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Nipfest is a fictional festival run by and for cats that is documented yearly on X, formerly Twitter, with photoshops of cats attending the festival. The event was founded in 2019 by X user @BagginsSuperCat and became increasingly popular on X over the following years, seeing a significant spike in popularity in August 2023, leading "#nipfest2023" to trend on August 25th. The festival's name is a portmanteau of "catnip" and "festival."


Nipfest, a fictional festival for cats, was founded on X in 2019 by @BagginsSuperCat, although the exact origins of its founding are unclear. One of the earliest posts about Nipfest was posted to X[1] by @BagginsSuperCat, an account that roleplays as a cat on April 9th, 2019, where Baggins suggested she might put a photoshop of herself in a hat on the poster for Nipfest. On April 12th, X[2] user @TigrissBlue explained Nipfest to another user, writing, "Baggins is holding a kitty festival at her house/garden this Summer and it's been named #Nipfest. She's still warming her human parents up to the idea thoughโ€ฆ๐Ÿ˜ธ."


Nipfest became increasingly popular on X throughout the 2020s, inspiring users to share photoshopped images of cats at the festival under the Nipfest hashtag, consisting of "#Nipfest" followed by the year. For example, in 2021, numerous X[3][4] users shared photos of cats under the hashtag #Nipfest2021 (examples shown below).

Colonel Beauregard Mittens III @MittyKittyCat Just arrived in meown food truck at #nipfest2021** Free fish tacos with nip sauce for efurryone all weekend!!! (#CatsOfTwitter #CatsOnTwitter #TabbyTroop ยกMEOW DELICIOSO! 4:45 PM - Aug 27, 2021 FISH TACOS ISTAN Genghis 'Dingham' Khan @GenghisDingham Morning kitz. Not all agents of floof have got the message that #nipfest2021 is over 3:34 AM - Aug 31, 2021 ...


Nipfest 2023 was notably popular, with the tag "#Nipfest2023" trending on August 25th, 2023 in Canada. Like previous years, the hashtag was largely used by X[5][6][7] users to post photoshops of cats at the festival (examples shown below).

NaughtyPetsClub @NaughtyPetsClub The members of Naughty Pets Club have arrived at our base camp for #Nipfest2023! Come join us! We have a picnic scheduled for 8pm UK time on Saturday. #Nipfest #NaughtyPetsClub #CatsofTwittter #CatsofX #Cats Naughty Pels Club #Nipfest2023 BAR 10009 #NIPFEST www 8:58 AM - Aug 25, 2023 - 51.5K Views Pepps AR Patch @Patch_54321 Hi everypaw I made it, but the only thing is I've lost my nip! #Nipfest2023 #Nipfest 40 8:46 AM - Aug 25, 2023-37.8K Views ... Tiggy/Denise @tiggy_deni35304 I'm on my way to #Nipfest2023 I've been loaned the limo from @Loopin24. Need to keep a clear head for the Newbies greetings so better pace myself with this Nip as it's the good stuff. #Nipfest2023 fest 7:55 AM - Aug 25, 2023 - 757 Views EVLE โ €

Some X[8] users, unaware of what Nipfest is, went to the tag expecting "nip" referred to nipples and posted memes under the tag sharing their discovery of the festival (example shown below).

@_Xins Me looking at #Nipfest2023 and seeing no t------ 0:07 10:22 AM - Aug 25, 2023 62K Views ...

Various Examples

Dougal Dog @dougal_dog Me is here for #Nipfest2023. Me will try to be in de right places at de right time! NIPFEST PAWS AROUND THE WORLD 11:34 AM - Aug 25, 2023-3,180 Views 6695% g 23 Dougal #Nipfest ... Diego the cat (OTRB) @booklov78342639 โ € I've settled in nicely next to the #TortTent. Snackies for floofs and torts are available, so just swing by #Nipfest2023 #CatsOfTwitter #XCats #Hedgewatch Dreamer Willow and Mimi Y @MargeyS09 Phew mummy finally dropped me off. I can't believe the great day has finally arrived. So excited. I've heard so much from everyone. Just deciding where to squeeze in my camper van #Nipfest2023 #Nipfest SWIS W 8:48 AM - Aug 25, 2023 7,385 Views ... Hipfest23 El Niรฑo @KKC255 #Nipfest2023 "Was it this good when yoo were a youngster, Grandad ? " "At #Nipstock in the 60's ? " #Hedgewatchhideaway #CatsOfx #Nipfest nipfost2023 M ...

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