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Teen Titans is a DC comic book series starring the eponymous Titans, a team of young superheroes. An animated spinoff series of the same name was created in 2003 which received universal praise from the majority of the online community.


The first incarnation of the Teen Titans appeared in the DC comic "The Brave and the Bold." The team was initially composed of Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad, who were later joined by Wonder Girl and Speedy. Each of the original Teen Titans had initially served as sidekicks or protégés to older superheroes (Batman, the Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern, respectively).[8]

The first issue of the Teen Titans comic books was published in 1966. The series ran until 1973 and was rebooted in 1976. This second run lasted until 1978. Since then the series has had several reboots and name changes. The series in its most modern form is being published to this day.[8]

An animated TV series based on the comics aired from 2003 to 2006.[8]

Main Characters

There have been dozens of Teen Titans throughout the comic's fifty-year history. Listed are some of the primary team members.

Robin is the leader and a cofounder of the Teen Titans. He was initially Batman's sidekick and later came to be known as Nightwing. He has no powers, but he has technology and skill. Multiple people have served as Robin; the second and third Robins have also been members of the team. He is a main character in the animated series.

Kid Flash was one of the first Teen Titans. He has the ability to run at extreme speeds. Later in his life he serves as the Flash.

Wonder Girl, the sister of Wonder Woman, was an early addition to the team. She served as leader when Robin was unavailable. Her powers include supernatural strength and flight. After she departs, a second Wonder Girl eventually joins the team.

Beast Boy, also known as Changeling, can turn into any animal. He has green skin and hair, and his animal forms are green. He is known for being a jokester and his attempts to be a lady's man. He is a main character in the animated series.

Raven is a young woman from another dimension with powerful magical abilities. She is mysterious and very stoic. Her magic and clothing are dark, leading people to fear or mistrust her. She is a main character in the animated series.

Starfire is a princess from the planet Tamaran and a love interest of Robin. She is a strong warrior, a formidable opponent, and less merciful that some of the other Titans. She is a main character in the animated series, where she is depicted as being more sweet and innocent.

Cyborg is half man, half robot. He was the victim of an accident that destroyed most of his body, which his scientist father replaced with robotic parts. He is a main character in the animated series.

Terra is a girl who can telepathically control stone and earth. For a time she was a love interest of Beast Boy. She appeared in the animated series.


The animated series has been praised for having good stories, well-made characters, and funny dialogue. It was given an average score of 7.4/10 on IMDb by 12,763 users [6] and an average score of 8.8/10 based on 6,200 votes on tv.com[7].

The animated series was nominated for several rewards in 2004 and 2005. Fans of the comic books criticized the animated series for having a lighter tone than the comics. Producer Sam Register responded to this criticism in an interview, stating that "the main mission was to make a good superhero show for kids." The show still has a sizable fan base years after its cancellation.

Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go!, a spinoff of the 2003 animated series, first aired in 2013. It is largely comedy-driven, while the original series was more action- and drama-oriented. There was a large backlash against the comedic elements of Teen Titans Go among fans of the original series. Additionally, many fans voiced disapproval over the show's portrayal of the characters' personalities. In an interview, Teen Titans Go creators Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic stated that they never watched the original show, leading to more backlash from the fans.[9]


A Teen Titans Wiki exists that currently has 456 pages.[1] There are roughly 38,000 fan fictions for Teen Titans in FanFiction.net, making it the cartoon with the second largest amount of deviations, only falling behind Avatar: The Last Airbender.[2] Searching 'teen titans' on DeviantArt's search bar gives a massive 128,575 results.[3] The 'teen titans' tag on Tumblr also yield a large amount of results, including a confession blog and various other blogs dedicated to the 2003 cartoon.[4][5]

Various Examples

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Opening and Theme Song Parodies

The opening of the show along with the theme song sung by Japanese band Puffy Ami Yumi have seen multiple deviations.

Titans Leaked Photos Controversy

Titans Leaked Photos Controversy refers to an online controversy regarding reactions toward behind-the-scenes photographs for the upcoming live-action superhero film Titans based on the Teen Titans animated series.

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Lord DIO
Lord DIO

TTG is officially making fun of fans of the original show. One of the recent episodes was titled, "The Return of Slade" and started out with Robin stating it was time to do battle with their worst enemy again. I was excited to finally see Slade on the show, one of the most serious and dark villains from TT. They gave him this big build up for a full minute before, after they leave the tower, we get a shit title card before they arrive back at the tower with Slade's mask in tow.

I fucking raged. They talked about how epic it was and how the adventure was structured much like the original series. (action, suspense with a touch of comedy) The rest of the episode has nothing to do with Slade. They litterally gave us the middle finger. Fuck you CN, fuck you producers and writers of TTG. Go fuck yourselves.


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