Don't Blink "The Weeping Angels"

Don't Blink "The Weeping Angels"

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When the revival series of Doctor Who aired the episode "Blink" from series 3 in June 2007, a new monster was created. The Weeping Angels are a species of winged humanoids from the early universe, so called because they cover their faces, giving them a weeping appearance, to prevent trapping themselves in stone form for eternity. The Weeping Angels have the ability to move creatures back through time with a touch. This allows them to consume the potential energy left behind by the people they send back. What makes them horrifying is that they remain statues if they are looked at but once they out of sight, even in a blink, they can move terribly fast and kill you. Thus the tagline "Don't Blink" was born.



Don't blink.
Blink and you're dead.
Don't turn your back.
Don't look away.
And don't blink.
Good Luck.

"Fascinating race, the Weeping Angels. The only psychopaths in the universe to kill you nicely. No mess, no fuss, they just zap you into the past and let you live to death. The rest of your life used up and blown away in the blink of an eye. You die in the past, and in the present they consume the energy of all the days you might have had, all your stolen moments. They're creatures of the abstract. They live off potential energy."

The Weeping Angels returned in 2010 for a two parter episode of Doctor Who thus increasing their popularity among the fans and the internet.

Many references have been posted on sites and other forms of video and forums with only those that know of the episode getting it. Among these references we have also, "The Angels Have the Phone Box" which comes from the quote when the Weeping Angels took the Doctor's time machine The T.A.R.D.I.S which is in the shape of a phone box, and "An Image of an Angel Becomes an Angel". Pictures, quotes, T-Shirts, and other forms of fandom have made The Weeping Angels an under the radar meme. Among the many variations and alterations these monster have had many have been Youtube based with fans creating their own versions and fan tributes:


The Weeping Angels even made it to the Creepypasta website adding to their collections of myths, legends, and monsters the frightening angels:

from Creepypasta- -

The Angel

A few years ago, a mother and father decided they needed a break, so they wanted to head out for a night on the town. They called their most trusted babysitter. When the babysitter arrived, the two children were already fast asleep in bed. So the babysitter just got to sit around and make sure everything was okay with the children. Later that night, the babysitter got bored and went to watch TV, but she couldn’t watch it downstairs because they did not have cable downstairs (the parents didn’t want children watching too much garbage). So, she called them and asked them if she could watch cable in the parent’s room. Of course, the parents said it was ok, but the babysitter had one final request… she asked if she could cover up the angel statue outside the bedroom window with a blanket or cloth, at the very least close the blinds, because it made her nervous. The phone line was silent for a moment, and the father who was talking to the babysitter at the time said, “Take the children and get out of the house… we will call the police. We do not have an angel statue.”

The police found all three of the house occupants dead within three minutes of the call. No angel statue was ever found.

The Statue

You some how wake up surrounded by very tall hedges. You are very disoriented and groggy. As you observe your surroundings, you realize that you are in a very complex hedge maze. The hedges are 10 feet high and impossible to see over. There is a light fog dispersed throughout the area. You don’t know how you got there or why you’re there. All you know is that you want to get out as quickly as you can.

You feel a strange sensation as you explore the large maze. As you explore the maze, the fog becomes thicker and your heart becomes heavier. After several hours of wandering, you end up in what appears to be the heart of the maze. Your body freezes as your eyes lay upon a large stone statue of some sort of disfigured creature. The statue is missing one of its arms. Its feet and one hand look like that of a reptilian. Its face is deformed and difficult to see and clear features. But there is one feature you can recognize; a revolting, twisted grin with sharp jagged teeth. Your body is still frozen as if though someone had paralyzed you. The statue appears to be looking right at you from about 500 feet away. There is something very unsettling and disturbing about this particular statue.

You realize that you can still blink your eyelids. You blink once. It’s as though the statue had moved closer towards you. You think to yourself that it’s just your wild imagination. You blink again. The statue still appears to be moving closer still. You try not to blink anymore, but your watery eyes get the best of you. As you blink several times, the statue creeps closer and closer. It eventually reaches the point when the statue is only 5 feet away from where you’re standing. The grin on the statue appears to be larger and more disturbing then ever. It’s as though you can feel it breathing right upon your face. You are struggling to keep your eyes open. As your eyes water and become very irritable, you become fearful on how close your next blink will bring the statue. Your eyes close.

Apart from Creepypasta, the term 'Don't Blink' and the Weeping Angels themselves appeared in the form of a song from the band Chameleon Circuit in June 2009 entitled BLINK. The song centers around The Weeping Angels.

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With the unofficial (but fanon) naming of a brown background pony with a wild brown mane and a hourglass-cutie mark as "Doctor Whooves" (or "Doctor Whoof"), lots of Doctor Who Memes have been found in the series "My little Pony: Friendship is Magic".
One of them is "Don't blink". There are some stone statues (as ponies) to be seen in the series and some of them, due to slipping animators (or secret Whovians?), disappear in the next shot or different camera angle, many Bronies (while watching episodes together on streams) type in "Don't blink!" when those scenes are seen.
I am uploading some MlP:FiM pictures here with Weeping Pegasi.
(The two with pictures from the series are not shopped)


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