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Lord Marquaad E, also known as Lord Farquaad / Markiplier E, refers to a deep fried image of the face YouTube Let's Player Markiplier photoshopped onto the head of Lord Farquaad from Shrek with the letter "E" in impact font overlaying the image. Later edits posted the face over an image of Mark Zuckerberg's Congressional Hearings. The character was then edited in several templates referencing the absurdity of modern memes.


The image of Markiplier on Lord Farquaad's face was posted May 25th, 2015 by Twitter user and YouTuber Cyndago (shown below).[7]

The earliest known deep-fried, "E" post of the image came February 15th, 2018 on Tumblr blog photo-frier,[1] where it gained 728 notes (shown below).


The image began seeing further spread in April of 2018. On April 11th, the image was included in a Memes Then, Memes Now template in a post on /r/dankmemes,[2] where it gained 3,884 points (shown below, left). It was later posted to /r/me_irl,[4] where it gained over 7,000 points. An edit which placed the head onto Mark Zuckerberg's body was posted to /r/deepfriedmemes[3] on the 13th, gaining over 15,000 upvotes (shown below, right).

FI DOWNLOADA MOVIE IN JAMAICA Memes then AMIA PIRATE OFTHE CARIBBEAN? Memes now Markiplier with Lord Farquaad hair and Mark Zuckerberg's body

In the following weeks, the image was posted in various templates, often in templates commenting on the bizarreness of modern memes. For example, an /r/dankmemes post from April 23rd, 2018 included the image in the Why Is Millennial Humor So Weird? template, gaining over 23,000 points and greatly contributing to the spread of that template (shown below, left). On /r/dankmemes the same day, the image was posted in a type of I Bet There Will Be Flying Cars In the Future joke, gaining over 1,000 upvotes (shown below, right). The meme was inquired about in two /r/OutOfTheLoop[5][6] threads.

Outlook Perspective Why is millennial humor so weird? Comedy that appeals to young people can be surreal and dark-and completely meaningless. 1950: In the future, I bet literature and culture will have advanced to be greater than ever before 2018:

The meme was covered by The Daily Dot[8] on May 2nd, 2018. On May 26th, PewDiePie referenced the meme in a video that gained over 4.2 million views (shown below).

M and C

On June 6th, /r/dankmemes user thezerg505000[9] posted a picture of Markiplier's face photoshopped onto Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles with the letter "M," gaining over 6,700 points (shown below).

This was the first of a slew of jokes using the character. Some of the most popular include another post by thezerg505000 which paired the image with a fake headline, gaining over 7,000 points (shown below, left). User Mrgglock posted an image saying that there would eventually be enough letter memes to make "e=mc^2" in meme characters, gaining over 4,400 points (shown below, right).

Outlook Perspective Are memes evolving too quickly? Scientists discover a new meme that is at least 10x stronger than the last. Does this prove the theory of Meme Evolution hypothesized by black science man? In the far future, we will the far future, will enough memes to spel

The latter post inspired other users to attempt to start a Markiplier face meme with "C" (examples shown below).


Various Examples

if I get like Can name our Son Asteamy meme 34 Shares Like Comment Share 00 252 Gladys What the hell is this and why did my grandson like it 2 hours ago Like 104 Reply Write a comment... Post News Feecd Requets Messange Notications More when you walking Memes then Memes now WANTS ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE TO HAPPEN Memes then FIRST ONE TO DIE eno Memes now lim 1+ In

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