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Marijuana is a psychoactive drug which also has some medicinal properties. The drug is a derivative of the plant known as cannabis and includes the chemical THC which is the main compound in marijuana that gives it its psychoactive properties that give the user a “high”, or an increase in dopamine which gives the user a good feeling. Another side effect from using the drug is known as “the munchies”, or hunger caused by its consumption. Marijuana is typically consumed by smoking the plant in a pipe, rolled in paper, in a glass pipe known as a “bong”, and putting it into various foods and eating them. Marijuana can also be referred to as “weed” and “pot”.[1]


Marijuana was first known to be used by the ancient Chinese emperor Shen Nung around 2727 B.C.E. Marijuana was first brought to the West by the Spanish. The cannabis plant grows wild in tropical, humid areas. It has been used as rope, animal feed, and painting oil as well as a drug and for medicinal purposes. Marijuana is said to have therapeutic properties and useful for other medical procedures, but the drug also carries many negative side effects such as lung disease, various cancers, and short term effects such as an increased heart rate and distorted cognitive functions. Marijuana being used for recreational and medicinal purposes is still a major issue today and its use in both ways is still illegal in most places.[2]


Since marijuana legalization for recreational and medicinal use is such a major issue, the drug has gathered a major following online and off. Marijuana is the third most popular drug used in the United States. Users of marijuana are most often referred to as “stoners” and the act of getting high off of the drug is called “getting stoned”.[1] There are many organizations that attempt to have the drug legalized including[3] and a page on[4] Various social network pages inspired by the drug have been created including on Twitter,[5][6][7]Facebook,[8][9][10]Tumblr,[11][12][13] and Reddit.[14][15][16]

Related Memes


420 is a number used in relation to the marijuana subculture indicating that someone is a user of the drug or a fan of it. It can sometimes be used as a secret code when referring to the use of marijuana to avoid suspicion from eavesdroppers. The number is often used in reference of April 20, or the date 4/20 which is considered a very popular day to use the drug.[17]420 Blaze It is a common phrase on the internet related to the number 420 used in an often comedic way.

Smoke Weed Everyday

Smoke Weed Everyday is a phrase derived from Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s 2000 rap single “The Next Episode”.[18] The phrase has been commonly associated with images of people surrounded by smoke and has been used in various YouTube Poops, YTPMVs, and remixes.

Faces of Marijuana

Faces of Marijuana, also known as “Faces of Pot”, is a series of satirical images parodying anti-marijuana PSAs. The pictures are usually edited to appear extreme and over the top for comedic purposes, similar to the X Isn’t Normal, But On Meth It Is parody images.

Stoner Dog

Stoner Dog is an “advice animal” image macro series featuring a picture of a dog with an unnatural smile and a smoky background adorned with rainbow-colored cannabis leaves. The captions placed over the image are usually relevant to the actions of a person under the influence of marijuana.

[ 10 ] Guy

[ 10 ] Guy, also known as"Really High Guy" and “Stoner Stanley”, is an advice animal image macro series involving a picture of a young man who appears to be under the influence of marijuana. The captions on this image are usually of things that a person might say when high on the drug.

Stoner Comics

Stoner Comics are a series of MS Paint web comics that use marijuana as a comedic plot device. The comics are usually aimed at being relatable to marijuana users and common experiences when under the drug’s influence.

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