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Aphobe List

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The Aphobe List is a comprehensive list comprised of more than 2,000 Tumblr users who have been accused of expressing derogatory statements toward asexuals on the microblogging site.


The term aphobic is used to label anybody who disagrees with the notion that asexual or aromantic people (colloquially referred to as "aspec" and "arospec") should be included in the LGBT+ community, which has been a frequent subject debate on Tumblr. On April 27th, 2017, Tumblr user dandymeowth published a list of people accused of expressing aphobic views, along with a link to an extension allowing readers to block all of the Tumblr users at once.[1]


The list began circulating in late December 2017, when popular blogs began ironically asking whether or not their username had ended up on the list. This post was later updated to remove the user names. On December 27th, Tumblr user weedeater420[3] posted a fake Donald Trump tweet praising dandymeowth's patriotism (shown below, left). That day, Tumblr user sakuino[2] posted a joke that the aphobe list is actually the Death Note, gaining over 2,200 notes within 24 hours (shown below, right).

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump Following Appreciate the patriotic work of DandyMeowth in identifying those 25K LOSERS and APHOBES! RETWEETS LIKES sakuino aphobe list turns out to be the death note 2,246 notes

On December 28th, 2017, an anonymous 4chan user submitted a thread about the list to the /lgbt/ (lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender) board (shown below).[4]

ASEXUALS!!! Anonymous 12/28/17(Thu)03:11:32 No.9339797 ▶ 9339888 Are they lgbt or no? I wanna know what yall think. On an interesting note apparently someone made a list with thousands of people calling it the 'aphobe block list. What a good end to 2017. http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/sites /aphobe-list aphobe Anonymous 12/28/17(Thu)03:36:19 No.9339887 0 Anonymous 12/28/17 (Thu)03:36:41 No.9339888 Statistically speaking asexuals are identical to celibate sexual people, making it one of those "special snowflake" groups not worth analyzing based on empirical evidence alone, c.f. men who have sex with men but refuse to identify as homosexual or bisexual in survey. Those are c----, not a special class >Whether the primary component of asexuality is behavioral (a lack of sexual behavior), desire-based (a lack of sexual desire), or identity-based (labeling oneself as "asexual") is debatable. Indeed, even among those who identify as asexual, there is a lack of agreement regarding the degree to which an absence of sexual behavior or desire is a necessary component of asexuality (Prause and Graham 2007; Jay 2005; Westphal 2004) >As anticipated, the prevalence of asexuality among U.S. females and males is the highest when only asexual behavion is used as the criterion.. given that our sample of U.S. males and females is between the ages of 15 and 44, it is likely that some of these individuals not yet ever having sex will have sex at a later time >The next highest level of prevalence of asexuality was indicated when only self-identification is used, followed by the combination of behavior and self-identification. It is important, however, to reiterate that the something else" category in the NSFG question pertaining to the identification of one's sexuality is surely an overinclusive measure of asexuality "Patterns of asexuality in the United States" published in Demographic Research.

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