give me six characters to make fanart of! Bull Rex Cheburashka Miles Morales Russian Winnie the Pooh Kero

Six Fanarts

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Six Fanarts, also known as #SixFanarts, #6Fanarts or #SixFanartsChallenge, is a Twitter Challenge which involves artists asking their followers for characters to draw, with the artist then drawing fan arts of any six of the nominated characters.


On March 17, 2020, Twitter[1] user mcapriglioneart shared the template for the challenge, asking her followers for six characters from popular media to draw fan art of and suggesting they do the same (shown below). The post received over 1,700 likes and 370 retweets in one month.

Melissa Started #SixFanarts @mcapriglioneart Give me six characters from popular media to draw! (You're welcome to repost this and ask your followers to give you something to draw too! And please tag it as #SixFanarts so I can see what you've done!)


In the following weeks, the trends saw a moderate spread on social media, with the challenge gaining significant recognition after several popular artists joined the challenge in early April 2020. On April 9, 2020, Kekeflipnote [2] shared his own take of the trend, gaining over 14,400 likes and 1,400 retweets in one week (shown below, left). On April 12th Twitter user uejini[3] (Also known as Gashi-gashi) uploaded his submission which got over 10,600 likes and 1,600 retweets in five days (shown below, center). On April 14th Twitter user Nikingply[4] did the challenge scoring 12,700 likes and 1,900 retweets in two days (shown below, right).

give me six characters to make fanart of! - BULL REX - CHEBURASHKA- MiLes MORALES- |-DIe SENDUNG MIT DER MAUS - RUSSIAN WINNIE THE POOH - KERO - tempiate by Omcapriglioneart #SixFanarts PART 1 Sive me six characters to make fanart of! FUMIN from WATCH Yo-KAI BLACK JACK xxX wwww. BOJACK HORSEMAN GWENPOOL T-800 from NEZUKO KIMETSÜ NO YAIBAV TERMINATOR template by @mcapriglioneart #SixFanarts give me six characters to make fanart of! Kat Gwent guy Raymond Ori Cacodemon


The popularity of the trend spawned several subformats of the challenge, with #SixDinoarts being the most notable variation. Those participating in the subchallenge ask their followers for names of dinosaurs or other ancient animals to draw fan art of. This subtrend launched on April 6, 2020, when Twitter[5] user R_Dart shared a modified template on her twitter, gaining over 280 likes and multiple responses (the tweet and additional examples shown below).

Rebecca Dart @R_Dart I wanna have fun to! dinosaurs or any extinct animal. #SixDinoarts Please send me the names of 6 Traducir Tweet DINOSAURS give me six Charaetesto make fanart of! temalate by Omcairiglioneart #SixFanarts 8:34 p. m. - 6 abr. 2020 · Twitter Web App give me six dinosaurs to make fanart of THUNDER FROM TUROK DUNKLEOSTEUS PACHYCEPHALOSAURUS ANKYLOSAURUS YUWRANNUS CERA's DAD ExtiNet TETRAPODS give me six Charactesto make fanart of! Epidexipteryx Ichtnyostega Acaninbstega BrachyTrachelopaN NeoveNatoR DolichoRhyNchops PARAcERatheriUM template by @mcapriglioneart #SixFanarts

Various Examples

give me six characters to make fanart of! Felicia General Grievous Nico Robin Emperor Pilad Solid Snake wadanohara ROKUSHO dotsu Ki Parın #SIXFANARTS DR. DOOF WOOd give me six characters to make fanart of! Doom Slayer Mirko Michiko Nezuko Voko give me six characters to make fanart of! Mikotsuhime Raymond Susie Gloria Taokaka. Ni ko template by @mcapriglioneart #SixFanarts eme six charact O make fana JOKER (PERSONAS) KIDA (ATLANTIS) SOo D. RANMA ½ (FEMAIE) ENOM CHEL ( ROAd to DORADO template by @mcapriglioneart #SixFanarts :- KooKY VON KOOPA THARSA HEX SHEENA FUJIBAYASHI KING Cowl house) AOI ASAHINA HIKING BEAR Cenopicce)


give me six characters to make fanart of! template by @mcapriglioneart #SixFanarts DINOSAURS give me six Charactersto make fanart of! template by @mcapriglioneart #SixFanarts

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