Quagsire and Daiwa Scarlet Crossover

Quagsire and Daiwa Scarlet Crossover

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Quagsire and Daiwa Scarlet Crossover, known as "NuoDas" (Japanese: ヌオダス, Nuodasu) on the Japanese web, refers to a series of crossover fan art of the Pokémon Quagsire[1], known as Nuoo (ヌオー) in Japan, and Daiwa Scarlet (ダイワスカーレット)[2], the Uma Musume often called Dasca (ダスカ, Dasuka) for short, from the Japanese multimedia franchise Umamusume Pretty Derby. In May 2022, a bizarre reply to a famous blogger gave birth to the odd but wholesome crossover, which spread to both franchises' fanbases.


On May 12th, 2022, a Japanese blogger Gameboku (ゲムぼく) published an article titled "The 1st Championship of Replies to My Viral Tweet! Did You Really Need to Say That to Me!?".[3] In that post, he picked up the best ten nonsense quotes from over 1200 reactions to his tweet going viral on the 4th[4], which promoted his blog post reporting how much he spent on a 3-day trip to Universal Studio Japan from Tokyo with his son and daughter.[5] He ranked a reply, "I prefer Daiwa Scarlet to Quagsire.", in 7th place. It was a response to the blog's description that his daughter couldn't sleep well without the Quagsire plushie, and he comically introduced it with the words, "What a nonsense comparison it is!". The blogger also included this description in one of the screencaps attached to his tweet to promote this blog post on that day (shown below).[6]

【7位】 ヌオーよりダイワスカーレットの方が好き 比較がおかしいよ〜! 「ヌオーより」 で始めたらそこは ポケモンが来ないとおかしいんだよ~! どうして「トマト より普通にシャウエッセンが好き」 みたいなこと言い出して るの~!? 笑いのルールを忘れた永野なの~!?

7. "I prefer Daiwa Scarlet to Quagsire."

What a nonsense comparison! If you compare Quagsire with something, it should be some pokémons. Why the heck did you say like "I prefer sausage to tomato."? Are you a comedian forgetting the rules of jokes?


The nonsensical quote spread on the web quickly, partly because the following day, May 13th, was coincidentally the birthday of Daiwa Scarlet. Internet users came to call the combination of Quagsire and Daiwa Scarlet "NuoDas," following the manner to call the shipping of another Uma Musume Vodka (ウォッカ, Uokka)[7] and Daiwa Scarlet "UoDas" (ウオダス, Uodasu). In response, Gameboku proclaimed that May 13th was the anniversary day of the "NuoDas" concept.[8] Twitter[9], Pixiv[10], and Nico Nico Seiga[11] received dozens of crossover illustrations under this name. It also led to heated discussions on both fans' sides regarding whether each character could play a role in the other's world. These were like, "What kind of types does Daiwa Scarlet use in the Pokémon world?", "How Quagsire could win against Daiwa Scarlet in Arima Kinen[12]?"[13], or "Can Daiwa Scarlet survive Zacian's Behemoth Blade like Quagsire?"[14] etc… Chisa Kimura (木村千咲)[15], the voice actor for Daiwa Scarlet, reacted to this trend[16], posted an illustration of Quagsire on Twitter[17], and also mentioned it in her YouTube Live.[18] An online news media, Inside, covered this online phenomenon in May.[19]

In November, the "Top 100 Internet Buzzwords 2022" award given by Nico Nico Pedia and Pixiv Encyclopedia nominated "NuoDas," getting the 5th in the Niconico category and the 74th in general.[20] Another crossover, "DooDas" (ドオダス, Do-O-Dasu), the combination of Clodsire and Daiwa Scarlet came to attract attention after the release of Pokémon: Scarlet and Violet.[21]

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