Critters Posting On 4chan

Critters Posting On 4chan

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Critters Posting on 4chan is a two-pane image series comprised of a screenshot of a 4chan post written in defense of a particular species in the animal kingdom and an illustration anthropomorphically portraying the aforementioned creature as the original poster.


On May 14th, 2009, a post was submitted in the /v/ (video games) board on 4chan arguing that the majority of spiders are harmless and urging readers to "man the fuck up." A two-pane image was subsequently created featuring a screenshot of the post accompanied by an illustration of a giant spider angrily typing on a computer keyboard (shown below).

□ Anonymous 05/14/09(Thu)15:13 No.31 1414830 31141379 31141379 THIS. 95% of spiders are completely harmless and can't even bite you. The dangerous ones live in the wilderness and s------- countries anyways So, man the f--- up, . You f------ would be scared of your own shadows if you could.


On May 25th, 2009, Felarya Forums[4] member /Fish/ submitted the two-pane comic in a spider photography thread. On July 26th, 2012, a post defending sharks was posted on 4chan, which was combined with an illustration of a shark seated at a keyboard (shown below).

Anonymous 07/26/12(Thu)00:37 No.148529961 [▼] >>148530118 >>148544559 148529731 F--- you, sharks are practically harmless to humans. Oh sure, a shark could easily kill a human, but when your an apex predator your time is valuable, and the time and effort spent killing and then consuming an awkward human body is a net loss for something that needs to eat many times its own weight to survive. Worst a shark would possibly do is a light, probing bite, like a puppy putting its teeth on you. When it realizes what you are it would back off

On October 3rd, 2013, a post defending hornets as "total bros" was posted on 4chan along with a call for readers to "man the fuck up." A screenshot of the post was added to a two-pane image featuring a hornet seated a computer desk (shown below).

DESTROY THE lit HONEY Anonymous 10/03/13(Thu)15:56 No.212532759 Replies: 2>2125328602212533112221253332123212533503 ,x21 2534836::-x2 1 2534043 >x21 253(沁47 x2 1 25361 54 > 21 253( 39 P> God, you people are f------. Don't worry, hornets are total bros. Chances are these guys did something to piss them off. Hornets don't care about you, they have bigger things to take care of. Man the f--- up, /w

On April 24th, 2014, a 4chan user defended scorpions as "docile, loyal" pets on the /v/ board, which inspired the creation of an image matching the post with an illustration of a scorpion typing on a computer keyboard (shown below, left). On May 29th, an image was posted in a thread on the /v/[5] board combining an angry assertion that the 18th century classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was "not alive" with a painting of the deceased musician (shown below, right).

■ Anonymous 04/24/14(Mu)19:57:48 No.240966323 What the f--- does / have against scorpions? They're the best pet you can have Docile, loyal I've had several scorpionbros in my life and none of them have ever stung me. Holy f---, Mozart is not alive f------ Everytime I see this I lose my s--- because it's f------ stupid Literally retarded is what I think Maybe if you f--- actually did something productive, then it would be useful Even this thread is f------ s---, I'm out EST

Various Examples

Anonymous 11/11/13(Mon)12:45 No.217672643 Replies: 217672805 >l f------ hate moths please stop posting I'm scared of them to death What the f--- did moths ever do to you? Quit your bitching, the worst a moth could have done is fly into you by accident, it's not like they do it on purpose. Maybe they just want to see what game you're playing? Huh? Did you think of that? And turn off the f------ lights in your room. P> >Spanish Inquisition implying For their day, the Spanish Inquisition were not some evil force of terror, they were in fact remarkably progressive and fair relative to some other contemporary institutions. For example, they actually introduced the burden of proof against the defendant against witches, so while they did allow witch trials one had to actually proof the defendant was a witch - naturally, this did not generally happen The trope of the Spanish Inquisition being the poster child of cruel midieval torture was invented wholesale by the British to s----talk their colonial rivals. Oh, speaking of colonies, the Spanish Inquisition never left the Iberian peninsula either, stories of them mass-torturing New World natives who didn't convert to Catholocism are also fiction. 0 □ Anonymous 37 minutes ago No 225140865 [▼] 2-225 140976 222251410712-225141375 >>225141587 That fungus is not f------ funny. So many bat colonies have been decimated by that god damn disease, that was most likely introduced by humans to the bat populations It could lead to god damn extinction of many bat species. Not f------ funny.
□ Anonymous 04/03/13(Wed)18:08 No.24038951 Replies: >>240389582224038977 >>24039140 24038939 That r--- cane businessis ani-doiphin propagands and you know □ Anonymous 04/11/14(Fri)03:49 No.239200454 Replies: >>23920053022239203358 File: 1397202592215 png-(15 KB, 590x186, NOT A VIRUS.exe.png) GD it's safe, don't you know HOST HDST □ Anonymous 04/11/14(Fri)03:55 No.239200806 Replies: 2239200839 iruses n---- what the f---. i haven't had a virus since f------ 2002. that s--- just doesnt happen anymore □ Anonymous 04/11/14(Fri)0403 No 239201313 Replies: 23 201374 239201414 File: 1397203433942 png-804 KB, 1366x768, viruses tongue my anus.png) GI mw Al is scared of a download Anonymous 04/11/14(Fri)06:35 No.239209760 THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT ACTUALLY THINK THIS IS A VIRUS LD onymous 02/15/14(Sat)19:54 No.231841850 Replies: >231842343 231842705231843028 squid have been known to drag divers into the abyss so giant squid can feast of them But that's not true. The only squid thats been known to eat humans is the Humboldt Squid. In fact most squids are actually really interesting creatures You only got to worry about the Humboldt Honest.

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