John Daly smoking Tiger Woods Meme.

John Daly Smoking Next To Tiger Woods

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John Daly Smoking Next To Tiger Woods is a photograph of professional golfer John Daly smoking a cigarette in colorful clothing while looking at fellow pro golfer Tiger Woods on the course. After the image macro surfaced on Twitter in mid-2022, it became the subject of object labeling as meme creators wrote captions over both men and highlighted their contrasts.


On July 12th, 2022, professional golfer John Daly attended the 150th Open.[1] On the same day, the official TikTok [2] page of pgatour uploaded a video that showed Daly smoking a cigarette in front of Tiger Woods on the green. The TikTok received roughly 4 million plays and 145,100 likes in one month (shown below).

The Facebook [3] page of Hooters posted a photo of Daly and his caddying son on the day of the Open, earning roughly 89,000 reactions in one month. On July 14th, 2022, Twitter[4] user DoubleWideCap tweeted a still image from the TikTok video, showing Daly in his colorful clothing smoking the cigarette in front of Woods. DoubleWideCap captioned the photo, "Daly +1 Woods +6," and earned roughly 1,700 likes in one month (shown below).

Doublewide Capital LLC @DoubleWideCap Daly +1 Woods +6 Official Social Media The Open 5:11 PM Jul 14, 2022 · Twitter Web App OPEN : Official Social Media The Open OPEN


On July 15th, 2022, the Facebook[5] page HONK posted the Daly photo, captioning it, "John Daly is literally me," and earning over 770 reactions in one month. On July 18th, 2022, the image landed on /r/MemeEconomy,[6] earning over 60 upvotes in one month.

By the end of July 2022, the template was object labeled by meme creators who inserted captions on top of both Woods and Daly, using their contrasting appearances. On July 19th, 2022, the Facebook[7] page Definitely Not Conspiracy Memes posted the first-known object labeled version of the image, layering text that read, "'NORMAL PEOPLE' WHO TAKE THEIR ROLES IN THE MATRIX VERY SERIOUSLY / ME RUNNING ON FRESH CONSPIRACY THEORIES RYE WHISKEY AND DMT." The meme received over 865 reactions in one month (shown below).


The aforementioned meme was reposted to many pages. For instance, on July 24th, it was shared on both Twitter[8] and Instagram[9] by Jack Posobiec. On Instagram, it received roughly 20,400 likes in four weeks and on Twitter it received roughly 7,000 likes.

Continuing into July and August 2022, the meme received more iterations across social media. On July 21st, 2022, iFunnyer [10] bluedevil73 posted an iteration that labeled Daly as "My secret pizza bagel recipe," earning roughly 6,600 likes in four weeks (shown below, left). On Imgflip, the template received many iterations after being added to the site[11] in late July. For instance, on August 3rd, 2022, Imgflip[12] user DarrenBlum made a meme about "First Time Parents" vs. "After Two Kids," earning roughly 11,100 views in two weeks (shown below, right).

Official Social Media The Open People who went to culinary school 1158 OPEN My secret pizza bagel recipe Officia Social Media The Open FIRST TIME PARENTS (OPEN AFTER TWO KIDS EL

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Officid Social PEOPLE IN DISCORD 190 888 DISCORD MODS EL Official Media The Ope Youn OPEN Your wifes Ex Inground Pool owners Caficia Social Media p Aboveground Pool Owners Head Lax Coaches Official Social Media The Open OPEN Assistant Lax Coaches 1086 Official Social Media The Open 4440 OPEN Everybody Else ANOTHER MT MEME Media The Open THIL OPEN Florida


Official Social Media The Open OPEN

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