Splatoon 2 Furries

Splatoon 2 Furries

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Splatoon 2 Furries refer to drawings of anthropomorphic animals posted in public messages within the in-game lobby for the 2017 team-based third-person shooter Nintendo Switch video game Splatoon 2.


In the game Splatoon 2, players can posts illustrations or messages in a dialogue box in the game's multiplayer lobby, Inkopolis Square. In late July 2017, people began complaining about illustrations of anthropomorphic animals being frequently posted in the lobby, leading players to post messages asking for others to "stop drawing furries" (shown below).

Stop draing urries. pls x Menu


On August 2nd, 2017, Tumblr user Tsitra360 posted a montage of furry-themed illustrations in Splatoon 2, which received over 5,000 notes over the next few days (shown below).[8]

Anti dev Zeekerss OH HELLO QE catte AR Izzy Kork Bork! sploggles TEAM Teal aw More AlexWolfy urries ARE EVIL Burrito CitCudNAMI Burro Moop ★Lune★ URBIES tsitra360 So this is happening in Splatoon 2 Inkopolis square. Theres a big trend of furry drawings all because someone said 'stop drawing furries'. I find this feud amazing and very amusing. Im not part of the furry community, but l'm now tempted to draw something to add to this feud.

Meanwhile, Kotaku[3] published an article titled "Splatoon 2's Lobby Is Full of Furries." That day, Redditor GreninjaSexParty submitted a post asking "Why are furries suddenly a meme in this game?" to /r/splatoon.[1] Also on August 2nd, the Squidboards Forums[7] member Agent Z submitted a thread titled "Enough With The Furries," which accumulated upwards of 90 replies within 48 hours. That same day, YouTuber DPD4MO posted a video showing furry art in the Splatoon 2 lobby (shown below).

On August 3rd, Redditor Oroera submitted a collection of furry-related messages and illustrations written in the Splatoon 2 lobby to /r/furry_irl (shown below).

KrisCollie Hopper Pixyl 0 DoNT Wor DRAW NEXT SPATFEST .. SUPRISKORMIES MAYO lopper 200456 Beartong Sorrel Moop TEAM 双 201... BIRD FURBIES EVERYONE HAS A CinnaBork Scruff Riley FURReS

Meanwhile, Redditor Shimunogora submitted a post to /r/SubredditDrama documenting arguments over furry fandom on /r/splatoon. Also on August 3rd, the Japanese gaming news site Automaton[5] published an article about the furries in the Splatoon 2 lobby. On August 4th, Redditor JoeinJapan submitted a screenshot of a Splatoon 2 lobby message about furries and dog pictures to /r/gaming,[6] where it received over 8,800 points and 380 comments in less than 12 hours (shown below).

Katrina dont Know what A everyones dopts

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Dorito Penguin

Mario and his friends get powers from animal costumes.
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At least two Links can transform into different species.
Star Fox, Pokemon and Animal Crossing are pretty self-explanatory.
Splatoon itself features a talking cat and kids who are also squids.
And there's no excuse for Daigasso Band Brothers.

But when furries post drawings in a Nintendo game, everyone loses their minds.


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