Los Pingüinos Me La Van a Mascar meme.

Los Pingüinos Me La Van a Mascar

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Los Pingüinos Me La Van a Mascar refers to a Spanish version of the Penguins of Madagascar in which the penguins' names are Kawazaki, Cago, Krico and Estriper. A 3D animation of the dub went viral on YouTube and TikTok in the early 2020s, leading to a peak in relevancy in late 2023. Various dubs of the meme surfaced as early as 2020, with the original posted to TikTok. Various voices reiterating the same phrasal format surfaced after. The most notable voiceover was posted to TikTok in late 2022.


Currently, the earliest known version of the "Los Pingüinos Me La Van a Mascar" meme was a since-deleted TikTok video posted by TikToker[1] @frankypinto24 sometime before September 1st, 2020, in which he said the Spanish names of the penguins and laughed at "Estriper," adding a voice effect to himself.

Evidence of the video comes from a duet posted by TikToker[2] @gaelvm1412 on September 1st, 2020, which received roughly 112,500 plays and 4,700 likes in three years (shown below).

@gaelvm1412 #dúo con @frankpint los pingüino me la van a mascar XD #fyp #parati #foryou ♬ Nunca supe cómo se decía – Mau Sandria


The TikTok sound[3] of @frankypinto24's deleted video earned usage going into 2020, such as a video posted by TikToker[4] @emiliocervera.m on September 8th, 2020, which received roughly 1 million plays and 93,300 likes in three years (shown below, left).

Roughly a year later, on July 13th, 2021, TikToker[5] @lusosayschao posted a video that referenced the original audio, in which he listed out the names of the penguins, gaining roughly 3.6 million plays and 580,700 likes in two years (shown below, right).


Los pingüinos me la van a maskar 🥴

♬ Nunca supe cómo se decía – Mau Sandria

@lusosayschao #greenscreen #lentejas #viral #guatemala #help #fypシ ♬ The god ending – Djdndndnd

The most notable form of the "Los Pingüinos Me La Van a Mascar" meme was seemingly posted on December 11th, 2022, by TikToker[6] @enrique_arcos, who received roughly 1 million plays and 119,000 likes in 11 months (recording shown below).

The video's audio was used in other viral videos, like one uploaded by TikToker[7] @usiel._.edits._ on December 15th, 2022, which received roughly 499,100 plays and 52,900 likes in 11 months (shown below).

@usiel..edits. #CapCut #lospingüinosmelavanamascar #hola #noviral #humor blank" href="https://www.tiktok.com/tag/xd?refer=embed">#xd blank" title="♬ sonido original – Usiel:EDIT" href="https://www.tiktok.com/music/sonido-original-7177543936599149317?refer=embed">♬ sonido original – Usiel:EDIT

3D Animation

On April 6th, 2023, YouTuber[8] Raptorcito Films uploaded a 3D animation that used the audio of TikToker[6] @enrique_arcos' video. Over seven months, the video received roughly 154,500 views and 9,800 likes (shown below).

In late 2023, the 3D animation received viral reposts on TikTok which started a TikTok trend that involved its exploitable usage. The trend predominantly started with a cropped repost shared by TikToker[9] @ilove_pupsiks on November 10th, 2023, gaining over 6.9 million plays and 1.2 million likes in five days (shown below, left).

As stated, the animation was used as an exploitable thereafter, as evident in a stylized edit shared by TikToker[10] @joxem.7 on November 12th, 2023, receiving over 2.7 million plays and 306,300 likes in three days (shown below, right).

@ilove_pupsiks #capcut #fyp #lospenguinos #madagascar #penguins ♬ original sound – 🥵💦you're pupsik🐸👽

@joxem.7 Los pingüinos me la van a m*scar👻#fypシ #epik #trending #edit #alightmotion #lospinguinosdemadagascar #lospinguinosmelavanamascar #wazaaaaaaaaaaaaa👻👻👻 ♬ sonido original – Joxem

La Familia Simpson vs. La Familia de Peppa Pig

La Familia Simpson vs. La Familia de Peppa Pig refers to the intro of an animated rap battle video in Spanish that pits The Simpsons family against the Peppa Pig family. The video was originally uploaded to YouTube" in 2021, by the channel La Banana Roja. Starting in mid-2023, the video's intro was posted to TikTok in various moldy and low-quality reposts. Thereafter, many memes using the intro's audio surfaced on the platform, including photo slideshows.

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