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Fat Logic

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Fat Logic (sometimes written as Fatlogic) is a term used online to describe notions often used by overweight individuals to justify certain lifestyle choices. In popular culture, the term is often used for fat shaming and in opposition to the Fat Acceptance Movement.

Precursor: Fat Acceptance and Health At Every Size movements

Main entry: Fat Acceptance Movement

Fat Acceptance Movement (often abbreviated as FA) is a social movement to combat "fat shaming" (or "fatphobia") from popular culture such as social media and gaming. The movement was deemed controversial, sparking the creation of groups going against the movement in social hubs like reddit.



Although the actual origin of the term "fat logic" is unclear, the earliest known instance of the term is found to be with the creation of the reddit subreddit /r/fatlogic in April 2013[1].


On the 19th of May, the Twitter handle @FatLogic submitted its first tweet, "It's my THYROID!!!!"[3]

Urban Dictionary user Galanity submitted a definition for the term "fatlogic" on the 21st of July 2013, defining it as "The astounding mental gyrations obese people use to justify their size. Fatlogic never, ever includes eating too much and exercising too little."[2]

On the 30th of July 2014, /r/fatlogic created an Imgur album called "fatlogic reposts" listing various images that are posted often on the subreddit[4].

The hashtag #fatlogic is often used on social media sites like Twitter and Tumblr to tag images and posts relating to fat logic[5][6].


Main entry: Shitlord

Urban Dictionary defines the word "shitlord" as "amongst other things, an expression used by feminists to mock anyone who doesn't agree with their opinions."[7] The term is heavily used by users of the /r/fatlogic subreddit to refer to themselves in the context of being opposed to the notions of overweight individuals.

Conditions / Condishuns

Conditions (often purposefully misspelled as "Condishuns") refer to the medical conditions overweight individuals use as excuses. These include Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Underactive Thyroid (commonly referred to as just "thyroid problem"). The term "Condishuns" has also being used by popular YouTuber Boogie2988 in his video "MY GLANDS! MY CONDISHUNS!", shown below:

Genetics / "Mah Genetics"

"Mah Genetics" is a derogatory term used in fatlogic groups to mock individuals that claim that obesity is genetically predisposed and not a result of lifestyle choices. It is often used in image macros, like the one below:


Diabeetus / 'beetus

Main entry: Diabeetus

"Diabeetus" is a purposefully misspelled version of "diabetes", a medical condition often associated with morbidly obese individuals, especially Type 2[8].

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