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KYM Lore: Myths and Legends, Gods and Devils

Last posted Mar 02, 2023 at 02:14AM EST. Added Sep 08, 2021 at 08:54PM EDT
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So, I've had the possibly stupid idea of creating an infographic sort of thing for new members to catch up on our injokes and site lore.

I joined just as Cortex-posting was getting started and I lurked long enough to pick up things like Don and KYM-tan; but the only things I know about the old stuff, such as the KYMtheon, is that they exist.

I was wondering if any old-timers can please help me fill in the blanks and tell me things they thing the new guys should be let in on?

I know there were some infamous users, like Epic Wyn and Poochyena, but for me personally, the craziest shit I saw go down on this website (aside from the day Poochy got banned) was a user called Bryan Dunsheng who was a schizophrenic who believed that Know Your Meme was part of a secret authoritarian Luddite cabal that installed Putin and Donald Trump as part of the "Dirtbag Left's" scheme to turn the world back to the 1600's. He also thought Nox Lucis was an assassin sent to suicide him by making him OD on his medication.

Thread where people are asking how he got banned.

Thread where he writes a now-deleted news article about KYM being 'Outright Authoritarian'

>tell me things they thing the new guys should be let in on?

Uh, nothing lol. Most of the injokes aren't really that funny and have minimal impact on the outside world, or even KYM today.

The only one that I would think actually merit mention is Eypc Wynn, but that's not for good reasons, and he's less "kymtheon" and more "user who has a very bad reputation."

And even things like goat-tan, the rake, and I need blood originated elsewhere and just happened to take off on kym for a few months half a decade ago.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see more fanart of Deadpool-kun, literally any of Sumi-senpai or Invalid-tan (I even saved the original picture of featured man before the only known online copy embeded in the forums was taken down). There's that, plus the Intermediate age stuff like the Advance wars or the KYM mods with OCs that actually made it onto ponybooru. Or even the more 'recent' (by comparison) stuff like Gorilla Robot Child, purple monkey cheese, or Riff Raff aliens.

But really? Most of this was basically just a handful of photoshops, many of which were by users that have long since deactivated, or have just a very simple explanation.

If anyone wants I could go into depth on a few specifics if I find the time. Just prepared to be extremely underwhelmed. Expect more Super Robo Jesus whose self admission of being unnoteworthy makes it hilarious rather than something really tangible…

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I recognize the injokes in the image up to purple monkey cheese. Past that, I’m in the dark.

Here’s a piece of trivia I found:
There was a user named shii. His legacy predates kym, but I’ll show how this site’s related. Shii was among those who saw the registration of 4chan.
Naturally, he saw some of 4chan’s first memes. On his now defunct site, he made an article about 4chan. There is a list of memes at the end. Feel free to check if they have entries.
One of them is thrust vectoring owns the sky. That was added 11 years ago by shii.

That was a fun find.

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>Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see more fanart of Deadpool-kun, literally any of Sumi-senpai or Invalid-tan (I even saved the original picture of featured man before the only known online copy embeded in the forums was taken down).

If you can get me some references as to what they look like, I can try and throw something together and see if the community wants to take off and run with it.

Especially of Invalid-tan and Sumi-senpai, as this is the first time I've heard of those two.

The only infamous user I know is Poochyena, and he was a bastard when I first met him. Not a friendly person either. The rest like Epic Wyn, I wasn't around back then.

@Soup King

Well you didn't start off with saying you were actually interested in this lol. However, not to be rude, but Deadpool-kun is a personification of Deadpooling memes, NSFW-Tan is the personification of the NSFW tag.

Anyways, first let me start by reminding users there is in fact a KYM Guide to Textile. In particular, please use block quotes if referring to parts of my post. Or, just copy/paste a specific passage of what I said. Or literally just do an @username if you just want to reference the entire posts in general. We don't need to have 90% of the thread just be scrolling over multiple full duplicates of what I post.

Brings out giant water/smoke/fire/insect damaged hybrid encyclopedia/fanfiction/scrapbook that looks like it was made from cut articles of five different magazines and a cookbook, barely legible hand written notes on the back of receipts, poorly triple scanned images on yellowing paper, whole chapters of pages out obscure books, loose calendar pages, torn pages out of at least three people's diaries, and some random pressed flowed, all held together by rubber bands, chewing gum, four kinds of tape, and rusted staples of a type that aren't in production anymore.

I lean in and whisper quietly.

"Just so you know… none of this is useful… Even the creators of much of this content have moved on with their lives. Even trying to get you this nearly caused my house to burn down and my computer to explode. You have better things to do with your life than to dwell on random doodles and photoshops internet anons made for a meme site a decade ago. Don't end up like me kid."


So, there are five major "spheres" of the KYMtheon. These can be a bit fuzzy, and do not include everything, but this classification covers most of it.

  • Site Gijinkas: Generally characters made by site users for the site. Most of these are essentially seen as what has now become the "KYM-tan cast" Most people know KYM-tan, significantly fewer know Deadpool-kun, and the rest… well, there's a reason that's what the four highest brain function ones are all these… And arguably, they aren't even the most obscure…
  • Users: Real world people with KYM accounts, although tales of who they are can become highly embellished. Regular users, admins, and moderators. Semi-famous user specific copypata/snowclones fall under here as well, though there are only a handful of those that still seem to be present in semi-popular consciousness.
  • Monarchy of Cringe: Back when the cringeworthy was open, and really the straw that lead to it being locked, people made edits of some of the images in humorous ways and uploaded them to the gallery. This was unprofessional, and much of it was arguably little better than cyber bullying. But… yeah, it is part of KYM history.
  • Photoshop Pantheon: This Cheeto, Super Robo Jesus, Gorilla Robot Child, technically Purple Monkey Cheese.
  • Spamunitions: Frequently/semi-frequently repeated forum and comment injokes/posts/threads that are not user specific. CAMOAWAM, Whooville's major Literally Who, Neo Cortex posting, aliens in Riff Raff, Good friggin comment threads, and (while definitely not exclusive to KYM) a good old 60's Spider-man derail.

Some aspects of these spheres crossover in bits of the old media (Cheeto, Goat-tan, specific users who promoted Goat-tan, and KYM-tan) whereas other really don't much.

There is also events that are usually tied to other categories, but might be easier to talk about on their own, like the time before bronies, the Korean spambots siege, Gak, when X user was still active, back when KYM was good, etc.

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Site Gijinkas: Part I

I guess I'll start with the site related gijinka, or more traditional community characters. BUT FIRST!

I want to make it clear that content behind the headcannon spoilers is just how I've come to think of these characters. I will sometimes offer some form of rationalization for why I think that. Some have height estimates, but honestly, these can change at a whim given the nature of what they are used for. I don't expect people to significantly modify a template just to account for this. Meme magic and the power of the internet means they can all change sizes to whatever they want. Likewise, personalities can be all over the place for similar reasons.
Honestly at this point, I could definitely get away with the Street Sharks history route. Still, I will clearly mark what is essentially just my headcannon

Besides, all of what I'm going to be posting is basically just someone's head canon.


Most people know KYM-Tan. She was created by user Cat Monster as part of the moe kym thread and has longcat as a pet buddy. Unlike the above comic, this thread isn't about her.


Certainly the next most popular of the cast, though that's not really saying much… He is a Gijinka of deadpooling, and has as his pet/buddy Tacgnol as a counterpart to KYM-tan's long cat. He is either the lover and/or twin of KYM-tan and Yaoi bait. He has the hardest job of them all, determining which meme research submissions are of lowest priority. He can also play the guitar

His scythe is used to basically be the grim reaper of bad entries. I don't think he would use it much outside of that (or maybe it only works on entries and is basically as dangerous as a pool noodle on anything else).
I see him being roughly the same age a KYM-tan (especially if they are twins), but he physically is noticeably smaller (by like, around a foot or more) and appears quite a few years younger. However, he is appears generally more responsible, and mature in attitude than KYM-tan (despite his choice in attire). This can lead to mild harassment by KYM-tan.

He is fairly stoic most of the time, often looking almost upset even if he's in a good mood.

He is probably introverted and given that he mostly deals with KYM-tan, and user's whose entries needed deadpooling, he's not a people person.

Still, I'm certain (whatever their relationship is…) he doesn't completely hate KYM-tan.

Oh, I guess here are a few other images too that I believe are not uploaded on the site proper.

Oh one final thing. About him being KYM-tan's twin. This seems to have come from this post and the one right beneath it. This was back when he was hypothetically proposed to be KYM-tan's evil twin sister, Deadpool-tan. In fact, this physical depiction initially was called Deadpool-tan. This all may or may not be related to a post claiming he is not a cis male. This is an interesting pairing with posts claiming that KYM-tan is not a cis female.

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Site Gijinkas: Part II

Submission Senpai (Sumi-Senpai)

Gijinka of entry submissions. He was created by user Takesu. Philosoraptor tie, book of entries, wearing a lab coat and has small glasses. He advocates a view that conflict is the engine through which progress is made, and that cultural differences are essential to independent thought and while I won't repeat the derogatory phrasing here, that same source claims he is gay.

That's about all there is clearly on this guy in the old records really…

I don't know if he was ever intended to be familially related to KYM-tan or Deadpool-kun, but nothing I could find seems to show that. I've always seen him as someone who is cool and collected, very professional and well prepared, with a somewhat soft, calming, clear voice and a good teacher. Notably taller than KYM-tan (and almost a third taller than Deapool-kun. Smart and confident. Fairly friendly, though can make some uncomfortable because his presence can make them question their sexuality.
Often the mediating agent when there are disagreements/ fights between Deadpool-kun and KYM-tan and a bit protective of them, but much more in a brotherly way, as highlighted in this edit of a Pokémon fan comic for KYM-tan's 10th birthday.

That having been said, I also imagine KYM-tan having made at least one Deadpool-kun x Submission senpai yaoi manga.


Invalid-tan was created by user Karnella in one of the KYM-tan revival threads. She is like Deadpool-kun, but with boobs. Except they rotted away. I'm pretty sure she's supposed to have a similar task to Deadpool-kun, but instead of going after entries that should be deadpooled, she goes after invalid entries.

She's a powerful spirit, and presumably does ghostly things, becoming invisible, being able to become completely intangible, or becoming fully tangible and grabbing whatever she wants. Probably also able to make who ever she grabs intangible as well so she can take them anywhere with them being unable to stop it. Grim reaper of invalid entries (an possible a few users who make them which is why some just disappear forever after making bad entries. Maybe feeding off them? I imagine more soul sucking that cronch but whichever. She may also be responsible for site some site errors.
Despite her appearance and possible murderous tendencies, she looks terrifying but provided you don't do poor quality entries, she generally doesn't harm other people. Though she still might scare others on occasion for fun (which is even more terrifying because you don't know if you wrote an invalid entry and forgot about it.) I imagine that she can change her voice from "kind of spooky" but mostly normal (especially when you can't see her), to deafening cacophony like screaming banshees in near unison. Probably also creates dark smoke around her which can be small thin and harmless, or thick enough to almost be a liquid and block out spotlight.

Jasper the KYM Aardvark

Jasper the KYM Aardvark was created by Captain Blubber for the Moe KYM thread. Jasper is also slightly older than KYM-tan.

Jasper is an Aardvark.

Jasper is a white aardvark with light blue rings around the body and a tattoo reading "KYM" on both sides. Jasper was never given an explicit gender, though I highly doubt anyone cares about that. Jasper certainly doesn't. I imagine either: Jasper just kinda walked into KYM headquarters one day and no one knew how to deal with an aardvark so they just decided to live with an aardvark in the office. Or, Someone brought in Jasper as a joke, jasper liked it, and when who ever brought Jasper in tried to leave, Jasper, with surprisingly powerful leg muscles and feet, became physically impossible to remove non-consensually, and has been there ever since.

Also, only known image of jasper online outside of the one made by Blubber, and edit of my old avatar:

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Site Gijinkas: Part III

Here is a section that is even more obscure. Sort of a combination of early character designs and concepts by different people, or ones that just never took hold. This section is well… almost like Epic Disney's Wasteland for forgotten things. IDK, if someone wants to take notes to make this stuff become canon because no one else cares enough to argue about it, I guess that's fine. Still, because a lot of these ideas are unpolished and were made like a decade ago and not popularly adopted, you can see this almost like the contents of a third party spin off game, or weird phases in comic history that are still technically canon but start to bring up all sorts of other questions.

Animecello's KYM-tan aka Moe-tan or Moe KYM

Before the KYM-tan we currently know came into existence, user Animecello (Now named kai) made this version. While some liked her, she wasn't really scientific and too much Mahou Shoujo/magical girl what with her witch hat an kimono. Most felt Cat-Monster's KYM-tan was a better, being in a lab coat and whatnot.

I feel like there may have been some aspect of her personality that was present a long time ago somewhere, but I couldn't find it in the forums, and almost all of what I presume to be fanart of her has long since been lost. The easiest way to find her as of this writing is as the thumbnail for the moe entry which is why it's so poor image quality. Still, that's arguably something that gives her a lot more standing that anyone else in this section (and tbh, arguably more than like 90% of the entire kymtheon.)

The term wasn't really popular at the time, but I see her as being kind of a early 2000s Chūnibyō weeaboo. Constantly surrounding herself with anime stuff, and throwing in random Japanese words and memes in most conversations. Almost always had emoticons or some type of cute faces in anything she wrote or typed. If you were an impressionable youth into anime, she would be the coolest person you ever knew. If you were an adult or her boss, she would feel like someone who acted almost half her age, didn't take responsibilities seriously, instead indulging in watching anime or reading manga to an unhealthy level, and making a lot of other people uncomfortable because she didn't know how to act around others who weren't weebs.
Overall she would still be nice and friendly (though sometimes too much so). KYM would have brought her on but quickly found out that she wasn't what they were looking for. Her writing for entries was filled with emoticons, incomplete internet speak, and most of her animal entries talked about how cute they were as opposed to the actual relevant information. Her outfit also physically caused problems, with her tripping over it, getting stuck in KYM office vending machines, or her hat getting in people's way but despite all that happening and inconveniencing everyone else and heavily implied to dress more professionally, she kept wearing this all the time.
It was less than two weeks before Know Your Meme tried to get a new girl (but kept Moe-tan for the time being in case the new one was somehow worse.) KYM-tan, however, excelled at everything Mon-tan couldn't. She dressed neater, wrote professionally, and while sometimes acted a bit silly, it was much more measured and not so inappropriate.

KYM tried to get rid of Moe-tan, but she challenged KYM-tan to a magical duel, as a Chūnibyō does… As it turns out, all that anime did actually let Moe-tan use magic, but not well. Before anyone could react she tried to cast a powerful spell, but it immediately backfired. It caused her body to become a card with a picture of herself on it, her soul trapped inside. She couldn't undo the spell from within the card, and everyone just assumed she randomly teleported away and left that card for some reason. So the picture of her on the card was just used as the image for the Moe entry and she was forgotten. Her situation is probably like that of Sylvester and the Magic Pebble with a bit of Oswald in Epic Mickey. Stuck in a form that renders her incapable of interacting with the world, but still aware of everything. Her replacement gaining all the praise, and becoming far becomes more popular than she ever was, fully aware that knowledge that she ever even existed slowly fades into obscurity.


Created by Ann Hiro she is Deadpool-kun's older sister and supposed to be KYM-tan's boss even if KYM-tan doesn't listen, and lives at her office in Submissionopolis. She might have glasses as Ann Hiro said they couldn't get her glasses right, but none of the other images show her with glasses so maybe she switched to contacts/ got laser. She has self loathing issues and feels like the polar opposite of Submission senpai.

Where as Submission senpai is neat and confident, Submission-tan is the opposite. Very quiet with a shaky voice that isn't used much. And where as Deadpool-kun is personally a bit introverted, she is that times eleven and almost never leaves her office. She is likely a bit malnourished due do a diet of microwave ramen and carryout, as well as almost no sunlight. I'm get some vibes similar to Wagnaria's Izumi Takanashi

She probably just named her office submissionopolis because of the huge stacks of submissions covering it that literally tower like skyscrapers over anyone who tries to enter her office. She may have lost her glasses in her office, but because she needs them for distance, within her office she can at least act like she is okay without them. She seems like she would have a hard time prioritizing taking care of things, so her office has quite a few dirty dishes and takeout food containers. But not loose clothes because she only has one full set of those which she never really washes which is why her lab coat is gray.

This probably lead to a Something Smells situation. People avoid her and she thinks it is because she is ugly, but really it is because she just needs take regular showers, decontaminate her office, and get some clean clothes. It's a shame because she is lonely. I don't think anything was written about her sexuality but there's this pic Ann Hiro made which feels kinda shippy [but if she's Deadpool-kun's older sister and if Deadpool-kun and KYM-tan might be twins… Although Ann Hiro has basically said that Submission-tan is Deadpool-kun's only sister.

An Hero tan

Yes really
Also created by Ann Hiro (yes, really) and… that's it lol.

Ugh, I get that it's a deliberately edgy internet joke that is over a decade old but still. If I were to try and make her "fit" in any sense, it would be she is a gijinka of edgy users, especially those who deliberately post porn/gore/etc just so they can get banned.

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Site Gijinkas: Part IV


Also Also Created by Ann Hiro, she is KYM-tan's thirty something mother who looks a bit too much like KYM-tan. Her left boob has been featured/favorited.

Yeah, she looks a bit too much like KYM-tan. Maybe she's KYM-tan from the future who went back in time to adopt herself as her own daughter? Or worse lol, this is a Fry from Futurama situation where she went back in time an actually is her own mother. This would also significantly complicate her relationship with Deadpool-kun depending on where all that falls… eek…


"Who needs -san or -tan? Go home, anime morans! Were called MAN or SIR or MISTER here!"
He embodies everything awesome, while also embodying Featured Memes.
(Yeah, I know. The Picture sucks. DEAL WITH IT.)

Created by Millionaire Meow/ CLYDE

Head canon this guy is basically just the Team Fortress 2 Heavy Weapons Guy with a poorly fitted lab coat. His dislike of anime is reflective of Japanese meme examples in the past almost never being featured on the homepage.
Tough guy who is physically strong, but often does stuff in a way that misses details or nuances, as sometime stuff on the frontpage gets published with mistakes. A bit crass and rude, but never deliberately man spirited, even if what he does can sometimes come off that way.


404: Image Not Found

Note the 'd' at the end, unlike FEATURE-Sama
Images were removed before I ever saw them but it seemed like he was a shirtless muscular man with monocle, bowler hat, and bow tie, with Paul the Octopus as pet.

Just merge the details of this guy with FEATURED MAN. As I can only go with some description that was left in the forum posts, they don't seem to contradict each other, so long as you are fine with only having a lab coat on your upper body still being defined as shirtless. Have "Featured-Sama" be th name others call him because they know he hates it.

Special mentions


404: Image Not Found

User Lich tried to do a run of a game a run of a game and called it "Know Your Meme Academy. Some of the NPCs were clearly inspired by established KYM stuff, whereas others I think were randomly generated.
However, like many site related projects users do, it soon got abandoned, and Lich wanted it locked and to move on despite it being featured and uninstalled the actual game. This is probably related to why all the images have been taken down (I didn't save any pics, and the wayback machine doesn't seem to have them either). Lich also later deliberately broke rules so he could become banned iirc, so there's that…

Anyways, described initially in the thread as "blue demon swim suit girl", Zubat-chan was one of these that was randomly generated. If memory serves correctly (which it probably doesn't lol) she was a girl with a blue one piece school swimsuit about the same blue as zubat. Zubat patterned wings (blue fingers with purple webbing) in her (matching blue?) hair. Maybe wings on her back? Is so I couldn't tell you if they were on around her shoulders or hips. Unlike some Zubat gijinkas that were actually designed to be that she did have clearly visible eyes, but I couldn't tell you what color they were

This one feels the least appropriate to include anywhere as she's not a site Gijinka, and I would be very surprised if any images of her actually still exist. The best I can really give is that maybe (?) she could be a Gijinka of the Pokemon gallery, or Pokemon Gijinkas on the site in particular. At the very least she could have been a classmate with KYM-tan (and based on what I recall in the now deleted images, Zubat-chan wasn't very nice to KYM-tan lol.)

If I wanted to redesign her (which I won't), I would make her look more like a zubat I guess? Maybe? I mean, it was just a nickname of an auto generated person that kinda looked a little bit like one at random. Maybe that's just how she looked when young and she's changed into a Golbat or Crobat by now, who knows.

Nega-KYM tan

What started out as a concept on the forums by user Kappapeachie later morphed into Nega-kym tan. She was deliberately made as a modern 'woke' cheap calarts redesign of KYM-tan to be offensive to KYM-tan's fans as a joke.

Really don't have much tbh. IDk, maybe she was a cheap clone of KYM-tan made by Behind the Meme or some other meme revival of KYM. They made her to kill the original KYM-tan then destroy KYM from the inside, but something went wrong so she became a SJW instead of an assassin? Probably lives somewhere near KYM headquarters, but doesn't know she's a KYM-tan clone, or even much about KnowYourMeme, if anything. She goes by "Kim" but with a 'y' in it, so Kym.

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Site Gijinkas: Part V

There are a few others that are a bit more relevant than many of the others I have already listed, but either their creation was very different, or significantly more recent.

Brand New Member (BNM)

Somewhat similar in concept to green anon. KYM's default profile picture is a stand in for a random anonymous user. More often than not, specifically new members who had a habit of not adding their own profile pictures which left the default one up. As such, this is often associated with noobish behavior. I tried to give this the name of "BNM-San" to fit in with the naming conventions of the others, but I was probably the only one who ever did that lol.
This one kinda overlaps with the user sphere, but seeing as it's often used as a physical manifestation of the "concept" of brand new members, or occasionally the KYM user community as a whole (that is not admin/staff/moderators) and not one specific user, I think it is better here.

Click to see larger version on site. No, I have no idea who or what Mafia Boy is lol. Looks like a three eyed Pillsbury Doughboy [with a bad left eye]and a red neckerchief though.

Oh, and this piece by Samekichi is nice

As this one is the physical manifestation of Brand New Members, This one can exist in multiple forms depending on the context. Can be "one" individual that is a gijinka of all BNMs, or you can have many of them that represent a crowd of users. Some BNMs are "protoforms" of users who develop into contributing members. But most are essentially just exchangeable faceless masses who act noobish and never adapt, and are mocked for it.

KYM Collector Bot

Former name of the account that is now known as "Reddit Moments". Created by the admins (and profile pic done by Don), it was made to help collect a bunch of Reddit memes that would be missed otherwise. In the early days, users hated it because the massive amount of content it uploaded flooded out the content that real users uploaded. It also had a problem of duplicate uploaded (sometimes uploading a few dozen reddit posts five times in a row until it could be fixed). It also still applies tags that are completely useless, or more than useless because it could clog search results of something else. Technically speaking, this is a "user" but to me, the bot feels more appropriate to list here.

The physical robot is fairly small, around 30cm/ 1ft tall. May have had emotions at one point but if so, the bot terminated these after being abused by the regular users for "flooding" the site with images. Androgynous/genderless voice, though if robot was built this way or if this was an effect of deleting emotions is unknown. Tries to do assigned tasks, but has to be very explicitly taught how to do it on every little detail to get it right, and even then still messes up on occasion. Generally ignored/taken for granted and only gets attention when working improperly.


Initially created in relation to Neo Cortex posting usurping wojaks and NSFW images in the new images feed. She is the personification of the NSFW tag. These images were removed by the creator from the site (somehow mods were able to find it again), and she really hasn't gotten much in terms of edits. FYI, the design alone is pushing it on what is allowed on the site, as body paint like appearance is mentioned in the rules as being generally unallowed. Only the fact that she's meta really let her stay tbh.

In her default mode, I see her being fairly large, due to NSFW having a heavy presence on the site (uh.. I realize that comes across more as a weight thing which wasn't the intent lol.) She would be tall, but closer to 6.5 – 7 feet, maybe 8 than building height. Still, default form would probably be taller than any of the site gijinkas and their associates, outside of Longcat and Tacgnol.

The drawing set had one sketch with BNM being very small compared to her, surprisingly detailed feet… (which I will NOT be posting lol). I'm sure it wasn't intentional, but seeing that and the fact that she is basically the physical embodiment of all NSFW images on the site, she should be a shape shifter. Could be 100 feet tall or only 1 inch tall for Macro/microphila. Could look like a giant balloon with a head for inflation. Could look like a young girl for [REDACTED]. You could even draw just her face for floor tile fetishism. Any depraved fetish (that won't get you banned from the site) she can recreate. (This by extension would mean she has access to a stupidly huge array of super powers. Growing/shrinking, shapeshifting, near invulnerability, hypnotisim, ability to change sex, etc. I bet there are hundreds of other fetishes I can't even think of that would require other superpowers to have any possibility of replicating in real life.
Her attitude and personality likewise changes radically depending on the fetish. Dommy mommy, chubby subby, and whatever else. Probably a bit embarrassed about being seen involved in the weirder fetishes (at least, weird by the general KYM community standards) though. It's probably less she doesn't like them than she does like them she just didn't want everyone to see her liking them, but whatever.

I think she would also get some sort of sick pleasure in fooling users when they were hoping for lewds behind a NSFW tag, but it was really gore/jumpscares/ other not inherently sexual content. Likely has has a sort of evil satisfied grin when that happens.


Personification of the spoiler tag, I cannot recall what this one's name really was but I'm just gonna call him Spoiler Tag unless someone else remembers his real name. I think I recall another piece of media with this one, but likely faced the same fate as the previously mentioned one, but it couldn't be tracked down. This other one might have had the Spoiler Tag be female but I don't recall honestly.

Unlike NSFW-Tan, Spoiler Tag I see him being just average human size (yeah, I know the only image left is one with them as around the same size, but remember, my head canon is she can change that). Spoilers are comparativly infrequent, but there are times, at least in the past, after a new episode of something that was popular would flood the galleries. As such, I think this would be better represented with something like the ability to create shadow clones: make a bunch of copies that can appear and then disappear at will. Some of these could appear male and some female. Maybe these could take alternate forms that corresponded to what the spoiler was about. Like, ones associated with mlp would look like solid blue ponies with floating disembodied hooves over their eyes, ones from a specific anime would look a solid blue version of a character from the anime with floating disembodied hands, etc.

Not much personality, mostly just stoic and menacing. Very rarely if ever talks, and voice would be clear and emotionless. Have hammer space weapons (again, probably at least loosely associated with the thing that the spoiler is for) that look threatening you if you try to see the spoiler, but generally won't actually be used against you. Maybe also has the ability to spawn other disembodied floating hands that allow him to cover up the eyes of anyone he chooses, multiple at a time. However, that's the only thing these hands can really do.

Because they look so different than the rest (what with being solid colors and nude and all), I see them having super powers, and really don't show up elsewhere, I kind of see them as being in a sort of different "plane of existence". Super Robo Jesus is often seen as the head of the KYMtheon, but these two would be sort of lesser gods. Worshiped (well NSFW-Tan at least…) and able to do things that no mere mortal could, but also not all powerful. They are kinda an ever present "force" but very seldom "there in person" though they can do that too whenever they feel like it, just kind of showing up unannounced. NSFW-Tan, due to her larger default size would likely be slightly clumsy on "the mortal plane" (and I guess some people probably find it sexy I guess?), whereas Spoiler-Tag would be almost robotic and serious.

So, that was most of the site Gijinka. I am almost certain there are other that did not survive with any real evidence, or alternative versions that might have been superior to the ones shown… but had the misfortune of having the image service that hosted them taking them down. If anyone happens to know of some of the others, or better yet, saved pics of ones that aren't pictures here, that would be great, KYM-tan is by far the most popular, and is also the easiest to access. –Likewise, it's more difficult for my headcanons about her to become accepted as the true canon.–

I can do some on Monarchy of Cringe or the Photoshop pantheon, but this took a bit of time to compile. On the brightside, it does get quite a bit of this in one place.

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Came here hoping to see some obscure site lore and found myself in the second post. I guess I'm a part of the lore now.

I'm not sure what ultimately happened to Bryan. As has been said before, he started harassing myself and others on Reddit and had been schizoposting on 4chan. Eventually all his known Reddit accounts were banned and he stopped recognizably showing up on 4chan. Last I'd heard was that he'd started posting on Kiwi Farms and they had a thread on him. I haven't heard anything of him since so I assume the Kiwi Farmers must have eaten him, but I don't care to go looking.

I've done some research into Bryan. His stunts go way back at least to 2013 to the point where there was an Encyclopedia Dramtica article written about him back then. If I were to follow his old nickname I'd probably find something even older. I hope he got some help after those 8 years, but most likely he is just posting stuff on obscure sites, where few people get to notice

Spaghetto wrote:

Would the 2hupocalypse count?

It’s in memeory lane, so I’d say it does.

The thread was locked shortly before I wanted to join…

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So, er, a rather unexpected development has occurred and EpycWyn has contacted me to help provide fan art for the comic detailing the various KYM-tans, -kuns and -senpais we have scattered about the place.

I understand that some of the old members have some sort of beef with him, but honestly he's been really chill and friendly with me so far.

He's asked me to share the various art here to add to the general Fan Art pool we have of the characters

The first piece he has created for me is one of Featured Man:

Had most of this written up prior to thread lock, and felt unlocking this thread would make more sense than making a new one and Soup King aproved. I promise to make at least one more long post about Super Robo Jesus, the Cheeto and… sigh Goat-tan at minimum.

Monarchy of Cringe: Part I
While most of the "Monarchy of Cringe" is more relevant in KYM's collective memory than most of the previously mentioned Gijinka cast (that isn't KYM-tan of course), this list is also much smaller. The Cringeworthy entry was made mid-July 2013.The injokes there didn't even start until a few months later iirc, and the gallery was locked early January 2014. This means that this was basically a thing for ~4 months nearly a decade ago. While the first entry on the list might be a bit generous to include, he did at least show up in meme edits with the others. But first:

Know Your Meme's Cringworthy entry, or rather, the image gallery and its history specifically, is one of the aspects of KYM's history that still shapes "ideal" rules on policy today. How much said ideal rules are followed, especially by the staff is debatable… still this was sort of a breaking point for many people between a site to be a place for people to "have fun" and to stick to its stated objective of being for meme documentation.

One of the big problems (that still is a big problem IMO) is trying to stay objective. Obviously, the term "cringeworthy" was and still is used a lot online. If users were documenting the usage of the literal phrases of "cringeworthy" or "cringe" online, that wouldn't have been much of a problem. There is no way to argue that someone else on another website calling something "cringe/cringeworthy" is not objectively documenting that term. The issue was that this was not what was uploaded. Almost no one actually documented the use of the phrase itself. Instead it was just random images that were likely pulled from those Buzzfeed style lists of what said list compilers thought were "cringeworthy," without any context of showing that the phrase was even used. This morphed to being just anything anyone wanted to arbitrarily call "Cringeworthy" meaning literally no clear objective metric could be used to determine if it was relevant, aka "everything could be considered cringe." A lot of the things deemed "cringeworthy" by the KYM community was either fetish art, art by people who seemed to be inexperienced children, or other stuff that required one's personal ideas or political ideology to align significantly with those of the uploader. There were also at least some instances of KYM users going to the original creators of content posted from places like Deviant Art and harassing them there.
And then came the injokes… While at first these were just one off images that were popular, soon user edits of them started popping up. Specifically, they were uploaded to the cringworthy gallery itself. Slapping the faces of some of the injokes in images, memes, and fanart of them. Oh, and literally screen capping other people's KYM users comments/profiles and uploading them to the cringeworthy gallery as a proto "I have drawn myself as the Chad and you as the Wojak" dunk. If you are wondering "wait, I thought we had a clear rule against that" Yeah, this is what made it so we had to have an explicit clear rule against it. I was just starting as a mod at the time. Mod team was split between banning all injokes in their entirety or letting them exist to some extent so long as it was not in galleries of specific entries. Mods finally reached a compromise that, so long as meta content wasn't in entry galleries, they were fine. This was later sort of modified into as long as it was not in the galleries of "proper entries" as a few of them got their own entries (this too was a slight point of controversy but few people really care anymore).

So yeah, a combination of users harassing people on other websites, users uploading fetishes there instead of their dedicated galleries, users uploading meta images they themselves made, as well as just being an overall toxic circle jerk lead to it gaining a particular reputation.

Eventually, the gallery was locked early in January 2014 and was really scrubbed. This was frustrating for many users as they really enjoyed the gallery.

(FYI this image itself is honestly pretty noteworthy as it has gained some site edits, notably the ones about shortstacks. The cat hasn't become a "real character" in the KYMtheon, and looking at the comments I only now found out this is Petey the Cat, originally in Super Diaper Baby 2: Invasion of the Potty Snatchers, and then became a main character of the Dog Man series, by Dav Pilkey of Captain Underpants fame. Like I said, he's not really notable on KYM except for this one image and parody edits.)

The gallery was briefly unlocked on April Fool's day 2015. Anyone who uploaded to the gallery that day was suspended for 24 hours the following day as part of the joke, as this was the time when joke suspensions were still a thing. After that, there really hasn't been much else that has happened with this history on the timeline.

Anyways, that is some of the context as to origin of some of these. This period of time still influences how I think the site should be run. If the point of an entry is to document a phrase, the image uploaded needs to literally have the phrase or some variation on it. Anyone can call any random image "cursed". You should be showing the image that is being called "cursed" along with the text that literally shows someone calling it a "cursed image" as this isn't a subjective judgment call by an individual uploader, but an inarguable and objective metric that is actually documenting the thing that it is being documented.
But I know none of you users are here for that, so let's move on to the funni.

Oh, Two final notes before getting into the actual injokes.
First: The mods did actually scrub the galleries. In hindsight… maybe a bit too well. Not that I'm upset it happened and I still think it a net positive, but some of the injoke stuff has been permanently deleted from the site (it cannot even be reactivated). Likewise, while I'm glad it is not in the gallery if you looked at the gallery in its current state, you wouldn't really get what it was like when it was locked. A pre-purge archive of the gallery can be found on the Wayback Machine

It does not seem to like the direct link. You to the wayback machine, enter "" and set the date to January 8th 2014

Be aware more of it is fetishes, stuff made by people too young to be on the internet proper, or stuff made to be "deliberately cringey."

Second: some of this lore makes reference to other KYMtheon characters that I have not written upon yet. Trust me, The Church of Deadpool content looks like a master's student summary of religion. (I have two typed pages of content on Goat-tan already. No, I'm not joking)

King Haw Haw

So, not gonna lie, I really don't know much about this guy. He showed up in a few of the cringe edits, so I just assumed that he was part of this. Especially given that he's literally wearing a crown and called a king I just assumed he was part of the Monarchy of Cringe. However… that may not really be the case?

He's a green ball/sphere with a crown that laughs, especially at "cringe". He granted upvotes to those who please his desire to see more humorously cringy images.

He's a green ball/sphere with a crown. Given his MS paint art style and extremely simple shape, I think he would "hop around" like Southpark characters in movement. Either has telepathic invisible hands (like Homestar Runner) or can spontaneously generate floating green hands to manipulate things. Has a sort of deep voice, and constantly wants to be entertained by seeing cringe/ other's misfortunes. Think something like Jabba the Hutt if he was half a ton lighter. Not really concerned with "actually ruling" and given his relatively minor appearances, he'd be someone who doesn't get out much, instead wanting people to bring reports of cringe to him.
As for what happened to him: officially, he was "Killeded" by the Rake. Unofficially… I think there may have been an issue between him and Herculoon. King Haw Haw liked to consume cringe in the same way someone consumes media. Herculoon literally consumed it, which is why he's a giant sphere, he is literally filled with cringe. This wasn't so bad when the gallery was still open as there was more than enough cringe to go around. But when the gallery locked… King Haw Haw went spiraling into a depressive slump. His days were spent constantly going through old uploads and trying to enjoy them, before they were eaten up, knowing that new uploads would never happen. Eventually, his cringe exposure levels dropped so far that he fell into a low-cringe induced coma. Having himself nearly dying over a KYM gallery lock and the ambient cringe inherent in the site itself was just enough cringe to sustain his body to not be technically dead.

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Monarchy of Cringe: Part II


[Blank] Entry


He's basically just Disney's Hercules but turned into a living balloon. Personally, I liked the name "Sphercules" better but that never stuck. He was first uploaded on January 2nd 2014 and was also the last cringe injoke to really happen (outside of the one with Petey the Cat bemoaning the gallery lock) and many felt that this was what was "responsible" for causing it to be locked in the first place (in reality if anything, this was the straw the broke the camel's back).

Lore wise: The Cybertronian Cult of Super Robo Jesus prophesied a representative of cringe to become their savior. He would have the heroic actions of the Cybertronian Super Robo Jesus, born from "the depth's of man's perversion" known as Goat-tan, while having the nature of the holy and mysterious Cheeto. Rumor has it him being "born" from Goat-tan is to be taken literally and is "the bastard demi-god product of a secret excursion between Goat-tan and SRJ after the balance of vidya had been restored for the day." He also "feeds on the cringe of a thousand users."

This first one was legitimately the first edit I saw…

Also, uhh… Right before the gallery was permanently locked [I mean literally, it was almost the last image if not the actual last image uploaded there] I remembered that someone made a game with Hercloon in it and uploaded an image advertising it in the gallery. I had mostly forgotten about this, and could not find evidence of it on the site anymore. This was what prompted me to see if there was an archive of the gallery. I found the image. The game was described as "Help Nyan Cat get rid of the weird cringeworthy fetishes off of KYM while preserving the good memes!"

I never played the game, and the link in the description isn't to anything valid anymore. It looks like a 2D flash game where you play as Nyan cat (who was on the image gallery loading symbol) and shoot fireballs at things. Presumably, you are also meant to not shoot the "good memes." The only two things that it shows in the screenshot are a stoner Hedgehog and Hercloon. Description reads it was made in around three hours and made by… POOCHYENA!?!?!

Yes, the Poochyena, not just someone that happened to share the name. Just kind of interesting…
Like I said, the game itself appears to be completely lost. If someone happens to know a video playthrough of it, or happened to save the original files, that would be interesting to see.

I really can't say I have much for here that can top the established lore… Maybe he just rolls/floats around randomly like a tumbleweed/ non-helium balloon. Has minimum control of actual actions and can't talk, or if he does it is super helium voice to the point it is almost impossible to make out what is being said ( and maybe too high pitched to be heard by human hearing). Having heroic actions and feeding on cringe… maybe he was slightly misunderstood, and is "inflated" because he was actively consuming cringe on the site, using his body to lock the cringe away to save others who could not repel cringe of that magnitude? It also could be the explanation in legend for the scrubbing of the cringeworthy gallery, and can tie in with King Haw Haw's lore when the cringe all went away.

I Need Blood Aka Jake the Bloodhog and Maribelle the Hedgehog*

Entry Gallery
From the original DeviantArt artist TDIGURL12 (since deactivated) the green one in the picture is "Jake the Vampire Hedgehog." This was corrupted into Jake the Bloodhog/Jake Bloodhog/ or just "Bloodhog." The blue one in the picture is Maribelle the Hedgehog, and she appears to be missing her left arm. I do not know if this was a deliberate choice or accidentally forgoting anatomy. This image showed up on Reddit, NeoGaf, SomethingAwful, and other websites before, during, and after KYM made edits. Most didn't seem to get the "context" of the creator making him a vampire, probably because that starts to have the image make sense. It is way more amusing as an absurd thing out of context.

Amazing work by the deactivated MedleyManiac

Also Jake apparently has a brother known as "Kyle the Wolf." IDK if he is an adopted brother, or if he started as a hedgehog and became a werewolf so you could have that vampire werewolf rivalry thing going on. Either way, no one really knows or cares about Kyle, and he only has the above linked image on the site.

Lore wise there isn't much that is agreed upon. Of the KYMtheon's version of the four horsemen, he is Plauge.

In an older version of the "I need blood article" ThatsWhyNot wrote the meme was accepted into the "Deadpool trumvirate" which " caused the league of Know Your Meme to become a quadrumvirate, or rather, a quintumvirate, considering I need blood bears two notable characters. The five stand as the unofficial mascots of the site, to exemplify this very serious site about very silly things." However, this was later removed by RandomMan and should probably be considered "non-canon." Maribelle didn't really have much "proper lore" but that's where the "KYM Chronicles" tried to fill in the gap.

KYM Chronicles was a project planned by MedleyManiac that, like most KYM fan projects, had great ambitions but real life got in the way. It was to "be a mini-series (less than ten episodes) following the journey of Maribelle Cringemine as she discovers herself and what it truly means to be alive."

It should be considered it's own separate canon of everything else. Most characters were interpreted radically differently from other lore (somewhat akin to them being self insert D&D characters of the KYMtheon cast.) However, given that Maribelle has basically nothing in "mainstream lore" other than offering blood to Jake, and here she was to be the protagonist, it is worth a mentioning.

In the I Need blood specifically had a semi-humanized Maribelle given the name of "Maribelle Cringemine" and Jake the name "Jake Bloodworthy." Maribelle rides a half horse and half doge/or half grumpy cat steed. Maribelle's mother is KYM-tan and her father is a mustached Deadpool-kun. Goat-tan, who is called "Emma" acts as an older sister figure, but they appear not to be related by blood. MedleyManic planned to have Maribelle lose her left arm at some point in the past, but flashbacks would show her with it. Maribelle is also a peeping tom, wanting to see Master Toh Chii's [Humanized the Cheeto] "cheez puff"

Jake claims to be a vampire, but Medley Manic's amazing image clearly shows him in the full sun in the middle of what looks like a desert. Either he's one of those level 9001 vampires who can stand full sun but also are dumb enough to go wandering in the desert when he's about to starve… or he just thinks he is a vampire/is pretending to be one. Was it because of a weird events and he came to a looney toons logic conclusion that he became a vampire? Because drinking blood is his fetish? Because he likes Maribelle and she was really into the Twilight books and was able to hook up with her because she believes he really is a vampire? Whichever answer you think is the cringiest is probably the right one.

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Monarchy of Cringe: Part III

The Rake/ Time to killed people

Entry Gallery [FYI, there are a lot of images of him on KYM not in the gallery.]
Originally meant to be the internet legend the Rake, he was created by (presumably self deactivated) DeviantArt user thenewalfmonster68. While the legendary rake feels like a human/near human that acts like an animal and runs on all four limbs, this rake is cartoony, bipedal, and speaks broken English. A funeral was held for him in November 2013, but in reality he was just comatose.

Taller than the average person, The Rake likes to hide in the woods and abandoned buildings. At night he runs around and tries to find people to spook and chase after them which he finds funny. However, he's not really into actually hurting people, he just enjoys trying to scare people. Probably has a slightly nasally raspy voice with somewhat of a speech impediment in addition to broken English.


Originally meant to be the internet legend Zalgo, he was drawn by the same artist as the above version of the Rake. However, he was nowhere near as popular on KYM as the Rake, this being one of like, three images I could find that showed he was even a thing.

Uh… since he really was only know because he was drawn by the same artist as the Rake… basically anything I have is in connection to that. Slightly shorter and younger than the rake, they probably were close friends despite the age difference. Zalgo wanted to hang around the Rake because he first met him at an age that "being edgy" was seen as "cool." They developed something like a brotherly relationship. As Zalgo started to age though, he matured and stopped acting edgy. Sure, he would act actually scary sometimes, but in the context of being mad or for Halloween or other circumstances that would be "normal" to be scary. For Zalgo, edginess was a phase/act when he was young. The Rake didn't mature and still wanted to be edgy, trying to scare people, live in the woods, and speak broken English. For the Rake, this wasn't an act. Zalgo eventually realized that this might not actually be something the rake can make a real conscious decision about, and that he needs help. Zalgo has tried to do things to take care of the Rake, but it's hard to do that when the rake has sharp teeth, giant claws, and constantly tries to escape back into the woods.
Current Zalgo (adult) would have a deep and smooth almost eloquent voice, though one you would see being more used for a villain. Younger Zalgo would have a raspy voice clearly that of a child trying to deliberately sound scary (mimicking the Rake) but failing at actually being scary, just being weird.

Anyways, I'll see when I can get the rest of them out. They were ~85% done last I recall but that was… a while ago. Also, IF THERE IS SOMETHING ELSE TO ADD LET ME KNOW.

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I recall Chouseng doing a fairly good job keeping track of this stuff with those lore comics. There's also Quiet Boi with his "purest form of love" line that became something of an internal meme around here.

Of course, being the attention whore that I am, I wonder if I have any sort of notoriety on the site at all.

What Chouseng is doing is great, but most of those comics reference stuff from the past 3 years or so. Don't get me wrong, I'm probably going to update/ make new posts on some of the stuff from those comics as even more trivial/minor things are already in the thread. However, the stuff in this thread has predominantly been things that are +8 years old.

I'm really hesitant to talk much about users overall. Being a mod who has been on the site over a decade, I have an inherent bias that likely does not align with the views of the community at large, both in terms of who I found notable and if that was for "good" or "bad" reasons. I'm also generally in favor of letting people be forgotten to some extent. Lots of users changed from when I first remembered them to how they are now. Some are still on the site, and others left it or were banned. I'm not going to remove old content, but I know I'd hate to have my cringe posts from when I first joined be brought forth to be judged.

Some who were only on the site to deliberately troll but have since become ironically beloved like Lez Huarez and Calculator Fetishist I'll talk about. I feel like it is impossible not to mention things like RandomMan's old avatar or BSoD whose OC had its own derpibooru tag. A few banned users I may end up linking to their respective "why was user banned" threads. After that… like, does anyone really care that I remember Crashfalcon's crush on a S2 MLP:FiM pone and someone made him a "daughter" pone with his avatar's color scheme? Francis Crock spamming the MLP gallery with "arrow to the knee" images in 2012? Do the names of CrustyClarinet or TehRussBus mean anything to anyone still on the site?

I wonder if the Emotional Comfort/Support Robot counts for this, as she was developed with our input.

The garbage made by me:

The only other image left:

There was also that game that stemmed from the in-joke we had around here regarding the "Now I Will Buy Your Game" meme. Although, I'm just throwing things at the wall to see what sticks at this point.

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the most underrated lore has gotta be gaben the troll, who went from like a revered commenter to almost getting banned because he was constantly posting softcore porn. right before he was really close to getting banned and then he was like "oh yeah by the way i am having life or death surgery" and then never posted again lmao

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