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Arachno-Communism refers to a joke political ideology which is a parody of anarcho-communism. The joke, which is based on the prefixes "arachno" and "anarcho" being anagrams and easily misread, has led to various memes exploring the joke ideology. Memes about Arachno-Capitalism, parodying anarcho-capitalism, have also been made.


On April 28th, 2007, user of parody encyclopedia website Uncyclopedia Oceanhahn created[1][2] an entry for Arachno-Communism, describing it as "a system of political and economic government where the people are governed freely and fairly by giant spiders." The joke political ideology parodied similarly-spelled anarcho-communism.

Later on the same day, Uncyclopedia[3] user Major Major Major Major uploaded a flag for the joke ideology. The flag, depicting a black spider spinning a web against a red background, used the same red-and-black color scheme as the flag of anarcho-communism (shown below, left). Another image, depicting "The Anarcho-Communist Manifesto," was added[4] on the same day (shown below, right).

40 CENTS THE Arachno- Communist Imul Manifesto BEDWIN ARACHNOVIC ARACHNO


On September 12th, 2007, YouTuber[9] DarwinsHampster posted a video "Arachno-Capitalism is Stupid" that received over 50,000 views in thirteen years (shown below).

On July 15th, 2017, Facebook[5] group Arachno-Communsim was created. On July 20th, 2017, and December 19th, 2017, Imgur[6] user RocketManDan1 and Redditor[7] kohlapse posted alternative flags for anarcho-communism (shown below, left and right), with the latter post gaining nearly 900 upvotes in /r/vexillologycirclejerk subreddit in six months.

On August 29th, 2019, American programmer Foone Turing (@Foone) tweeted[8] a joke about arachno-communism (shown below, left), with the tweet gaining over 470 retweets and 1,500 likes in one year. In the Twitter thread, @Foone posted follow-up jokes about arachno-capitalism, arachno-nihilism, arachno-primitivism and other spider ideologies (shown below).

foone 000 @Foone "anarcho-communist? oh, no, you misheard me. I'm an arachno-communist. I believe we shouldn't have private property, and also the only legitimate form of government is THE SPIDER" 1:03 PM · Aug 29, 2019 · Twitter Web App foone 000 @Foone Replying to @Foone please note that this isn't to be confused with arachno- capitalists, who believe we should round up all the billionaires and feed them to giant spiders. W-P GIF 1:17 PM · Aug 29, 2019 · Twitter Web App foone @Foone · Aug 29, 2019 000 There's also Arachno-nihilism, which is the belief that nothing in politics matters, because there's giant spiders. 3 27 23 130 foone @Foone Aug 29, 2019 And Arachno-fascism, which is the political belief that we should feed all the fascists to the spiders. 000 3 27 23 113 foone @Foone Aug 29, 2019 Arachno-monarchism, which is the belief we should get rid of kings and queens by, you guessed it, feeding them to the giant spiders. 000 8 27 21 109 foone @Foone Aug 29, 2019 And arachno-primitivism, which is the belief that the only way we can survive is to go back to a hunter-gatherer style of civilization, as industrial civilization will be impossible once the giant spiders take over. 000 GIF

The meme did not see further spread April 15th, 2020, when Redditor[10] Zuazzer posted a meme which gained over 440 upvotes in /r/newackyideologies (shown below). On April 18th, Twitter[11][12] users @cableknitjumper and @ialika_lifina posted jokes about the ideology, gaining over 420 likes and 410 likes, respectively. On July 23rd, 2020, Redditor[13] curlytopdotcom reposted Zuazzer's meme to /r/PoliticalCompassMemes, where it received over 16,700 upvotes in four months.

ARACHNO-COMMUNISM wait dude no nono you spelled it wrong! oh god oh f--- they're coming for us fu

Following the July repost, the meme achieved significant popularity in /r/PoliticalCompassMemes subreddit, with more viral memes about spider ideologies being posted in the following months.

Various Examples

So, what are your political I'm an arachno-communist! views? Really, how old- wait did you just say "arachno?" Go My CHILDREN, SEIZE THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION OH S--- If spiders worked together, they could eat all humans ina year By Chris Murphy, The Sun March 29, 2017 I 12:30pm ARACHNO-CAPITALISM "hey kid, wanna buy some insect removal? only $10 per insect"
Description: SCP-1006 is an organized collective of an unknown species of the genus Araneus. Individual members have achieved sapience through unknown means and have established a rudimentary system of government resembling Marxist communism. The original mass of SCP-1006 was discovered on 4/1/19 by a hiking couple, who alerted park authorities. The Foundation took over after the discovery of written propaganda inside the central web, along with evidence of marked use of extremely simple tools, webs resembling faces of passersby, and simple attempts to block off the area via fallen branches. FINALLY ARACHNO-COMMUNISM ARACHNO-CAPITALISM dreamstime dreamstime EDERAL dreamstimet OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT I DON'T KNOW I'M NOT LIBRIGHT B2 THIS NOTE IS LE FOR ALL DEBTS, PUB C4 Treasurer of th Don't Step On Me

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