Peach Did You Actually Expect X / Bowser Kinda meme format from the Mario movie.

Peach "Did You Actually Expect X" / Bowser "Kinda"

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Peach "Did You Actually Expect X" / Bowser "Kinda" is an exploitable series of memes using a scene from the 2023 Super Mario Bros. Movie where Peach asks Bowser if he expected something and Bowser answers, "Kinda!" The meme first went viral on Twitter in April 2023 and inspired new variants over the following days.


On April 12th, 2023, Twitter[1] user @MegumiBandicot posted, "The Mario Movie discourse," along with a meme showing Princess Peach saying to Bowser, "Did you actually expect this movie to be as deep as a Pixar movie," and Bowser answering, "Kinda!" garnering over 35,500 likes and 2,400 retweets in a week (shown below).

General Audiences Kinda! Did you actually expect this movie to be as deep as a Pixar movie?! Film Critics


On April 13th, 2023, Twitter[2] user @Schaffrillas quote-retweeted the post, writing, "I don't like the message of this meme but I think the lesson we should take from it is that Bowser's "Kinda!" line would make for a fun meme format," garnering over 14,000 likes in a week. On the same day, Instagram[3] user clitalians posted a screenshot of a comment under the post that gained over 1,700 likes in a week (shown below). On April 15th, the Ouch, Right in the Childhood Facebook[4] page shared the original meme, garnering over 800 reactions in six days.

Megumi Bandicoot @MegumiBan.... 15h The Mario Movie discourse. General Audiences Kinda! 185 1,481 Did you actually expect this movie to be as deep as a Pixar movie?! King Pablo from Mario @NeanderthalBugs Film Critics 17.6K ₁ 436K ↑ Critic are fan of Shakespeare stories, like Hamlet. They left on theaters disappointed, waiting to see Mario talking to a skull. ...

The meme started to inspire new variants around April 16th. On that day, Instagram[5] user gang_heterosexual (shown below, left) and Facebook[6] user The Indian Superhero lovers posted new variations of the meme. On April 18th, Ranker[7] included the original meme in a list article titled "22 Of The Boldest Tweets We Found This Week That Got Hilariously Real." On April 20th, Tumblr[8] user freckleocalypse posted a new version of the meme referencing the Bowuigi ship that gained over 300 notes in a day (shown below, right). The meme was originally posted on the 13th by Twitter[9] user @Funy0nion, garnering over 9,400 likes.

Heterogangers This post is made by Gang Heterosexual Kinda! Did you actually expect Heteros to just lie down and take the oppression?? Society Kinda! Did you actually expect A FORTY MINUTE SEX SCENE BETWEEN BOWSER AND LUIGI

Various Examples

1XBET Did you just expect everyone to like Phase 4 MARVEL STUDIOS Kinda! A.B. Allen @A_B_Allen "as deep as a Pixar movie" is crazy cause Pixar movies aren't even deep, they're just (at their best, anyway) sincere. They have an actual heart, which is apparently to much to ask of movies now? Megumi Bandicoot @MegumiBandicot The Mario Movie discourse. General Audiences Kinda! ●●● Did you actually expect this movie to be as deep as a Pixar movie?! Film Critics ME Kinda! Di DID YOU tually REALLY EXPECT Vie CARS 2 TO BE GOOD? R/SCHAFFRILLAS

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Or just hear me out:

Maybe critics and fans BOTH have a point because they are two different but still valid viewpoints?

Critics look at things more in a vacuum. The scale they rate something in tends to be a more absolute scale. Yes they will compare Mario Movie to Citizen Kane if they want to because Mario is still a film competing in the medium of films. Their perspective is more from a vacuum. Context matters little. Genre matters little.
These ratings are good for outsiders that i.e. have no idea what Mario is and never played a video game before. "What am I getting into". So as a total outsider bot caring about the Mario brand it may just be a mediocre film.
In other word there is a bit more of a tendency to rate for artistic merit.

Audiences on the other hand rate in more relative terms. Like they know video game movies are kinda bad but within THAT context Mario Movie is pretty good. They tend to rate more around pure entertainment value, regardless how low brow it may be, less so than artistic value.

That's not to say that this is always the case, but more of a tendency.
So in absolute terms: Mario Movie is "mediocre" if the Mario IP wasn't attached to it it probably wouldn't be as well received by the audiences either. But in relative terms as a product for video game and Mario fans it's pretty good and entertaining. So in that sense, both can be correct.


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