Mom Said It's My Turn On the Xbox

Mom Said It's My Turn On the Xbox

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Mom Said It's My Turn to Play On the Xbox refers to a series of image macros in which a particular character says that the titular line. The jokes generally use the phrase sarcastically and show a geeky or unattractive-looking character.


The earliest version of this meme was posted on December 7th, 2017 by Twitter user @CrippledDick,[1] who used a screenshot of an alien figurine behind an open door. The picture is accompanied by the quote "Mom said it's my turn to use the Xbox." The tweet gained over 32,000 retweets and 88,000 likes (shown below).

peter CrippledDick Follow "Mom said it's my turn to use the Xbox" 1:52 PM -9 Dec 2017 32,146 Retweets 88,827 Likes e。書つ圂。 201


After the popularity of that tweet, the phrase began seeing use with other characters. For example, an image macro of a teddy bear[2] bearing the same quote was posted to /r/Me_irl/ on January 27th, 2018, gaining more than two thousand points (shown below, left). A similar edit posted in a tweet by @Dastonio with Shirtless Kylo Ren[3] gained five thousand retweets and fourteen thousand likes (shown below, right).

mom said it's my turn on the xbox Das @Dastonio mom said it's my turn to play the xbox 2:16 PM - Dec 18, 2017 14.5K 5,213 people are talking about this

The Kylo Ren edit was later painted by Lushsux next to an image of Buffsuki (shown below, left). Meanwhile, the bear character appeared in several more edits posted to /r/me_irl. For example, a post which made the bear much larger from January 28th, 2018 gained over 4,300 points (shown below, right).

The SQUARE UP THOT AOM SAI D TS My TURN ON THE X BOX rs CO pas QLUSHSUX Lohg mother says it is my turn on the entertainment apparatus

Various Examples

the female who has given birth to us both irn the womb has specifically stated that it is now my primary function for three hours is to use the electronic machine. Please leave the area. Mom said it's my turn on the Xbox Mom says it's my turn to play Xbox MOM SAID IT'S MY TURN ON THE KBOK mom said it's my turn on the xbox "Mom said it's my turn to use the Xbox"

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[1] Twitter – @crippledDick

[2] Reddit – /r/Me_irl/

[3] Twitter – @Dastonio

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