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Mark E. Fischbach is a 24-year-old YouTube let’s player based in Cincinnati, Ohio, now in Los Angeles, California, who uploads playthroughs of various video games. He is also a member of Polaris with other gaming personalities like the Game Grumps. He has accumulated more than 1,000,000 subscribers, and makes a video every 25,000 subscribers or so to show his gratitude. He is prominently known for his videos pertaining to ‘Slender’, ‘SCP: Containment Breach’, ‘Drunk Minecraft’, ‘Happy Wheels Highlights’ and his charity live streams.

His name (Markiplier) is a combination of his first name, Mark, and the word ‘Multiplier’. He is half Korean and half German. Despite his background, he’s only fluent in English (He did attempt to speak Portuguese, but it ended horribly. You may find this in his Pesadelo Let’s Play). He occasionally hosts charity livestreams in which he raises money to donate; he has raised $69,608.43 and he raises money by playing video games. He also has animated videos of himself made by LixianTV posted on his channel.

Markiplier plays with a style contrasting that of many other Let’s Players on YouTube. While some, such as ChaoticMonki, play with a subdued, sarcastic, and sometimes panicked mood, and others such as PewDiePie play with a constantly confused, panicked, and action-packed way, Mark plays with a comical mixture of both. When things are quiet, he thinks and calms down before trying to solve the puzzle.

He commonly takes on an exaggerated facade of courage and bravado when clear of danger, proclaiming his superhuman strength, bravery, and incredible good looks. He (jokingly) overstates either his gaming skills, or his incompetence with solving puzzles, and threatens off-screen monsters, and sometimes real people, with a variety of awkward-often chair related-violence. Upon the appearance of an enemy, he often panics, giving his trademark (no pun intended) screams and fleeing towards the nearest available closet. Upon the departing/escape from the threat, his smooth attitude returns and so do his jeers of derison towards the game’s antagonist.

However, on games such as Cat Mario or Give Up, or any nonsensical puzzle, he goes into a fit of rage. He is often very fired up while playing such games.

Alongside his suave and sonorous voice, Mark has a well-trained eye for quality in games, praising especially creative or innovative features, especially physics.

After playing a game, he will often pause for a minute before ending the video to talk about the quality of the game, what it did and didn’t do well, as well as giving the developer advice as to how to make the game better.


Every single month, usually on a Saturday, Mark has a charity livestream. He changes the recipient of the charity every single month. Sometimes the charities are local to his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, other times they are not. Mark has done numerous livestreams on Twitch. He has also done a few major charity livestreams, one of them being the $8000 Cancer Research Charity Donation and an almost $7000 donation to an organ charity. His most recent livestream event, held on May 18th, 2013, Mark and his community were able to raise over $20,000 for the “American Cancer Society” charity in under 9 hours. In total, Mark, with the continued support of his loyal subscribers, raised $105,625.43 since the last charity livestream.


A few of Markiplier’s most popular videos are those of his Slender playthroughs. He has mastered many of the Slender games, including Prison, Claustrophobia, Hospice, 7th Street, Mansion, Slender: The Arrival (even doing playthroughs of Hardcore and the Steam update), and more. After trying a few times, he dedicated a few of his videos to a serious playthrough of Slender: Haunt, which he eventually mastered as well. He has yet to complete the original Slender: The Eight Pages, Carnival, or Christmas Special. The Christmas Special, (Which replaces Slenderman with a jolly Santa Claus, the grim music with Christmas music, buildings with gift boxes, and static with “Ho ho ho!”) Mark says, is truly horrifying in its own way while also apparently destroying his childhood.
He seems to have grown quite fond of Slenderman, as seen in his playthrough of the indie game called Evil, where a gargantuan version of Slenderman was seen. With such appearances, he took to calling Slenderman “Slendy.” He has used Slenderman as part of his The Fall of Slenderman video, which introduced his ballsy alter-ego, Wilfred Warfstache.

Wilfred Warfstache

Wilfred Warfstache is a persona in which Mark is wearing his symbolic pink-mustache. He has a few of them, ranging from very small to very large. Under this persona he is fearless, cocky, and always laughing in the face of danger. He talks with a different tone of voice than his regular persona. The most common time Warfstache comes into play is when Slenderman is involved. While Mark has used this persona for a multitude of purposes, the persona most commonly consists in thumbnails and fan art, whereas there are only a few videos where he has taken on the Warfstache persona.

Indie Games

Markiplier has played many indie horror games, dedicating an entire playlist to them. He takes suggestions from his subscribers as well as finding them out himself. Sometimes, Yamimash recommends indie games to him, or he plays games that Yamimash played that he finds intriguing.
Though he has received requests to play games built on RPGMaker, such as Ib or Mad Father, he has stated in a video before that he feels that such games are silly, and aren’t really his style. However, due to very good criticism about the RPG game The Witch’s House, Mark decided to “give it a try”. After the gameplay, Mark admitted he had a wrong idea about RPG games and that them too can be scary. Since The Witch’s House, Mark has played Paranoiac and Mad Father, and has asked his viewers to suggest more games to play.

If you want to check the play list out click here.

While he plays the games he occasionally gives a critique. While playing “Evil,” an Indie Horror Game, Mark was not amused. He could not find the objective of the game, and while he liked a few mechanics of the game, he did not think that the slow-paced and clumsy controls kept the atomsphere going. Whatever atmosphere the game had grown in the first moments of the experience was completely obliterated soon after. A balloon version of Slenderman left Mark confounded, also stating that one couldn’t just put scary stuff in a game and have it actually scary.

Some Indie Games that he has played include, but are not limited to:

Hide, Stalked, One Late Night, Evil, Hyde, Slendytubbies, Inside, The Corridor, Maze, Hylophobia, The Rake: Return to Asylum, The House, The House 2, Where Am I, Bunny Man: Lost Souls, Labyrinth, Labyrinth (as in Greek Mythology), The Rake: Hostel, Which, 1916, Imscared, Resolute Dark, Forest, Lasting, Exmortis, Mental Hospital, Illusion, Pesadelo, Inculcation, Sonic.exe, Dark Ocean, Fibrillation, Dream of the Bloodmoon, and The Grudge.


Often citing Amnesia as a truly terrifying game, Markiplier has dedicated many of his videos to the playthrough of both Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and custom stories made for the game. Not much else to say here.

SCP Containment Breach

Despite saying he won’t play this game again, Mark continues to do so. SCP involves different monsters starting with a root SCP followed by some number (i.e. SCP-001). SCP-173 is the most common one which instantly kills you when your character blinks. He has also played through different mods of the game, including Slender Mod and My Little Pony. He also played a fan-made mod of the game that changed all monsters’ textures, as well as many other textures and sounds, to either be related to him or his channel or to be Markiplier himself. After the release of version 0.7.1, Mark started doing videos on SCP Containment Breach again (sometimes “cheating” his way through because the game can be a pain in his butt). He restated that SCP Containment Breach has given him some of the biggest scares. After another hault, Mark came back again with the release of version 0.8.

Drunk Minecraft

Markiplier’s first Drunk Minecraft was uploaded to his channel on the 8th of August 2012 and very rapidly became a fan favourite. It mainly features him with his two friends Muyskerm (Bob) & Lordminion777 (Wade) playing Minecraft while intoxicated. The first season consisted of 32 episodes and ran until early December. After many requests, Mark uploaded the first of the second season of Drunk Minecraft on the 21st of March 2013, and in the second season, Mark, Bob & Wade will have objectives to complete competetively to become the winner of the episode, the true winner being determined by their “Eye in the Sky”. (Zombiemold a.k.a. “Zombie”) Even thought it has not been announced how long the second season will run for, Mark revealed in Q&A session that Drunk Minecraft would be interrupted, since Bob moved away to be able to finish Law School. There’s no was certainty as to when the series will return. The 3rd season started up on November 3rd, 2013.

Sketch Comedy

Before Mark started his channel, he thought what he wanted to do in life was sketch comedy

Flash forward about 750000 subscribers, Mark started to do sketch comedy, his dream, with some friends. You can check it out here.

Voice Acting

Mark often gets told he has a nice voice (mostly by the fangirls), so he decided he would be a voice acting client on the side of LPing. He has done voice acting in lots of places.

The Fans and their Impact

Mark used to make vlogs and talk with each of his fans. He used to read and reply to as many comments as he could. He started dwindling around the 300,000-400,000 subscriber mark. As a result he felt less of a connection. He didn’t realize this, until he played the fan-game Ripest of Fears.

As shown in his Draw My Life, and this, Mark reveals the impact his fans have had on him. In the present day, his goal is to make a vlog every Monday to inform his fans of what is going on in his life and what he has been up to. He occasionally plays with his fans, and he has wacky antics with others.

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