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Anonymous Asexual is a webcomic series that explores various issues of the LGBTQ+ community created by artist Luna Tiny. Starting in mid-2018, several of Anonymous Asexual comics gained popularity as exploitables, with the dialogues said by the characters replaced by commercials, song lyrics and other copypastas. In ironic meme communities, the webcomic is often referred to as Toothpaste Hair.


On February 11th, 2015, Tumblr[1] artist Luna Tiny[11] posted the first webcomic[12] in the Anonymous Asexual series (shown below, left). In this and the following comics, a self-inseted version of the author addressed such topics as LGBTQ+, cyberbullying and artistic struggles, with the protagonist usually expressing their opinions through engaging with other characters, with the main antagonistic character referred to as Anon (examples shown below).

So, you don't like sex? That's unfortunate. Well, perhaps for you, but not for me. WHAT?! Surely you must be joking!! Sex is the best thing in the world- and if you haven't tried it, how can you know it isn't amazing? You just haven't met the right guy! You must not be telling me everything- what is it? Do you have a d---? Were you abused? That's gotta be it! You were abused and now you don't trust anyone! no. Oooo00or © Zunaliny It's a boy!!! I have to Alright. be fair Ok, I about guess. this one. Just don't get p----- If you want to have a if your gender kid realizes reveal party, they aren't the gender that's fine. don't, that's cool If you assigned them to you too. later in life. Lunatiny Hey. if you're not a girl AND you wear a binder, why do you draw yourself with BOOBS? You DO realize literally EVERYONE has some form of fat or muscle on their chests, right? n.

Starting in June 2018, Anonymous Asexual comics gained notoriety online and became a subject of criticisms and mockery, being shared by users on 4chan's /co/ board,[2] iFunny,[3] Twitter,[4] Reddit[5] and other platforms. For example, a June 3, 2018, /co/[2] thread received over 180 replies (shown below, left). A June 8th, 2018, tweet[4] by Count Dankula received over 730 retweets and 5,700 likes (shown below, center). Before June 7th, 2018, an unknown user posted the first known edit of the comic (Imgur[13] repost shown below, right).

Anonymous Sun 03 Jun 2018 18:59:26 No.100906270 View Reply Original Report Quoted By: >>100906300 >>100906321 >>100906584 >>100906585 >>100906624 >>100906707 >>100906740 >>100906742 >>100906818 >>100906986 >>100907338 >>100907406 >>100907778 >>100907858 >>100907918 Me controv >>100907983 >>100908225 >>100908420 >>100908775 >>100908882 >>100909382 >>100912153 Are you brave enough to stand against nasty comments and death threats to make your comic? tth chthes Anonymous Sun 03 Jun 2018 19:01:44 No.100906300 Report Quoted By: >>100906355 Zitny nhongou-oeantumhir oem >>100906270 441KIB, 1280x1600, >when your strawman is your imaginary boyfriend tumblr_p866bbok4H1undt0io1_1280.jpg View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO + Anonymous Sun 03 Jun 2018 19:03:00 No.100906321 Report Quoted By: >>100906355 >>100907838 >>100910620 >>100906270 >being such a narcissist that you give yourself a full fleshed out character design and draw everyone else as those blob creatures from that one Fairly Odd Parents episode Count Dongula🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @CountDankulaTV · Jun 8, 2018 You ever cringed so hard that you had to call an ambulance? oh hun isn't it nice to have deadname home again? it's luna mom we've talked about this anyways isn't it nice to have her them whatever anyways gender fluid pansexual It's a gay transgender I have to Alright. Ok, I be fair about guess. this one. Just don't get p----- If you want to cut your if people penis off have a problem with you forcing your that's fine. idealogy onto childen If you don't, that's cool and preventing them from living a too. normal life Lunatiny


Prior to September 13th, 2018, an unknown user posted OK So Basically I'm Monky meme based on an Anonymous Asexual's comic "It's a Boy!" (shown below, left). The meme received viral spread online, being reposted on Instagram,[6] Reddit[7] and other platforms in the following weeks. On September 17th, 2018, Instagram and iFunny[8] user StDabbers posted a voiced version of the meme, also posting a revamped version[9] of the edit on September 23rd (shown below, right). The video received over 89,100 views on Instagram, with a YouTube[10] reupload gaining over 230,400 views in one year.

It's a boy!! Basically Monky

In the following months, "It's a Boy!" and other comics by Anonymous Asexual gained popularity as exploitables, used in memes in /r/okbuddyretard subreddit, on iFunny and Instagram. For example, a September 15th, post by Redditor[14] EDiggityDupz received over 9,500 upvotes in six months (shown below, left). A November 26th, meme by Redditor[15] Cornycash received over 5,900 upvotes in six months (shown below, right).

It's a boy!!! So.. Ok. حمار Basically. It's a boy!!! ... OK So Basically Minecraft BMW Car Mod YouTube

Starting in September 2019, "You Must Really Hate Your Body" comic by Anonymous Asexual gained notable popularity in dubbed edits on Instagram, Twitter and iFunny. In the edits, the dialogues said by the characters were replaced by commercials. The earliest known version of the subformat ("New Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries") was posted by YouTuber E Lopez in Discord[16] on September 16th. The video was later reuploaded by E Lopez on YouTube[17] (shown below, left). On January 2nd, Twitter[18] user @ifollowincels used a commercial for the Lego City Rescue Helicopter in their edit, spawning the viral A Man Has Fallen Into the River in Lego City meme (reupload shown below, right).

The edit prompted a surge in popularity of both video and image edits based on Anonymous Asexual comics in January 2020.

Various Examples

It's a boy!! So. Ok. We Basically. Did ... It It's a boy!!! So Ok basically THEY DID SURGERY ON A GRAPE They They did did They did surgery ona grape surgery on THEY DID SURGERY ON A GRAPE Surgery aclnam a grape Led by sameliveautd and 541 others cooke dd y onagr They did surgery on a grape 21 hours ago Funnyjunk It's a boy!!! (So.. Ok. Quiet, Toothpaste Boy!
It's a boy!!! What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner and a society who abandons him and treats him like trash I'll tell u what you get Like a boss You get Wendy's new jalapeño fresco spicy chicken 2unaliny It's a bog!!! Doin doin Doin' your mom Doin your Your mom mom 2unaliny It's a boy!!! ... Bitches born after 1993 can't cook. All they know is McDonald's, charge they phone Twerk, wash they p---- in the sink, be bisexual Eat hot chip, and lie


So. you're trans. You must really hate your body, huh? It's a boy!!!

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