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Dirtbag Left

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Dirtbag Left is a slang expression used to describe a style of left-wing politics that was popularized on the internet after the 2016 United States Presidential Election. The term "dirtbag" refers to politically incorrect speech and vulgar language that is often deployed by such leftists, a move that is at odds with traditional liberal sensibilities of social civility. Dirtbag leftists are known to support anti-fascist policies and wealth redistribution, with several prominent figures in the movement rallying behind the 2016 and 2020 Presidential campaigns of Bernie Sanders. The podcast Chapo Trap House is most closely associated with the movement due to their use of comedy and irony in the style of a shock jokey, and due to their criticism of both the Democratic and Republican parties. Other media outlets and individuals associated with the dirtbag left are TrueAnon, Red Scare, Cum Town, Hasan Piker and Vaush.


Chapo Trap House co-host Amber A'Lee Frost is generally understood to have coined the term "dirtbag left" and presented the earliest known exploration of the movement in her 2016 article "The Necessity of Political Vulgarity," published in Current Affairs on August 25th, 2016.[1] Various publications published counter-arguments to the "dirtbag left" mythos in late 2016, including Rebecca Traister for The Cut[2] on November 23rd, 2016 (seen below, left). Chapo host Virgil Texas[3] posted a response to the article on November 29th, 2016 (seen below, right).

The Cut @TheCut .@rtraister on "The Dirtbag Left" and the importance of identity politics T HE CUT AVE 1:53 PM. Nov 23, 2016 thecut.com Blaming Clinton's Base for Her Loss Is the Ultimate Insult The women and people of color who have the most to lose under Trump are receiving the lion's share of the fault for our recent national cataclysm. AAPI for: 176 Retweets 59 Quotes 286 Likes 1 Bookmark : Virgil Texas @virgiltexas So it's come to this. Me @ByYourLogic and @Lowenaffchen annotated Rebecca Traister's essay on the Dirtbag Left. 1:45 PM. Nov 29, 2016 35 Retweets 6 Quotes 168 Likes 1 Bookmark Tweet your reply! 22 O said of Clinton's Election Night celebration turned funeral at the Javits Center: "This entitled f------ slob ... This f------ a------ brought all her donors to have a big party about how great they were. She's never been a f------ leader, ever, in her life. She just has these fans who are psychologically DIX 3 Virgil Texas @virgiltexas Dec 6, 2016 A follow-up on Rebecca Traister's criticism of the first post-election Chapo episode ● throwing a party to thank her millionaire donors pge.sx/2h2uvpC 27 7 3 genius.it/nymag.com/thec 102 소 sure, but also Mothers of the Movement, the reproductive rights and women's leaders, the thousands of supporters who had canvassed and phone-banked and gotten out the vote and driven souls to the polls. It could almost be Trump supporters talking, but it's coming from the people who - Reported guests include Harvey Weinstein, Anna Wintour, Tory Burch & Marc Lasry - all maxed out on giving to #Clinton campaign in 2016 ılı Reply (→

The term "dirtbag left" continued to gain prominence through the end of 2016. As seen in the aforementioned articles, early discussions and criticisms of the dirtbag left revolved around their dismissiveness of identity politics and their criticism of the DNC, an exclusionary characterization that members of the movement resisted[4][5] On November 27th, 2016, the subreddit /r/DirtbagLeft was created.[10]


In early 2017, various Twitter users posted tweets parodying liberal critics of their movement. Twitter[6] user @jonny_is_good posted a tweet on January 16th, 2017, gathering over 1,000 likes (seen below, left). Twitter[7] user @Trillburne posted a tweet using the phrase on January 17th, gathering over 1,400 likes (seen below, right).

jonny the cool guy @jonny_is_good To be a member of the Dirtbag Left you have to believe that Healthcare is a right and that your bath towel can also be your hand towel 3:41 PM Jan 16, 2017 176 Retweets 16 Quotes 1,158 Likes The Discourse Lover @Trillburne the drone liberals are furious. Obama is dirtbag left now. next week he's got an article on Lenin running in Jacobin & he's going on Chapo 4:36 PM Jan 17, 2017 264 Retweets 5 Quotes 1,429 Likes

On June 19th, 2017, Redditor /u/anotherthr0waway2222 posted to /r/relationships[11] detailing her troubles with her boyfriend, an avid Chapo listener. The post has since been deleted but can be accessed via reupload by Twitter[12] user @yungneocon.

Critics of dirtbag leftists often compare the movement with right-wing extremists. Conservative commentator Ian Miles Cheong who tweets under the username[8] @stillgray posted a tweet comparing dirtbag leftists to Richard Spencer on July 20th, 2017, gathering over 500 likes in six years (seen below, left). On November 30th, Twitter[9] user @AlexandraErin posted a tweet saying the dirtbag leftists have a right-wing edge lord "vibe," gathering over 600 likes in five years (seen below, right).

lan Miles Cheong @stillgray It's no surprise that extremists from the Dirtbag Left and extremists from the Alt-Right are equally deplorable people who celebrate death. ard Spencer chardBSpencer our grandpa boyfriend J dying like all men must, inMcCain is a detestr and innocent sorts he s were never born at a e pleasure in the thou painfully. 6:07 AM. Jul 20, 2017 BONE" O'Sulliv 166 Retweets 26 Quotes 547 Likes kes 386 Alexandra Erin | alexandraerin@peoplemaking.games @AlexandraErin : I honestly think a lot of the "dirtbag left" are hardcore rightwing edgelords in their hearts of hearts, but they see communism and such as the edgiest edge to lord over. I don't mean to say there aren't deplorables on the left anyway. But... there's a vibe. They have it. 1:45 AM . Nov 30, 2017 99 Retweets 11 Quotes 616 Likes

Various Examples

BUM CHILLUPS AKA SPENCER HALL @edsbs okay tucker carlson said Elmo was antifa so let's go oscar the grouch: Dirtbag Left 12:59 PM Jun 10, 2020 1,029 Retweets 327 Quotes 4,076 Likes 108 Bookmarks : the social justice warrior to ironic "dirtbag left" crypto-fascist pipeline
venture communist @dailyremarx watching brooklynites argue with other brooklynites about neoliberalism and the working class from west virginia WHAT IS THE DIRTBAG LEFT? $46,801 When he is red scare chapo trap house based dirtbag left tankie aimee terese brooklyn podcaster twitter user reactionary tankie reply guy gifted kid discourse microdosing death grips bushwick get ratioed cringe midwest emo nick mullen J Tik Tok @urmomlolroasted

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Commodore V
Commodore V

Ah, tankies. They are russiaboos with no consistent morality beyond "America bad, country that hate America good". They will claim to be anti-imperalist while supporting Russia and China's attempts to annex other countries, insult America over oppressing ethnic minorities while excusing Russia and China's own oppression of minorities, and "hate the rich" while not complaining about Russian and Chinese corporation. Don't even bother trying to parody them; if you attempt to make a claim that sounds too ridiculous to be true, they will probably end up unironically agreeing with it (Just look up #MAGAcommunism)

TL;DR: Basically just fascists who prefer hammers and sickles over swastikas.


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