-minorities blog Migrant Tales[5] and the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.[6] Some people doubted the validity of Ghansah's story, alluding to similarities between it and the earlier Bus Knight story.

The man, who had called Ghansah racist names, came up to him and thanked him for buying the ticket. He told the man that his show of gratitude doesn't mean much to him but if he apologized that would. The man then apologized for his behavior. Ghansah asked if he could apologize a little louder so the whole bus could hear him. He did and the bus passengers clapped their hands in approval at what had happened. It was a very effective way to handle such a horrible situation. A woman passenger who sat next to Ghansah said that he had handled the situation very well.

In June 2015, Tumblr blog andthewholebusclapped[7] was launched, which collected various Tumblr posts containing stories that appeared fake, usually adding sarcastic "and everyone clapped"-type comments to the reblogs.

I started this bog, and then the whole bus clapped! THE WHOLE BUS CLAPPED → months ago (188 notes) reginaevilqueenmills: I just got into a fist fight because someone said Nicki minaj was a "slut" andI may have a black eye now but at least I defended my feminist mom and the whole crowd of bystanders clapped (Source: scullyorgana)

Various Examples

tryingtofindthegreatperhaps: nightofthelivingdeadpoetssociety: nightofthelivingdeadpoetssociety: i was standing on the bus back from uni and the driver suddenly braked really hard and this girl like flew across the bus and somehow i caught her and without thinking i said 'i think you just fell for me' and i s--- you not the entire bus applauded me NEWS UPDATE the girl has just added me on facebook dude, you got mad game. Putting this as a submission because ask has a character limit Thin privilege is everyone believing you when you say you're pregnant. I was on a train a few weeks back and I happened to be sitting next to a "larger lady" (she was about size 16 ish, from what I could see of the clothes she was re-folding in her shopping bag, not that that's really relevant) who'd just been treating herself and had bought some maternity clothes. I ended up striking up a conversation with her about baby things, when she was due, how difficult it is to find affordable childcare etc (I used to babysit my neighbour's kids in the holidays while they worked for cheap because they couldn't afford childcare and things) and at the next station this woman with her four-year-old boy got on the train, and she started staring at the woman expectantly as I was sorting my bags out to move aside for them. In fact, even though I got up and there was a spare seat next to mine that the boy was sat in this woman went up to the lady l'd been speaking to and said Why don't you stand? You're perfectly able to, you're just lazy I'm rather proud to say that I flipped my s--- at this point and called the fat-shaming person an ignorant slob, said the woman was pregnant and so couldn't stand, nor was she obliged to for "a selfish, middle- upper class and perfectly able-bodied woman such as yourself, and said "I got up to offer you my seat either you sit in it or I'Il sit down and you can stand. After all you're perfectly able to, you're just lazy," I genuinely didn't expect the entire carriage to applaud me for standing up to that woman but I was rather proud of myself for having done so. Apparently some London commuters dislike thin privilege too TAGS hin privrilege fat discrimination bodr policing seating double standards submission I almost got into a fight on the bus today Two guys were holding hands And someone was like Shielding their child who was looking So the guys stopped And I said "No, f--- that. Don't do that. Hold his hand" And she said "I don't want my child seeing that" I stood up and said "What? Love? Oh, how horrible. What a terrible thing for your child to see." And I said to the kid These two men love each other and that's ok, no matter what anyone tells you." And the bus cheered As I was getting off at my stop, one of the guys came to me and was tearing up And he said thanks And I said "Don't thank me. Seriously. This nonsense of thanking people for being decent humans needs to stop. You're welcome, though" Like Comment 9 minutes ago 6 people like this.

Guy on train: I'd f--- you if you didn't have so many tattoos. Me: *turns up music* Guy: I said I'd f--- you if you didn't have so many tattoos! Me: *takes off headphones* Leave. Me. Alone. Guy: Why the f--- do you have so many tattoos? Me: Guy: Are you f------ deaf as well as a piece of trash? Lady by door: Hey. Leave her alone. Guy: Are you her trash girlfriend? F------ d----, all tattooed like f------ men. Disgusting waste of p----. Lady: *moves forward, carefully moves jacket so only I can see the badge on her belt* Are you okay? Me: Fine. Just wish he'd go away. Lady cop: I can make that happen Guy: Oh, yeah, bitch? Who the f--- are you? I'll kill you! Lady cop: And that's what I was waiting for. *grabs guy, holds him against the door* Harassing women on the train was enough, but you just threatened a cop. You're battin' a thousand tonight. Entire train: *applauds* 30,992 notes tuhmblr-logic ulTaTb On the bus and some white lady is reading a book called White privilege, I repeat. Riding the public bus, white, and reading a book called white privilege. Irony? Did the whole bus clap for her?? not even surprised 10 3aMeTOK 31 OOLI 5:58 Kalen I was sitting on the bus the other day and at the back of the bus was a lesbian couple holding hands an giggling to each other. an elderly woman came an sat beside me an mumbled to herself "disgusting homosexuals". I then turned to her and say "im gay". she shouted "Driver stop the bus and make this homosexual move away from me'. the driver (a big Jamaican man) stopped the bus an pointed towards where me an the woman were sitting and said "you off the bus" at first I thought he was talking to me, when I questioned if it was me he was asking to get off the bus he replied "No her" and pointed at the woman. and the driver said "My son is gay and l will not allow homophobes on my bus, and the bus will not move till your off. the woman then got off the bus and said "your all going to hell" which the driver replied to by saying well I'l see you there as your not getting into heaven if you cant even accept that some people are gay". he then closed the bus doors and drove off

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Mistress Fortune
Mistress Fortune

My main issue with this phrase is it seems people on some sites are way too doubting of even stories that sound like they're really not THAT out there. For example I saw people using this phrase on a post recently about a professor who fooled their class by pretending to be a student first because said professor is young, and I immediately said "I'm honestly bothered people are calling bullshit on this because I can tell you for a fact some professors do this; my psychology professor was one who did this the first day of class, for one."

Like I get using this phrase for stories that sound clearly fake ("I told an entire group of skinheads to fuck off and they did, and I was given the key to the city because of it"), but it's getting to where some people act like almost literally everything on the internet is made up. Like I might as well be made up for all you know, I'm just a made up person whose posts you imagine seeing everyday and everyone around you think you're crazy for thinking the transgender inflation fetishist is real.

[and because sarcasm isn't always clear on the internet: the last sentence was a joke by the way]


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